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2-Day Body Balancing Weekend Course

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Two-Day Body Balancing Weekend Course Overview

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Did you know that in 2014, millions of Americans spent $64 billion on weight loss programs, products and regimes? Did you also know that the global market for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is projected to exceed $3.3 billion by 2020? These statistics suggest tremendous potential growth for the Body Balancing Industry. In our Two-Day Body Balancing Weekend Course, you’ll learn the most advanced techniques of natural body balancing, from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to nonsurgical body contouring to HCG weight loss. Today’s client wants to feel and look their best and this course will give you the training you need to help them achieve their health and beauty goals.

BHRT Class

The BHRT class provides complete instruction and advanced techniques on how to perform safe and effective BHRT pellet therapy. Learn how bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help reduce negative symptoms related to menopause or unbalanced hormones including weight gain, libido loss, lack of focus, hot flashes, reduced energy, poor sleep quality and even increased risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Unlike other forms of HRT, BHRT is plant-derived and non-synthetic. You will be taught the proper protocols and processes when administering BHRT to patients including how to make a tiny incision so that the hormone can be inserted under the skin near the thigh, then bandaged up. There is no mess and no stitches are required. Safety, adjusting hormone levels, and pre and post care are also extensively covered in this course. Attendees will receive hands-on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy training within National Laser Institute’s luxury medical spa where they will have the opportunity to treat BHRT patients under medical professional supervision.

BHRT Class Objectives

  • Learn factors that lead to low estrogen.
  • Understand the best forms and methods of pellet therapy.
  • Learn how to safely replace estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone.
  • Discover benefits of pellet therapy.
  • Learn how and when to adjust hormone levels.
  • Hands-on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy training.

Nonsurgical Body Contouring Class

Our Nonsurgical Body Contouring Technologies class covers a wide range of the hottest non-surgical technologies available on the market today. By the end of the class, you’ll fully understand why these groundbreaking alternatives to liposuction have increased in demand by 42 percent just since 2013.

Nonsurgical Body Contouring Class Objectives

  • Learn factors that lead to excess fat and cellulite development in the body.
  • Fully understand the current non-surgical body contouring technologies on the market.
  • Learn how these modalities can be used with other treatments for optimal results.
  • Understand pre-, during and post-treatment protocol.
  • Hands-on nonsurgical body contouring treatments.

HCG Weight Loss Class

We also include a section on HCG weight loss. Though HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) weight loss therapy has been available for some time, it remains one of the most popular programs on the market today. Our safe and effective HCG weight loss program uses safe, quality medical grade HCG injections, designed to aid those who want to rapidly drop weight while maintaining healthy eating behaviors. A low dose of HCG allows the body to use the extra abnormal fat as an energy source for the body. Combined with a personalized, low-calorie diet that is safely monitored by our expert medical professionals, clients can lose a pound a day throughout the course of the program.

HCG Weight Loss Class Objectives

  • Learn factors that lead to excess fat development in the body.
  • Possess knowledge of HCG and know how to properly inject it as an effective weight loss tool.
  • Learn how HCG can be used with other treatments, diet and exercise for optimal results.
  • Understand pre-, during and post-treatment protocol.
  • Hands-on HCG weight loss injection treatments.

Who Can Perform HCG Weight Loss Injections?

HCG training: Intensive training for Doctors, Nurses, Physician Assistants, and other qualified health professionals on the delivery of HCG used for rapid weight loss.

Why 2-Day Body Balancing Weekend Course?

All of the treatments and technologies in our 2-Day Body Balancing Weekend Course are in high demand, giving attendees the capability to generate significant non-insurance revenue to medical practices.

National Laser Institute is the most prestigious medical aesthetics training facility in the world, educating medical and aesthetic professionals for over a decade. Our 2-Day Body Balancing Weekend Course will give you the hands-on training and skill set necessary to offer this effective treatment to your clients.

Medical Professional Reviews

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