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Top 5 Reasons Why Estheticians Choose Laser Hair Reduction School

Estheticians are passionate about the skincare industry and giving their clients the best of the best esthetic treatments. With technology within the skincare market advancing and shifting, many estheticians have made the choice to attend a Laser Hair Reduction school to perform not only Laser Hair Reduction, but other state-of-the-art skincare treatments like IPL Photofacial Skin Rejuvenation, Radiofrequency Skin Tightening, Fractional Lasers, and much more.

What else is so great about laser hair reduction school? We tell you the top 5 reasons why many estheticians are adding the benefit of a nationwide in-demand commodity–laser treatments.

5. Earn more income. By offering more treatments that are valued at a higher price point, estheticians are able to earn more income by doing what they love–making people look and feel great about their skin!

4. Expand your clientele. Offering more services may also expand your clientele. Perhaps someone isn’t interested in waxing but wants laser hair reduction. You can still cater to your waxing clients but also offer laser services for new clients who prefer lasers.

3. Get up to date with the latest beauty technology. Did you know there were over 1 million laser hair reduction treatments performed just last year? The market for laser technology is increasing every year, and by staying up to date with the latest trends in the skincare industry makes you well-rounded to offer a variety of these in-demand laser treatments.

2. Combine certain products with laser for amazing client results. Have a client who suffers from acne? Lucky for both you and that client, many laser treatments can be combined with esthetic treatments. For instance, BBL acne therapy and facials work hand-in-hand to combat difficult acne and give your client beautiful, flawless skin!

1. Expand your career opportunities. Earning your laser certification can also expand your career opportunities. We have seen our graduates go on to work for doctor’s offices, dermatology clinics, beauty, and medical spas, fitness centers, hotels and resorts, and many more.

National Laser Institute is the leading laser hair reduction school in the nation and has been in this industry since 2003. We are recognized as gold standard education and have received many outstanding reviews. The best part about our laser hair reduction school is that you can take our certified courses in as little as two weeks!

Not an esthetician or haven’t attended an esthetician school yet? No problem. In most states, all you need is your high school diploma or GED to attend a laser hair reduction school. Esthetician school typically takes between 6-12 months to complete, but laser training only takes two weeks. You don’t need to be an esthetician to attend a laser course, but those who already are estheticians are able to jump right into cosmetic laser training.

By far, the most in-demand laser course at National Laser Institute is the comprehensive laser training course. This course covers multiple cosmetic laser treatments, from laser hair reduction to laser wrinkle reduction to IPL photofacials to acne and cellulite reduction and much, much more. Students receive both classroom and hands-on training instruction from experts who have been in this industry for many years.

To learn more about National Laser Institute’s laser hair reduction school or courses, simply fill out the form to your right or call 800.982.6817.