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All very helpful info. Learned a lot hands on glad I took that part instead of just doing all online. Any downtime was for much needed breaks and at other times they were really wanting us to use our time and practice on each other.

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Loved in person, very hands on and great instructors. Amazing, didn't meet a single instructor I didn't like (Evee, Angela, Sandra, Shannon, Cassie). Great, gave us good breaks so we didn't burn out.

Katherine A. 2117 of 2128
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It was very informative.  All of the instructors brought knowledge and wisdom to the classes.

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Very informative and friendly. The instructors were all amazing. I rate my experience 5- excellent.

Jonathan C. 2119 of 2128
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AWSOME I loved everything!

Joanna P. 2120 of 2128
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Was good! All the teachers were good!

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Hands on I loved!! I learn better that way. Instructors FABULOUS!

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Great! All instructors were excellent, Evee, Michelle, and Bree, and Angela are AMAZING!

Malorie B. 2123 of 2128
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Evee was absolutely amazing! Michelle (manager) is so sweet and knowledgeable in lasers and extended her info to continue to help me in the future.

Kylie K. 2124 of 2128
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The didactic curriculum was great! I really enjoyed the instructors they were very thorough! I really enjoyed the in-person clinicals!  I loved how we were able to practice and the instructors were very hands-on! I also liked the small group sizes as well. I really liked the instructors they were transparent, hands-on, and kind in their correction to help better my technique and answered all my questions.

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Extremely convenient to do the didactic online from home! It helps that we just jump in and practice on clients from day one. The instructors are very knowledgeable instructors every single one is unique in their own way and as a team, they match even more perfectly. Great experience. Mrs. Monica was our last instructor and I very much enjoyed her calm presence.

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Great information. Very helpful and love the hands-on. These are the greatest instructors. They all made us feel as though they very much cared about us and our success even beyond school into our careers. Bree, Evee, Angela, Monica, and Courtney are all fantastic! So knowledgeable and able to break down complex concepts in a way that we could not only understand the information presented. But then be able to translate that to our clients in an effective way. I don’t usually pick favorites but Bree and Monica are pretty amazing. They filled downtime with didactic review or opened the room for questions. The instructors really maximized our time in class.

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The information covered in the zoom classroom and the didactic setting is very informative. There's so much that I've learned and I'm glad I choose the National Laser Institute. The hands-on clinical setting was my favorite part because I consider myself a hands-on learner. Getting to practice the techniques gives me more confidence and will be able to deliver high-quality service to my clients. Evee was energetic and an amazing instructor whose technique helped me the most. Monica gave me so much confidence in using IPL and skin resurfacing. Angela was so kind and caring. The loved learning from her. Bree was fun and a fabulous instructor. I look forward to learning more from her. Each instructor discussed their experiences and what treatments to incorporate with different Fitzpatricks.

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