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Aesthetician & Career Changers

541 of 1839

I really enjoyed the course and thought the teachers and staff are the best at what they do. They really made my experience great!


Jenelle Koren 541 of 1839
542 of 1839

The clinical curriculum and classroom portion of this program are only complementary to the amazingly talent and caring instructors of National Laser Institute. You’ll never feel as confident leaving anywhere else after such a short time!


Allison Ellstrom 542 of 1839
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Going to National Laser Institute was an awesome experience. The teachers were not only knowledgeable and experienced, but made learning fun too. Overall I would recommend anyone interested in raising the bar of medical aesthetics to National Laser Institute!

Michele Fisher 543 of 1839
544 of 1839

Very good experience! I will recommend National Laser Institute to all my fellow team members in the medical field.


Michael Miller 544 of 1839
545 of 1839

I was not disappointed. This was really an excellent course with lots of hands-on training! Worth the money I spent!


Solita Reece 545 of 1839
546 of 1839

This was a great laser course. I learned so much in the time I was here and the instructors were wonderful. Every penny spent was well worth it!


Carly Sawyer 546 of 1839
547 of 1839

My experience was so awesome and educational. I’m leaving here with confidence that I will do well in the laser and IPL industry. Thank you, National Laser Institute!


Sherri Knezell 547 of 1839
548 of 1839

I want to thank everyone at National Laser Institute. The instructors answered all my questions. They were so beneficial to my schooling. You could really tell they cared. I had a genuinely great experience here!


Cecily Sandeler 548 of 1839
549 of 1839

This was the best learning experience I’ve had in years! The teachers at National Laser Institute are not only knowledgeable laser technicians, but also talented instructors. I will recommend this school to anyone!


DJ Murrell 549 of 1839
550 of 1839

This was a wonderful learning experience! National Laser Institute has very knowledgeable instructors who are always helpful. They all go out of their way to ensure that each student fully understands the procedure and methods for laser treatments. I had a blast and the learning environment is great!


Farina Tahir 550 of 1839
551 of 1839

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or team of professional individuals who genuinely love coming to work every day and truly believe in what they do! Thank you, National Laser Institute. You have opened my eyes to so many things I didn’t know existed. I am excited to use my training when I get home!


Kathryn Disker 551 of 1839
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The comprehensive course was not only very informative and educational, but I had a blast with all the instructors and students! It was well worth attending and adding cosmetic lasers to my skill set.


Sarah M. LeMasters 552 of 1839
553 of 1839

I had a great experience at National Laser Institute. I have learned so much about laser machines and what they do. The instructors were very professional and organized. They were very kind and sweet. The school is very nice and clean. I would recommend this school to anyone who is thinking about coming to learn lasers.


Julia Gutierrez 553 of 1839
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I’m so thankful to have passed through the door of National Laser Institute. The training I received was incredible! All the instructors are wonderful, and I will never forget my experience and all that I gained here. I’m proud to say I’m a National Laser Institute graduate!


Haley Howard 554 of 1839
555 of 1839

National Laser Institute was a life-changing experience. All the staff and instructors truly made it a unique and fun experience that you wouldn't get anywhere else. I highly recommend if you're looking to change careers. I feel comfortable enough to go out in the real world as a laser tech with no prior experience in the beauty industry!

Caroline Bihnion 555 of 1839

Medical Professionals

541 of 690

I first attended the basic Botox and filler class for 2 days. I was so impressed with the expertise of all the teachers, as well as the friendliness of all the staff. I decided to return for the advanced classes. Each time I have been here, I feel so welcomed that I hate it when it is time to go home. I got the opportunity to work with Kearney, Charisma, and Ami and I would totally give them 5+ stars on their technical skills!

Janice Elliott, MSN, APRN, FNP-C 541 of 690
542 of 690

All of the instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. All of the information that was given out in separate booklets was easy to follow along with and understand. Having the lectures then the clinical hands-on helped solidify the information. I would recommend NLI to anyone who is looking into expanding their practice in aesthetics.

Audra Williams, RN 542 of 690
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Great skills demonstration by instructors. Techniques demonstration was great as well! Very helpful with answering questions! A lot of experience from the instructors and was able to give great tips from their experience. Met a great group of other practitioners with ideas for practice implantation. Very positive and energetic staff!

Julie Landsiedel, FNP 543 of 690
544 of 690

Charisma is awesome! So is Kearney! Thanks for the awesome experience! Can't wait to come back!

Sandra Palacio, BSN, RN 544 of 690
545 of 690

I had a fantastic experience. Very professional and concise.

Nancy Olivarria, RN 545 of 690
546 of 690

Everything and everyone was awesome.

Kent Gagon, RN 546 of 690
547 of 690

I learned so much and would recommend the class to all medical professionals.

Lisa Ryan, RN 547 of 690
548 of 690

A great experience with detailed explanation and wonderful hands-on training. Very much worth it!

Rebecca Diaz, MD 548 of 690
549 of 690

Everybody was really nice, and created a fun, safe, comfortable, learning environment.

Angelica Martinez, RN 549 of 690
550 of 690

Everyone is so kind and supportive. The information is very thought out and scientific. I appreciate the support during school and they even offered to be there for me after I graduate.

Elaine Yu, RN 550 of 690
551 of 690

I really enjoyed my experience in this course. I met great people and learned a lot from the instructors! Thank you for everything!

Helen Faburada, BSN, RN 551 of 690
552 of 690

The course exceeded my expectations and I am excited to learn more. I will be coming back to Botox & fillers soon! I am inspired to start my own medical aesthetics practice as a nurse practitioner. This course has opened a world of possibilities for me. Thank you!

Carla Galbreath, FNP 552 of 690
553 of 690

This class was extremely organized and the instructors were all very knowledgeable and friendly. We were able to work on all of the laser equipment available and were provided with clients for every modality. The hands-on experience is invaluable. The tips and guidance provided by the knowledgeable instructors made the week worth the investment. Overall, I feel prepared to go out and start servicing clients. I feel confident and that's all a testament to the training and instructors this course provides.

Melissa Armstrong, RN 553 of 690
554 of 690

I had a wonderful learning experience, well done!

Rania Dado, RN 554 of 690
555 of 690

Helpful staff, learned a lot. Everybody loves what they do, which you can palpate. Our energy was so high, we were all excited which was very fulfilling.

Crystal Weyers, PA/NP 555 of 690