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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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This was an awesome experience here at National Laser Institute. I did the 10-day course and learned so much! All the teachers were so awesome and helpful. I had so much fun!


Laura Atencio 571 of 2167
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The instructors were really great! The amount I learned was incredible! Well worth the time and money.


Cora Simpson 572 of 2167
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I thought this course was well worth it. We learned a lot hands-on and material-wise.

Veronica Galloway 573 of 2167
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Everything was amazing from the enrolling process to the final evaluation. I highly recommend this and other courses to anyone!


Amy Ward 574 of 2167
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I had a fantastic experience at National Laser Institute. All of the instructors were extremely knowledge and patient. I learned a lot and look forward to applying what I learned to this exciting new practice.


Sarah Hansen 575 of 2167
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I found the course to be very helpful. I'm glad I took it!

Jillian McGee 576 of 2167
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I loved the hands-on learning. The practical experience was excellent!


John Hicks 577 of 2167
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Great training for the field of medical aesthetics. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn aesthetics.


Sandra Hartford 578 of 2167
579 of 2167

These classes have made me more marketable to find a job I will enjoy. All of the instructors are encouraging and well-informed in what they do.


Amy Forsberg 579 of 2167
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I am very happy with the comprehensive education I received at NLI. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly with real-life work experience. Thanks to the amazing instructors, I feel confident to go out and begin a new career, and feel assured that I can contact them with any questions I have in the future. After attending National Laser Institute, I feel like I have an advantage over other laser techs that didn't attend NLI!

Ava McIntosh 580 of 2167
581 of 2167

Excellent hands on experience and outstanding knowledge from instructors with practical experience. I had so much fun!


Elizabeth Tiesing 581 of 2167
582 of 2167

National Laser Institute is an amazing school! Learning from experts in this area made operating lasers fun and exciting. I would recommend National Laser Institute to everyone looking to start a fun and exciting career in lasers!


Erin Parsons 582 of 2167
583 of 2167

My experience at National Laser Institute was awesome! I felt at home, very comfortable around everyone. All of the instructors are very sweet and they know a ton of information. They answered all of my questions and I felt that I have gained so much from this and can’t wait to make a new start! Thank you so much!


Michelle Uphart 583 of 2167
584 of 2167

I loved it here! I’ve been interested in this school for almost four years and I finally made it. I’m glad that I came here and I can’t wait to start my career! The teachers are so knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly!


Jenna Foglesong 584 of 2167
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I highly recommend National Laser Institute to those looking for a career that is not only financially satisfying but will also enhance their life by raising self worth. Best decision of my life.

Carmela M. Marfire 585 of 2167

Medical Professionals

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This was a very good experience. There was sufficient hands-on opportunity. All of the instructors were very knowledgeable and willing to share their "secrets"!

Victoria Lebowitz, RN 571 of 695
572 of 695

Loved the format of teaching. Great instructors! Learned so much! Great experience! I'll be back to learn PDO Threads!

Candace Veit, RN 572 of 695
573 of 695

Excellent weekend! I learned so much!

Sheridan Penrod, RN 573 of 695
574 of 695

Such a great experience. All of the instructors are wonderful and very thorough. Love all the opportunity for hands-on. Overall, great experience!

Aneta Arzumanova, RN 574 of 695
575 of 695

I feel so much more knowledgeable and ready to begin my career in aesthetics.

Karida Pieger, RN 575 of 695
576 of 695

The hands-on and didactic education came together nicely. All of the instructors I've had here have been amazing!

Emilie Johnson, RN 576 of 695
577 of 695

This experience has been absolutely fantastic.

Denise Walsh, RN 577 of 695
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The course was well done, instructors were knowledgeable and personable. We had a good amount of clients to practice on.

Anonymous 578 of 695
579 of 695

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do this but after multiple chances to practice, I feel very confident and can't wait to continue with the program!

Taylor Walker, RN 579 of 695
580 of 695

I had the best time, it felt so comfortable to have such patient instructors who are so caring and want students to succeed.

Emilia Speer, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC 580 of 695
581 of 695

I have learned so much during this two day course, personally and professionally, everyone at NLI is doing an amazing job! I am planning to take more training courses at NLI. You are the best!!

Kiran Thaker, PA 581 of 695
582 of 695

Great experience and very customer service oriented. Staff is great and are active practitioners that work in the area that we are learning in.

Anonymous 582 of 695
583 of 695

Fabulous instructors. I learned so much! They explained the techniques so well!

Linda Rath, RN, BSN 583 of 695
584 of 695

Everyone was amazing! The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. I learned so much during my time here! I can't wait to apply it in the real world!

Brooklyn Pacconi, RN 584 of 695
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The instructors are experienced and eager to share their knowledge. They love what they are doing, and it shows in their enthusiasm. I appreciate the fact that they shared their emails and contact information with us.

Valery Myers, LPN/LVN 585 of 695