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Siohban T.

I thought it was an absolutely amazing and very informative class. All the information was very useful and it was very exciting and fun!! Sam made it very easy to learn, and very easy to understand. Every single instructor was absolutely fabulous. Learned a little bit of something from everyone truly cherish the relationship that I’ve made during this time, and I am super excited for the next step in my career. I feel like after this, I am truly ready to get out into the workforce and start this new chapter in my life and I will be forever Thankful for every single instructor and person here. Melisa was also fabulous but I only got to do one class with her. I loved them all. They are all fabulous amazing women in their own way, and they all have so much information and experience to learn from. Ronnie is amazing, Kelly is amazing, Kristen is amazing, absolutely loved Shelley, Alex is so bubbly and so sweet, Aaron is super amazing and she’s got so much information. I feel like I’m leaving people out and I don’t mean to, but every single instructor that I came across was absolutely amazing and made everything so understanding. Didn’t have much downtime, but when we did, we usually worked on each other, which was really nice because we got to treat all different types of people and skin.