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Botox for Arthritis

botox for arthritis Continued studies investigate if Botox is a reliable treatment for arthritis pain. Botox administered into muscles relaxes them and may provide relief from arthritis pain as well as improve mobility.

There are patients who have stated that Botox has helped improve their arthritis pain for as long as four months. Because Botox is a temporary treatment–not designed to last forever–it is not a permanent solution for arthritis. However, four months is a huge improvement for suffers who experience arthritis on a daily basis.

Although Botox is well-known for being a cosmetic treatment for lines and wrinkles, it is also FDA approved and can treat many medical conditions such as migraines, muscle spasms, and aid in bladder control. It is truly remarkable to see how versatile Botox has become throughout the last decade.

Botox can only be administered by medical professionals, so it is important to seek out a trained doctor, nurse, physician, dermatologist, plastic surgeon, etc. if you’re considering receiving treatment. National Laser Institute, the leading medical esthetics school in the nation, offers hands-on Botox training for medical professionals. In as little as a weekend, medical professionals can receive Botox certification as well as CME or CE credit.

While Botox for arthritis is still being studied, it appears that people are experiencing positive results. This could mean another medical breakthrough for Botox in the near future.