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Cosmetic Laser Safety

Laser safety is an important part of cosmetic laser training. In order to properly learn laser aesthetics, you must be trained on risk management, standards, and overall safety of cosmetic laser equipment. This ensures the safety of your client and liability toward you and your laser practice.

National Laser Institute is the leading laser school in the nation, offering hands-on laser training courses that include laser safety training. We provide you with the clinical applications in the industry and promote an understanding of cosmetic laser safety. This includes in-depth instruction on equipment, settings, the Fitzpatrick scale, and how to effectively and safely treat different skin types.

Laser Safety Applications

In order to create informed, well-trained laser technicians, laser training at National Laser Institute covers the following in laser safety:

1. Initial Consultation: Attendees will learn what questions need to be asked before applying any type of laser treatment. This includes current medical history, if they have recently had sun exposure, if they are expecting, if they have a history of scarring, and other important pre-existing medical conditions.

2. Skin Safety: There are certain lasers can only be applied to certain skin types. Attendees will become knowledgeable as to what laser treatments can and cannot be performed on multiple skin types.

3. Patch Testing: If this is a client’s first time receiving a laser treatment or first time with a certain laser, it is best to provide a patch test. In clinical training, attendees learn what ares are best for patch tests and how to tell if the skin is providing a good or bad reaction.

Laser Training Courses

National Laser Institute offers a variety of hands-on cosmetic laser training courses. Our comprehensive laser training course encompasses a wide variety of cosmetic laser treatments. Laser hair removal, IPL photofacial skin rejvenation, radiofrequency skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and much more are included in this course. This can either be taken as a two-week training progam or as night classes.

We also offer treatment-specific courses, like our laser hair removal training course or our laser tattoo removal training course. Feel free to browse our course selection below:

Laser Course Options:

A Laser & Intense Pulse Light Classroom/Didactic (Classroom only)
B Laser Hair Removal Course (Hands-on)
C Comprehensive Laser (Hands-on)
D Core 8-Day Course (Hands-on)
E Just Tattoo Removal (Hands-on)
F Chemical Peel (Hands-on)

Why National Laser Institute?

As the leading laser school in the nation, NLI provides astounding educational excellence to attendees. Our instructors consist of leading medical aestheticians, laser experts, and medical professionals who have all had years of experience in this industry. You will receive training in both the classroom and in our luxury retail medical spa where you’ll gain real world experience by practicing on scheduled clients.

We go above and beyond when it comes to ongoing student support. Our online medical aesthetics library is available for graduates and contains thousands of pages of resources, including clinical studies, marketing materials, videos, and more. We also offer access to our Graduate Services department, which provides 200-500 each month and is there to answer any questions or concerns you may have post-graduation.

See what students are saying about their NLI experience by watching the short video below.

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