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eMatrix Training for Hand Rejuvenation

The top indicators of a woman’s age are her neck and hands. Your clients can cover up their face, get eyelash extensions, hair extensions, and bangs, but what do they do with the skin on their hands and neck?

Skin Rejuvenation isn’t just for the face.  In our vlog today, Ginger gets an eMatrix hand rejuvenation treatment from instructor Samantha Perrin, CLT.


eMatrix Training for Hand Rejuvenation

Unlike other laser treatments, numbing cream is not necessary.  The reason is because eMatrix treatments use RF (radio frequency) technology, which is the safest, most non-invasive type of technology in the aesthetic marketplace.

When asked if the treatment hurts, Ginger replies, “Just a little sting.”  The eMatrix hand rejuvenation treatment takes only 2 minutes and costs around $500 in luxury medical spa and clinical settings.  Between three and four follow-up treatments are needed, spaced about one month apart.

Every month we train physicians, nurses, estheticians, cosmetologists and career changers on laser treatments including eMatrix training. In our classes, our students learn from different instructors and use different machines every day.  You will receive clinical education and gain hands-on practical experience on each laser modality as you administer treatments on actual clients in our luxury medical spa.

If you are a physician, nurse, esthetician, cosmetologist, or career changer, have we got news for you! You can get your laser training in 2 weeks at the National Laser Institute!  We invite you to join the revolution in this booming, billion dollar and growing field.  You will gain a world of laser training knowledge including eMatrix training, at the National Laser Institute. Classes are offered every month: please click here to view the schedule.

For more details on our comprehensive laser training course including eMatrix training, please give us a call at 1-800-982-6817 or fill out our form on the right.