Physician/Nurse Testimonials
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I came to National Laser Institute looking for something to supplement my full-time job as an ICU nurse. I never dreamed it would lead me down the path I find myself on now! I had always been interested in the medical aesthetic industry, but as an RN, I really had no idea just how much career potential there was for me. From day one, everyone I came across at National Laser Institute was completely professional, always helpful and clearly at the top of their game. From the delightful front desk staff to the impressive group of handpicked instructors from all over the country, I never doubted that I had chosen the right place to start my new adventure. And an adventure it has been! After finishing my courses at National Laser Institute, I teamed up with a physician and began offering my services to family and friends, starting with BOTOX® injections and soon after doing various types of fillers. The referrals came quickly and the more I practiced, the more skilled I became at injecting. At that point it was still a part time project, but when I decided to move to Southern California, where I currently reside, the opportunities I came upon quickly convinced me to leave the grueling trenches of the ICU for good and pursue aesthetic nursing full time. That was a year ago, and today I am the director of a busy med spa in Los Angeles where I provide all types of laser treatments, injectables, chemical peels, collagen induction therapy and various other skin care and anti-aging procedures. I said goodbye to twelve-hour shifts and hello to a much nicer salary, and I can truly say I love going to work! I am forever indebted to the kind folks at National Laser Institute for giving me the tools, the knowledge, the encouragement and motivation to pursue my dreams. The sky’s the limit!

– Amanda deWysocki, RN, BSN, CCRN

My experience at National Laser Institute was amazing. The program was very organized and my clinical instructor was truly an artist. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to become a master injector!

– Dr. Anita M. Milici

I feel like I am totally prepared to incorporate BOTOX® and dermal fillers into my practice. The hand on experience with physicians’ instruction was what I was looking for in a course.

– Harry Froeschke, MD

I’m a middle-class mom, wife, and nurse. I struggled over my decision to come to National Laser Institute. Would this be the right school for me? Should I take so much time away from my family? In this economy, should I invest this money in my education? From the very first day I arrived at National Laser Institute, all this inner-turmoil dissipated. I knew emotionally and intellectually that I had made the best decision for my family, my husband and my career.

– Myra Macdougall, RN

Loved the hands-on portion! Great experience to get me started in my practice.

– Krista Wood, RN

This was the best 10-day experience! I couldn’t have asked for more. I’m from North Carolina and was wanting to make a career change to a RN/esthetician. Clients were so happy when we were performing treatments on them. The staff made the experience—they’re all so happy to be at work!

– Rosalie H.

My name is Melanie and I am an RN from Michigan. I have been a nurse for approximately 20 years and have become rather disenchanted with the direction that health care has taken. I saw the ad for the National Laser Institute and thought I would explore further.

From the first telephone call that I made, the advisor was very professional and helpful right down to offering hotels in the area that would provide transportation during my experience. Once I arrived in Scottsdale, all went like clockwork from the moment I stepped off of the plane. The staff at National Laser are awesome, helpful, patient galore, while providing a conducive learning environment, even providing marketing strategies! Words cannot express my complete and total gratitude! I would encourage anyone considering this journey to take a leap of faith and give the National Laser Institute a whir!

Upon my return home I am currently in the process of opening a wellness center and Spa La La offering classes in wellness, reflexology sessions, aroma touch, massage, manicures, pedicures, photofacials, tattoo / hair removal and while you are relaxing at our location enjoy a green bubble tea!

Thank you Louis Silberman and the staff at National Laser Institute!

– Melanie, RN

I just wanted to take a second and say thank you for bringing such an amazing school to Dallas area! I enjoyed every moment I have spent at National Laser Institute! I did my laser class in June 2014, and my Botox/filler class in July 2014. I applied for a position that came to me from National Laser graduate services and got a call back that day! After a week of interviews, I am starting this week as a full time cosmetic nurse injector! I couldn’t feel more accomplished!! I been wanting to enter this career field and been going through rough times the last two years, so the school couldn’t have presented to me at a better time!!! Definitely is going to be a big life change for me and my 16 month old, and I couldn’t be any happier! The staff, and teachers are amazing! I even sneak back for treatments so I can see them! LOVE NATIONAL LASER INSTITUTE!!! Maybe one day, after I get my experience in the filed, I can lend my time to educate at the school. Thanks again for a wonderful program!!

– Charisma Ebling

At National Laser institute I was happy to learn on my first day of injectables training that I would have an opportunity to complete hands-on skills immediately following the lecture curriculum. The sweet and friendly staff greeted me at the door to check me in, and the instructors wasted no time in getting started. The curriculum is to the point but thorough. After a few hours of lecture, we had a break and then broke up into smaller groups of 3-5. We had new patients waiting for us to practice our skills every 30 minutes. I was surprised to see how many new patients we would have an opportunity to practice our skills on. This hands-on learning is essential to learning your new skills fast! The program is designed to help you become an invaluable asset to your clients. The emphasis on safety and skill taught me techniques and procedures for injectables that have helped me in my business. I am now the proud owner of my own medical aesthetics office located in Scottsdale, Kumi Health. I’m obsessed with my career and I only wish everyone could have this much joy about their job every day. I would highly recommend anyone interested in learning more about medical aesthetics to attend National Laser Institute. Hands down, I wouldn’t send them anywhere else.

– Kim Dowling, RN

I have been home now for 10 days and my training seems so long ago, yet also like it was just yesterday. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my 7 days at National Laser Institute. Your instructors are personable, knowledgeable, open to questions, and very entertaining. I felt my days at NLI were a great networking experience. My class was full of interesting students with extremely varied backgrounds and education levels. I have already contacted several since home to “pick” their brains about their particular expertise. I have also contacted instructors with a few questions and they have been great at responding with succinct pertinent answers. If I need any further training, I will definitely look to NLI for my education!

– Gloria Phillips, RN

I had a great experience in Chicago with my classes in laser and fillers. I really liked all of the instructors, especially Sandra from Dallas. She was a wonderful instructor in laser and I felt as though I had known her all my life! She was very patient and very knowledgeable and made me feel at ease.

Jan was great with teaching us in regards to Botox and fillers. She was very patient with all of us and she made her class come alive. She never made anyone feel as though they were below her—she made sure you were involved in the entire process!

I am a midnight nurse and I am usually going to bed at the time I was getting up for class, but the class was involved and kept me moving and I found myself completely engaged with the material being provided! Now I just have to put it all together as so I can get started with my career.

It is reassuring to know if you have any questions that you can call National Laser Institute and they will be there for you! Thank you so much again, NLI!

– Lynda K. Lehr, RN

I was so pleased with the education I received at this school. Every day was fun, exciting, and the instructors really want you to succeed. I would recommend this school to any nurse looking to make a career change.

– Elisa Eileres

As a RN for nearly 20 years, I highly recommend National Laser Institute for any medical professional who is considering adding laser services or injectables to their practice. The instructors were very professional, knowledgeable, and informative about equipment use, current trends, and readily shared their experience. It’s 100% worth the time and money to get the NLI experience!

– Tondra Robinson, RN

This was a wonderful week of training. I felt very confident in the knowledge and experience with all my trainers and instructors!

– Lisa Watterns

As a paramedic of over 28 years and RN of 5 years, I can confidently say that this is a great choice for a career change. I learned a great deal of information. The staff is very friendly and always interested in your education. This will help increase my career choice and freedom in moving to the USA and receiving employment.

– William Voive, RN

I feel I have learned a lot. I’m so excited to enter into this area of cosmetics. This will start a new chapter in my nursing career. I would love to someday have a medical spa of my own. I will definitely tell my friends about this school and phenomenal experience!

– Elizabeth Bartram, RN

I felt my time at National Laser Institute was well worth the price and the experience. I was surprised I was able to inject on so many patients! I chose your program because of the good reviews and everything that the price included. I injected my first patient with Botox a week later and I didn’t hesitate. I felt very confident! Thank you for following up. I’m looking forward to coming to an advanced course if you ever come to Los Angeles.

– Marisa Amechi, RN

After attending National Laser Institute, I am so excited to add laser certification to my resume and incorporate this amazing knowledge into my career as an RN. My options are endless and I couldn’t be more excited for my future career!

– Shianna Peters, RN

The amount of time spent on didactic and hands-on was fantastic. I feel very confident in heading back to work and using everything I have learned the last two days. The instructors were patient, kind, and knowledgeable. The marketing part was a great, unexpected bonus!

– Marisa Amecini

I’m a nurse practitioner and recently completed the 10-day course at National Laser Institute. I am very pleased with the course and the information I was able to take home with me. I’m very excited and feel comfortable pursuing a career in medical aesthetics. I am working toward moving in that direction now.

Your staff was awesome—very friendly and knowledgeable. Your front desk was just as nice and helpful as the instructors. Every class was a great experience. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would give your school 5 stars! I felt it was worth every dollar I spent. Thank you so much!

– Diana Jones, RN, MSN, FNP

National Laser Institute is a wonderful school! I learned so much while attending. The staff was amazing, and I was so pleased that they let you try out all the modalities. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who’s interested in medical aesthetics!

– Shanna Empie

I am a nurse, I but was always depressed because I didn’t like my job. I took your 10-day course and afterward, I found a nice job in Chicago! I am running 3 locations, customers are very satisfied with me, and more importantly, I am enjoying what I do and am happy! Thank you, National Laser Institute!

– Masoumeh Abedini, RN

I absolutely loved my experience at National Laser Institute. I found that the combination of lecture and clinical made the experience most beneficial. The staff were all very welcoming, helpful, and most impressively, were very knowledgeable. As a hands-on learner, the clinical experience was an outstanding learning tool for me. It gave me the confidence that I needed for my everyday practice. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed the exciting and motivational lecture about marketing. It had me on the edge of my seat wanting to learn more! Two big thumbs up for the NLI Botox and dermal filler injectables program and to all of the incredible staff. I would love to come back for further training in the future. Thank you!

– Monica Klumper

This class was awesome! It was very informative and taught by great teachers. I learned so much these past two weeks and am very pleased that I received the opportunity to have National Laser Institute for my schooling. This school is a blessing for me! I recommend it to anyone interested in medical aesthetics.

– Lydia Tanton

As a medical professional, I enjoyed every minute of this course. From the initial contact with my admission’s advisor, Julie, and her expertise sold me on coming to National Laser Institute. I drove from Houston to Dallas to attend school here—I was committed! Everyone here is professional and knowledgeable. The knowledge and ethics presented by the instructors was very refreshing. I plan on attending future classes with NLI. Thanks so much, it’s been a pleasure!

– Nona Waxman

I’m so excited about the amazing skills I’ve learned from National Laser Institute. I’m looking forward to opening a medical spa in my local, independent pharmacy! Offering Botox and fillers will give added value to our bioidentical hormone customers.

– Debbie Smith

The experience I had with my classmates, who were all around great nurses, was priceless. Your wonderful and professional instructors took my experience to another level! I did not just gain the knowledge of laser biophysics, but the friends and the team of support I feel I can count on moving forward. I feel ready to start my business in this field, and I look forward to going back to National Laser Institute for more training in the future!

– Mutsi Holiman

This has been a great experience. I have attended other advanced courses, but here students get hands-on experience which is SO important. Also, models are provided—which is great!

– Mina Haidarian, MD

This course was highly processional, ethical, and truly valuable. I received the knowledge, education, and skill sets to enhance my abilitiy to help people in this industry and profit from the effort.

– Michael C. Brown

My experience at the NLI Botox and Fillers course was outstanding. The instructors especially, Jan and Ann, were great.They were highly informative and very patient. They both had great skill sets. Megan and Traci took care of any concerns and were able to answer any questions and went above and beyond their scope of duties in assuring a very comfortable and educational experience. The entire staff was top notch.

– Dr. Richard H. Nussey, Jr.

After attending the medical professional course at National Laser Institute, I feel that I have a great foundation and knowledge base with the use of esthetic lasers.

– Amanda Martinez

I loved being a student at National Laser Institute! The instructors were kind, patient, and overall awesome. The information that was presented to us took me from having zero knowledge about lasers to speaking the laser lingo in just ONE day!

– Lori Weech

This was a great class! The instructors were knowledgeable and provided lots of hands-on instruction.

– Dr. Julia Nasser

Excellent course! The wonderful instructors here helped me learn so much about Botox and fillers.

– Todd Eric Nelson

This was a really great class. The instructors were outstanding!

– Stephanie Krath

When I first heard about NLI, I was excited to come and change my future. I’m so excited to get started! I want to have my own medical spa one day and I know this training will help me get there. Thank you, National Laser Institute!

– Carrie Gorham

Not knowing what to expect of NLI, I was pleasantly surprised with all your friendly staff and instructors! I really enjoyed my experience at your school, even though my stay was only a week long I found the material very helpful to me!

– Monica Llamas

This is the #1 course for you to learn fillers and Botox. NLI has a lot of experienced instructors and tons of hands-on training. You will definitely get your money’s worth from this amazing experience!

–Katherine Johnse

National Laser Institute left nothing unaddressed during my time here! As a RN, I was treated with such respect and kindness from everyone. I loved receiving state-of-the-art training and I’m all about hitting the ground running with this great information! I no of no better method to learn cosmetic laser and medical aesthetics than the NLI method. NLI is truly the best in its class. I will leave here feeling confident in serving any medical aesthetic client!

– Mary Ann Shada

Great experience, knowledgable staff, and great management!

– Tatiana Cronen

The instructors are awesome! Each of them are extremely knowledgeable about Botox and fillers and have great techniques along with clinical expertise!

– Lauren King

Fun, rewarding, and well-worth the time and money spent. Great hands-on experience!

– Tara Aycock

This was a worthwhile education! I would strongly recommend that all people who want to perform laser treatments take this course.

– Tonya Froehlich

I loved everything about this course! It was fast but VERY informative.

– Crystal Hamblin

I love my new friends that I’ve made here. The instructors are brilliant!

– Tracy McCreachy

I found this course to be very educational from a medical and esthetic standpoint. The instructors were professional and up-to-date on the latest products and techniques in the field. The staff and educators were friendly, educational, and motivating!

– Sandy L. Stetl

The Botox and fillers course was very educational, hands-on, and full of great information!

– Elizabeth Bevan

I feel like the training I received from National Laser Institute will increase my services to my family practice clinic. Thanks, NLI!

– Diane Hattel

I am so excited about my career change. National Laser Institute has been nothing but an exciting, uplifting, and positive experience. It has given me the confidence and encouragement I needed. The staff is highly skilled and the instruction is excellent. I can’t wait to begin working with everything I’ve learned!

– Amy McGrath

The instruction at National Laser Institute was professional and fun. All the staff members are so supportive and kind! They make me want to come back and take every class.

– Lauren Usrey

National Laser Institute was a really fun, informative training course with great hands-on training experience with real clients. I love the instructors and their sense of humor.

– Candy Mucahy

I learned a lot with my time at National Laser Institute. There was a lot of informative provided but by the end of the week I felt confident and comfortable using the lasers we trained on.

– Samantha Rawlinson

I would absolutely recommend this course to a colleague.

– James Vetter

Great instructors! I learned a lot in the clinical aspect in the injection and fillers course. Great hands-on experience.

– Lorena Simpson

I would highly recommend this school. I already plan on returning for additional courses!

– Jenny Norwood

I am very grateful to have been apart of this course. Every instructor I encountered was open and full of knowledge. Thank you! I hope to teach at NLI too one day.

– Mana Twardek

National Laser Institute took me from a RN with 0 experience or knowledge in medical spa knowledge to a RN that feels confident performing services to the community in my hometown in Northern Canada. There is little opportunity here to experience these services, and I’m so happy I can bring my knowledge and treatments here. Thank you, National Laser Institute!

– Rebekah Daigle

I had a great time experiencing different laser and modalities. The course is filled with amazing instructors who have an experienced background and passion. I highly recommend National Laser Institute.

– Hannah Barrineau

National Laser Institute is truly the best. The teachers are wonderful and really know their stuff!

– Lisa Powell

This was a concise, well-constructed CME course with instructors who are skilled professionals and adhere to the industry’s highest standards. I would highly recommend this course to any colleague interested in esthetics.

– Janet Loveridge

This course was informative and educational. The skills I’ve learned here will benefit my practice very much.

– Dr. David C. Millard

The instructors were knowledgeable, patient, and informative. I would recommend this school to all my friends!

– Lori Campos

NLI was such a positive experience. The staff is fun and smart and very good at their jobs. I loved the lasers!

– Amanda Keifer

I’ve been looking into this school for two and a half years, and I’m SO glad I finally came! The curriculum and experiences here have opened my eyes to new ways to treat and keep skin healthy and young.

– Marissa White

Absolutely loved my experience. I learned so much and am excited about this journey of doing Botox and fillers. I am definitely planning on taking more classes. I would recommend your classes to anyone inquiring about aesthetics! Thank you so much!

– Mary Beth Medina, MSN FNP-C

Loved the experience! Everyone was so knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend to anyone who asked. Shana and Jan are excellent, and Amanda was incredible. Tori is indispensable.

– Cherie

It has been amazing to attend this class! I have never met a better group of instructors that work as a team to help us in any way they can.

– Judy Willis

Not only is everyone here great with their skills, they are also very knowledgably and friendly. All the staff works to help clients feel comfortable, and all clients we worked on walked out happy with their experience!

– Sylvia Salas

I had no idea I would have so much fun learning about lasers. I was very nervous about the career change, but now I’m excited I attended and am ready for my future in medical aesthetics!

– Mazeen Sinno

My experience at National Laser Institute was nothing like I expected. The staff are all knowledgeable professionals in the areas in which they teach, not to mention all of them were beyond helpful and friendly. I plan on coming back to attend more classes. National Laser Institute is a highly recommend school and I’m so happy with my results!

– Ariana Franco

All the instructors were very knowledgeable and supportive. Great pieces of wisdom, especially in preventing and treating adverse side effects. I learned it’s super important to evaluate patients to be sure that they are eligible to receive treatments. I was glad to see that there was so much focus on safety.

– Dr. Jill Kirkpatrick

Thank you so much, National Laser Institute! I was very pleased with my experience this weekend. I am looking forward to launching my own business in this field. My clinical instructors were excellent. I would also like to take a minute to compliment your staff, especially Tori and Shana. They showed much professionalism and handled things with grace. I look forward to taking further courses with NLI in the future.

– Dinorah Villafana

Everyone here was very friendly and willing to answer any questions that I had. I felt very comfortable with all the instructors.

– Virginia Chaucer

I was so glad that I attended the National Laser Institute. Thanks to NLI, I have fulfilled requirements and received credentials to work in an assortment of doctor’s offices and increase my annual salary!

– Lori Koehler, LVN

This program was excellent! Advanced knowledge and experience from the instructors made hands-on training and sharing information easy.

– Deborah Snyder

Not only was this course fun due to the talented, friendly, and upbeat instructors, but its focus on patient safety and professional techniques makes me feel comfortable and excited to start practicing in the field.

– Dana Rodriguez

National Laser Institute’s staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Classes were so interesting and fun!

– Christina Miller

National Laser Institute was a life changing experience for me. I definitely gained an abundance of knowledge and met amazing people along the way.

– Autumn McClintock, RN

This institute is fabulous! A wonderful experience with great instructors and a great teaching method.

– Ja’Neice Redfearn

I really felt like I learned a lot and now have a great foundation for doing injectables.

– Zorina Karia

Amazing! Extremely educational, and I left feeling confident in adding injectables to my practice.

– Dixie T.

This Botox and fillers class was extremely informative with hands-on application on real clients. The instructors were knowledge, experienced, and overall excellent teachers!

– Michelle Shaughnessy

The training was great! The instructors really knew the products and injection techniques. The entire staff at National Laser Institute are super friendly and helpful.

– Paula Williams

The instructors are educated and top-notch in the business. They really have a lot of patience with us and do whatever they can do help us succeed and achieve our goals.

– Diane Chuprun

Instruction with hands-on experience is VERY helpful. The teachers were so excellent!

– Oleulea Sukarj

I learned so much and had so much fun at National Laser Institute! I feel like I have gained the confidence to go out and inject!

– Jennifer Allen

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with NLI. The instructors were experienced, thoughtful, respectable, and knowledgeable.

– Lisa Amaya

The instructors made me feel so comfortable. I was a nervous wreck when I started, but definitely more confident once we started. They were great!

– Rachael Jerald

I thought the instruction and training was excellent. I’m looking forward to changing my career!

– Wendy Hall

This is my injectable/filler course and I was so pleased with the instruction! I plan to attend more training classes at National Laser Institute.

– Deanna Turner-Grace

Great hands-on experience! It really makes you feel comfortable with these treatments.

– Stephanie Lilly

Excellent class! I am a general dentist and I feel everything I learned here will help me expand what I do in my practice. I was able to receive a lot of hands-on experience, too. I can’t wait to start injecting!

– Marcella G., DDS.

I am a wound care RN and CFN. I have wanted to change gears for some time now. I have been so excited throughout this experience to learn how I can incorporate aesthetic lasers with patient care. I am looking forward to an amazing new career!

– Mandi Zielinki, RN

National Laser Institute’s course was everything I expected and more. The staff was very helpful. To work and learn the most current laser technology and to lean the most current techniques gave me all the confidence I need to get out there and start applying in the ‘real world.’ Once again, great school. I would not choose another school if I had a chance to do it again!

– James Yoon, RN

Excellent hands on experience. MD course director as well as all instructors were excellent. Quality written materials, great ROI, conducive learning environment, plenty of hands-on experience. I will be back for additional CME course.

– Melissa Lockhart PhD, APRN

Great people! Great instructors! Welcoming atmosphere! Thanks to all for laying down the ground work of such an amazing course.

– Christine Vanloon, RN

I had such a great time and learned so much would like to take more courses and would recommend this course to all professionals wanting to learn about injectables.

– Alexis Harsh, RN MSN CNP

I can’t say enough good things about National Laser Institute. I’ve never had a more positive and happy week in my medical career that I can remember!

– Valeria Schneider, RN

Far exceeded my expectations. Betty was a great teacher! Thanks, NLI!

– Sandeep S. Grewal

This is a fantastic program. It’s refreshing to be able to learn so much from so many energetic, talented experts all in one place.

– Dr. Jayson Dupre, MD

The weekend was more than I expected. Great practical clinical knowledge and marketing tips. I truly believe this will positively impact my practice and the care I provide to my patients.

– Joy Clark, Family Nurse Practitioner

Loved it! The staff was upbeat, friendly and knowledgeable. Everything was taught with enthusiasm. Instructors gave valuable advice regarding treatments and clinical practice. My fellow students will be lifelong friends, I’m sure.

– Mary Cole Almgren, PA

First of all the school is great. School is in Scottsdale–a most affluent area–so a lot of medical esthetic procedures are done here (the NLI Med Spa is attached to the school). The class is taught by top notch staff, physician and nurse. And there’s lots of hands on time–which is most important. I highly recommend the class. I feel attending the class was a very worthwhile investment, and I plan to attend other classses there in the future. Originally, I was looking at a different school, but I’m very glad I went to National Laser Institute.

– Rose Berkic, RN

Wow! The energy and expertise of the staff was outstanding. Professionalism is one of National Laser Institute’s strong points! I’ve learned so much, and would suggest this school to anyone. Thank you, National Laser Institute, for all you have done to help me with my medical career.

– Melessa Watford, RN

The National Laser Institute’s 7-day course was encompassing and informative. The instructors were very knowledgeable in their fields of expertise. The personalized setting provided a good forum for questions and hands-on experience. The intensity of the course prepared to get my practice started. I would absolutely recommend this course to a colleague and a friend.

– Shannon Smith Maxey, MD

It’s great to meet new people from different walks of life and to establish friendships in a learning atmosphere. The instructors of National Laser Institute are knowledgeable and personable. I learned so much from this course and had a great experience doing so. I will recommend my other doctor friends to take National Laser Institute’s training course.

– Dr. Arwin M. Valencia, MD

I enjoyed all my classes at National Laser Institute, the faculty is a well put together team who are supportive, intelligent and encouraging who care about their students. They were all willing to give us their contact information if we should have any questions or need assistance. They stand behind their students. Thanks for giving us the best!

– Ivy Jasset, RN

I want to personally thank you for a great learning experience. The instructors you have teaching, demonstrating, and overseeing the students are of the highest caliber. I will recommend your school and to everyone I know.

– Timothy Young, RN, BSN, OCN

This course was amazing. The instructors were fabulous and so full of energy. I have never laughed so hard and learned so much at the same time. The equipment we trained on was top of the line and we had tons of clients available for training. Great experience!

– Suzanne Sailer

It was a great course! The instructors were great at teaching to all levels. It was great to get hands-on experience on real clients, too!

– Pat Donahue

National Laser Institute is a great help for medical professionals, like me, who are interested in medical aesthetics. I’m looking forward to my future career change!

– Rianna Martinez

I really enjoyed the laser training course. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and phenomenal at teaching. I also really enjoyed performing the treatments we learned on real clients as well as other students. I even got some done myself!

– Cindy N.

The 6-day course on laser and injectables was awesome! I learned a lot and the hands-on training with scheduled clients was a great learning experience.

– Caroline Connelly

This is the best aesthetics course I’ve taken! No other course has had the amount of hands-on training that National Laser Institute offers!

– Ronald Kane, MD.

The Botox and fillers class offered a lot of hands-on experience. I gained a great deal of confidence in my ability to perform treatments, especially since the instructors are right there to guide and encourage you.

– Eva S. Estes, RN.

My experience at the National Laser Institute was both a positive and memorable one. The program was exceptional, cutting edge, and exciting. Our class had knowledgeable and upbeat instructors who were current experts in their given fields. The students in my class came from far and wide, from across the country and all over the world. There are colleagues I met at National Laser Institute who I will definitely keep in touch with long term. While still in training, I began an intensive job search for an R.N. position in laser and injectables. Louis Silberman, the president and CEO of National Laser Institute was supportive and helpful in speaking with potential employers inquiring about me. Even before the end of the training, I had landed my dream job thanks to the excellent learning opportunities from the reputable and elite institution, National Laser Institute. Thank you National Laser Institute for your encouragement, inspiration, opportunity, quality education, and personal touch. I am grateful to you for providing me with the tools needed to create a bright and exciting future for myself in the medical aesthetics industry!

– Christina “Krysia” Fenzl, BS, RN, RYT