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National Laser Institute Testimonials

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

Jessica Balogh 326 of 1296

What a week! I learned so much new information, and I’m so glad I chose to change my career path into becoming a certified laser technician. I wish classes were longer because I don’t want to go back to work—I had SO much fun! Thanks SO much x infinity, National Laser Institute!


Elena Pezzolo 327 of 1296

I had a phenomenal experience. I didn’t want to leave!


Vykli Yu 328 of 1296

This was a great experience! I learned so much. All the instructors were very nice and helpful. I couldn’t believe I learned so much in just 7 days! This school is incredible.


Maria Porsy 329 of 1296

I had a wonderful experience at National Laser Institute. The instructors are amazing and the staff is very professional!

Lisa Page 330 of 1296

National Laser Institute was an amazing experience. I met a lot of great people, and I’m SUPER excited to take my career to the next level.


Katrina Papontondal 331 of 1296

I learned soooo much in only a few days! I loved the hands-on training and connecting with teachers. Everyone made me feel confident about going out into the work force!


Victoriana Martel 332 of 1296

This is an awesome experience! I learned how to treat different skin types using different laser systems. We had the chance to get hands-on training with all the lasers. It’s actually pretty fun removing tattoos. I enjoyed treating clients for wrinkles and fine lines and laser hair removal. I believe this school truly helped further my career as a laser technician. THIS is my future!


Maureen Grogan 333 of 1296

My time at National Laser Institute was motivational and inspiring. The instructors were knowledgeable and patient. Overall amazing experience!


Jane Mazares 334 of 1296

The seven-day training course is a once and a lifetime experience! I met so many new friends while experiencing our hands-on clinical training. I was always so excited and energized during class because the instructors gave off such a positive vibe! I feel ready and confident to start doing laser treatments.


Kawanenirro Johnson 335 of 1296

National Laser Institute is an exceptional school. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly.

Sinvalda Oliveira 336 of 1296

This class has been so helpful even though I have prior experience in this field. I gained lots of improvements on my clinical techniques and skills. National Laser Institute is a high standards school. They focus on the technologies of the lasers and how each unique one works and not solely on the brand of the machine. Thanks so much, NLI!


Jeanette Padilla 337 of 1296

My experience at NLI was very rewarding. I received excellent instruction and learned a lot through our really great instructors! I learned a lot and am ready to go out and perform treatments on my own clients!


Solagne Blitz 338 of 1296

I’m so happy I made the decision to go through with this course! I learned so much and am ready to take my career to the next level. I appreciate the time and guidance my instructors gave me. I’d recommend National Laser Institute to anyone looking to enter this industry!


Linda J. Cass 339 of 1296

From day one, the staff seemed to answer questions even before I asked them! The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and they know everything pertaining to laser like the back of their hand. As the classes tend to go long, the instructors had a way of bringing your attention back to where it needed to be. Hands-on training was an incredible experience. Thank you, National Laser Institute!

Imra Samia 340 of 1296

National Laser Institute is awesome, especially since all the speakers and instructors are helpful and make sure we understand the concepts of laser hair removal, skin tightening, etc. All I want to stay is thank you, NLI, and keep it up!


Jamie Pipkin 341 of 1296

My experience here was wonderful. I wanted to attend this course to enhance my laser skills. I look forward to taking all the skills I've learned back to my workplace. I feel comfortable and confident using the lasers. A great experience. Instructors were awesome. I look forward to adding these lasers to our services.

Kandace Schipper 342 of 1296

National Laser Institute has been such a great experience! It’s awesome to see that the people who are teaching us are clearly passionate about what they do.


Suzanne Dekeyser 343 of 1296


I absolutely loved my experience at National Laser Institute. I learned so much in a fun environment with practical application. All the teachers are extremely knowledgeable and patient. I am very excited to add all these laser procedures to my aesthetic practice!




Sherry Marrelic 344 of 1296

The instructors were amazing and knowledgeable in their specialty. They were able to break things down to simplify it for the students in order for us to better understand the information. They really made it clear and enforced Fitz 4-5-6. All the instructors were energetic, kind, caring and took the time for all of us, even if we were having a hard time grasping a concept.


Corrie Towry 345 of 1296

I loved learning different lasers and treatments. The instructors were well informed!

Diane Lovejoy 346 of 1296

This was the most intense course I have ever taken—in a good way. It’s very unusual to have all teachers so experienced and knowledgeable in many different areas of skin care. The equipment was top notch, and the hands-on experience was great!


Kevin Fantasia 347 of 1296

National Laser Institute is a fast-paced, fun, and exciting laser school with amazingly friendly and qualified staff. The experience was immensely satisfying.


Kim Kuchinski 348 of 1296

I don’t come from a medical or beauty industry background, so this is a BIG career change—especially at my age. However, I would recommend this school to anyone interested in this field! You come here and learn all you need to know to be successful. This school is full of great people, from Louis to the instructors to the front desk staff, to Dr. Mike and my advisor, Jane. Loved it!


Hiyam Abdelfatah 349 of 1296

I always wanted to go to laser school, but I never did because I wasn’t able to find one that covered everything in a short amount of time. National Laser Institute covered everything I needed to know in a short time! Highly recommend.


Katelyn Stelter 350 of 1296

I loved learning from the top laser instructors. Everyone was so friendly and knowledgeable. I feel so confident with everything we learned. I had such a great time—I don’t want to leave!!


Medical Professionals

Anna Rego, PA/NP 326 of 360

Amazing experience with great instructors providing students excellent opportunity to practice skills.

Jennifer Freese, D.O. 327 of 360

I learned so much in just two days. The staff is so knowledgeable and friendly.

Jessica Libiszewski, NP-C 328 of 360

This was one of the best courses I have taken. It was so much fun and would love to come back for more courses.

Laura Altman, PA/NP 329 of 360

Best place to get hands on experience in injections. Didactic and "lab" was run by people with many years of experience that they happily shared with students, there was no question that they could not answer.

Allysen Kelly, RN 330 of 360

Such a great experience to create a solid foundation for practice.

Paige Wyer, PA/NP 331 of 360

Amazing, extremely thorough. Love the hands on, extremely nurturing environment.

Shelly Beaver, RN 332 of 360

Great hands on clinicals, very helpful instructors and so fun. I'm so glad I decided to come here for classes. Everyone is so nice.

Shakira Fulkerson, PA/NP 333 of 360

Great hands on training with clients and very informative classes.

Kelly Burns, RN 334 of 360

Wonderful instructors and lectures were informative.

Arlene Norton, FNP-C 335 of 360

I enjoyed my experience here. All of the instructors made me feel comfortable and encouraged us all with great criticism.

Debra John, PA/NP 336 of 360

This paired with our skincare business, has set us up for continued success! Thank you for amazing training!

Emily Cancellare, PA/NP 337 of 360

Wonderful experience. Great education and even better hands on learning opportunity with stellar instructors!

Leah Varisco, RN 338 of 360

The teachers were great. They all were very patient.

Amber JoHansen, RN 339 of 360

I really enjoyed everything at NLI, from the instructors to the other students, to the program. I can't wait to start my new career path!

Heather Lea Heuber, RN 340 of 360

NLI provided me with the skills and confidence to use Botox and Fillers at my private salon, through an intensive hands on weekend! The instructors are so knowledgeable and skilled that it's impossible to leave with out complete confidence.

Amanda Moore, PA/NP 341 of 360

I feel very confident in injections!

Joy Keeton, PA/NP 342 of 360

Great experience; learned a lot.

Candace Johnson, LVN 343 of 360

I was extremely impressed with all of my instructors. This was a very professional and friendly setting. I look forward to coming back for the advanced class.

Carolyn Anderson, PA/NP 344 of 360

Excellent program!

Pamela Hyde, D.O. 345 of 360

Knowledgeable instructors with excellent hands on experience.

Courtney Tyson, PA/NP 346 of 360

I am extremely pleased with my experience. Everyone was easy to understand, they took the time to explain and were very pleasant.

Juliana Eichenberg, RN 347 of 360

National Laser Institute has a very informative program that allowed me to get comfortable in my practice. The variation of clients provided the challenge that I am expecting to face in my career. The instructors were incredible and helped to guide me to become the best injector I can be!

Rebecca Wheeler, RN 348 of 360

Jan is exceptional. It is very obvious she wants us to succeed. Extremely knowledgeable.

Elizabeth Garcia, PA/NP 349 of 360

I had a wonderful time and learned a lot, mainly during the clinical setting. All of the instructors were very good and extremely professional. The way they teach makes you feel confident and comfortable. The time for lunch is short because you have to go out since they only provide lunch for the first day. (Lunch should be provided all days).

Elizabeth Henry, RN 350 of 360

Carisma is a great asset to NLI - friendly, knowledgeable, hand on - really cares about the individual leaving with a feeling of having learned something and feeling confident.