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National Laser Institute Testimonials

Are you interested in attending National Laser Institute for cosmetic laser training or Botox training? Each year, we teach thousands of attendees – from across the country and the world – how to become cosmetic laser techs and cosmetic nurses.

We invite you to browse thousands of raving National Laser Institute reviews and testimonials from graduated students who took our medical aesthetics courses.

From stay-at-home moms to estheticians and physicians to nurses, we have trained countless attendees with varying backgrounds and professions looking to enter the rewarding medical aesthetics field.

We hope you find our student reviews and testimonials helpful as you consider taking the next step in your medical aesthetics career with training from National Laser Institute!

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

Zach Saucier 351 of 1511

So let me start by saying I had the most enriching and memorable time during my stay at National Laser Institute. I was incredibly nervous about jumping into a field that I knew nothing about, but the staff of instructors there made it so easy to follow and retain the vast amounts of information being thrown your way. This was 100% a life changing experience!!! I’ve already recommended National Laser Institute to some of my close friends and will continue to speak highly of NLI for many years to come! Thank you again!


Ethan Reynolds 352 of 1511

I attended the Chicago Core class September 30 through October 6th, 2013 and I loved it! I had very high expectations and they were met! The program was very concise and straight to the point. The information shared was relevant to starting as a CLT in either a spa or medical office. I feel prepared to work in either!

The educators were exceptional! Shana, Sandra, Dani (local to the Chicago area), Jenny and Shelley gave foundational information and “real life” situational applications for that foundation. They were all engaging, encouraging and entertaining. I want to work with all of them on a daily basis!

Tracey and Eileen put together a flawless event! I can’t express how wonderful it was to start each day with their joyful “good mornings” and bright smiles! Plus it was really impressive to have Louis stop in and give a presentation on how to market ourselves to the industry. It shows his dedication to the growth of the med spa industry. Very inspiring! It was also nice to have representatives from Syneron Candela there for a presentation.

Thank you for providing a great program. Your team changes lives with every class!


Jordan McConnall 353 of 1511

I could not be happier with my choice to attend National Laser Institute. Really welcoming staff and instructors who really care about your education and future! Thank you to everyone at NLI who helped me gain confidence and ready to work in this field!

Crystal Stamper 354 of 1511

I had an amazing time at National Laser Institute! I only wish I had done it sooner! I made a lifetime of memories and friends. I enjoyed every aspect of the learning from the classroom to the hands on training. What a ride—thank you!!! Next step, a career I can be proud of!


Leah B. 355 of 1511

I am writing to recommend National Laser Institute’s laser training program to become a laser technician. The school exceeded all of my expectations and standards. The instructors were all very knowledgeable and had excellent hands on skills. I would highly recommend National Laser Institute. Since my training, I have opened my own laser aesthetics business where I continue to expand my laser services. When necessary I have also gone back to National Laser Institute for refresher courses and I would not think of attending any other school. I love my new career now and am so happy that I attended National Laser Institute. Thanks again to all the instructors!


Trisha Gilbert 356 of 1511

I feel 100% confident going out into this field now. National Laser Institute has been the best experience. I feel like a professional now!

Allison Madigan 357 of 1511

My husband and I moved to Arizona in September of 2004 and after a few months of job hunting with disappointing prospects, I decided I needed more education to find a job I would be happy with. After some Internet hunting and comparison-shopping, I decided on the National Laser Institute. This laser school appealed to me in several ways. I was pleased to find that the it offered more hours than what was required by the state of Arizona and the curriculum was very in-depth, with lots of hands on training and observation hours. And because financing was available, I was able to attend right away.

Training was wonderful and the instructor was unbelievably knowledgeable and confident. Classes progressed at a pace that was stimulating but not overwhelming and the support of the instructor and the entire staff at National Laser Institute was top of the line. When it came time to do treatments, the instructor led us through and enabled us to grow with each while gaining confidence so that we felt able to go out into the working world and be successful. I gained employment with Advanced Laser Clinics in Scottsdale before I even graduated from the Institute. The clinic approached the Institute and was referred to me for an interview. I was told upon being offered the position of laser technician that I was the prime candidate of all interviewees because I was attending the National Laser Institute.


Lucy Rovetto 358 of 1511

I enjoyed this program and feel that it will assist me with my job search. I’ve already recommended your school to fellow NAIS students and will continue to recommend your program to others. I had a great instructor and made the class fun.


Christine Page 359 of 1511

National Laser Institute is a great school. Great instructors who really care about their students.

Lucy Chapa 360 of 1511

I found the program to be very educational and full of valuable information needed to add more to my experience. The instructor was excellent and made me feel more confident in my work. Thanks for everything.


Mary Matera 361 of 1511

Just wanted to give you an update and let you know that I was hired by BioDerm Skin Care & Laser Center here in Dallas, Texas at the end of September, 2007. At the moment they have two locations, one in Garland, TX, and the other in Arlington, TX. I have been with them for a mere two weeks, in training, and they told me that I will be the first person that they have ever hired that will have completed their training in record time. Training at BioDerm usually takes one month, as they are very cautious and thorough when training a new employee. My training will be completed in two weeks! They cannot believe that I have never worked in another med spa before, and have gone so far as to tell me that they thought that I was a spy from another med spa because I was so knowledgeable with the lasers and had such a good technique. They are actually wanting to groom me to run the next location that they are planning on opening in Highland Village, about 5 minutes from my house, which is perfect for me! I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for all that the National Laser Institute taught me. The school is exemplary, and I have recommended it to several of my friends and co-workers even to a couple of patients interested in getting into the field. Please keep me updated as to when Louis will be opening up the next National Laser Institute here in Dallas so that I can direct people to it. Again, my deepest gratitude for giving me a head start at a new and exciting life!


Tya Warren 362 of 1511

I advise everyone to take this course! It's a class you won't ever regret taking. You can learned the skills you've learned years from now. You'll learn a lot of extensive skills in such a short time. Awesomeness!

Janice Tait 363 of 1511

Absolutely amazing! I would recommend National Laser Institute’s courses to anyone. The instructors are so knowledgeable and sweet. I loved all the hands-on training and really feel like I’m ready for the industry!


Kristy Smith 364 of 1511

I attended National Laser Institute for the comprehensive course and the extra day of chemical peels. The staff and educators are extremely intelligent and know what they’re talking about. I am very satisfied and definitely feel that I have learned everything I need to know to perform a safe and effective laser treatment and chemical peel. I am glad that I decided to take both courses because I had a phenomenal experience!


Pancei Taylor 365 of 1511

Wow! What an amazing experience. National Laser Institute was so much fun. I learned an incredible amount of information and can’t wait to get out there and start working in this field. The opportunities are endless.


Morgan Seccniari 366 of 1511

I loved my experience at National Laser Institute. The teachers are so experienced and knowledgeable about the industry. I'm leaving school knowing everything I need to know about lasers, and I am ready to start my career as a CLT. I would recommend National Laser Institute to anyone who wants to work as a laser tech. Plus it's just a fun school to go to!

Dakota Cauthen 367 of 1511

Loved my experience at National Laser Institute—so fun! I learned so much in just two weeks. I didn’t think I would be that good at it, but now I have confidence and I am positive I can do this because I was properly trained. 

Dawn Morris 368 of 1511

National Laser Institute has been the most amazing learning experience I have ever had. I feel I am prepared on so many levels to enter this exciting world of lasers. The didactic lectures have given me a wide range of valuable knowledge and the hands-on training has given me confidence to perform treatments on my own clients. I am excited about my new career with cosmetic lasers!


Michele Lorentz 369 of 1511

I enjoyed learning at National Laser Institute. They have wonderful instructors that have a lot of knowledge and experience. I would absolutely recommend attending.


Vicki Tate 370 of 1511

I had a great experience! All the staff were kind and funny and knowledgeable. They made us feel comfortable and most importantly, I feel confident and assured that cosmetic lasers have a future in my life!

Paige Echols 371 of 1511

This training course was well worth the travel that I had to do. We all learned so much! Anyone that wants a fun, rewarding career should come to National Laser Institute.


Brittany Raney 372 of 1511

National Laser Institute was amazing. I can’t believe how much information you learn just over a two week course. I will recommend this school to everyone.


Dede Rossman 373 of 1511

Well I woke up with a smile. I loved coming here everyday. Totally loved that we got free treatments, thank you. I'll tell people all the time how wonderful this school is.

Jolynn Dobson 374 of 1511

National Laser Institute far exceeded my expectations. After three years of researching medical esthetics, I knew I’d get the best education at National Laser Institute, and I did!


Julia Kalin 375 of 1511

Intensive formation, but I feel SO prepared to start an exciting new field of esthetics. The instructors have real world experience and are truly the cream of the crop!


Medical Professionals

Heidi Torkelsen, RN 351 of 487

I felt so well informed and ready to do this. I loved the hands on experience, loved being a client as well, I now know what the client will experience.

Gracie Chong, PA/NP 352 of 487

I love training at NLI, it is always such a great experience. All of the staff is so helpful and attentive.

Beatriz Davenport, RN 353 of 487


Charisma Ebling, LPN/LVN 354 of 487

Love threads! 🙂

Claudia LeGere, MD 355 of 487

Great program, this is my 3rd time taking a class here.

Jaclyn Rominger, DD 356 of 487

Such an amazing experience! Opened my eyes to a whole new world of patient treatment.

Stepahnie Dachno, RN 357 of 487

I love the instructors, they make the experience educational and fun!

Jamie Soucy, RN 358 of 487

I loved this course. Having come in with little to no injection experience, I now find myself ready to go out and practice. From the instructors to the clinical experience, I highly recommend.

Leonel Beltran, RN & Wendy Beltran, MS, FNP 359 of 487
Just wanted to thank you for an awesome experience at NLI...we loved, loved, loved the experience and felt like your classes and instructors really made us comfortable enough to go out and start administering Botox and fillers safely. We are proud to say that we have taken steps to start up our own Medspa business and take control of our lives by becoming independent business owners. We want to thank NLI for providing us with the tools and confidence to make this dream a reality!! We will definitely be back to complete additional courses that we will use to integrate into our practice!
Angie Hamilton, NP 360 of 487

Wonderful experience, loved the patient contact.

Kristin Searing, RN 361 of 487

Great way to jump-start training in Botox and dermal fillers. Also, able to access reference materials, Linkedin, Facebook, etc to stay in touch and up to date practice.

Shanae Baines, RN 362 of 487

I have never provided an injectables service and my knowledge base was limited at best; however the clinical instructors definitely built my confidence and knowledge set.

Heather Bailey, RN 363 of 487

I had an amazing weekend. Staff was very professional, confident, and knowledgeable. They took the time to make your practice a great learning and educational experience.

Debbie Karstu, PA/NP 364 of 487

An incredible experience. Laser skin care and rejuvenation was so much more than I expected. A very thorough introductory course with enough education to get you started into a new treatment modality.

Tim Heilizer, MD 365 of 487

Well worth it!

Jamie Savoia, LPN/LVN 366 of 487

I couldn't be more happy with the learning. Everyone has been so wonderful and helpful.

Ashley McCall, PA/NP 367 of 487

NLI gave me the confidence and skills necessary to excel in the ever growing aesthetics industry. I feel confident in my ability to assess and treat a wide variety of conditions using multiple laser platforms. In my opinion, this investment was worth every penny!

Brenda Nold, RN 368 of 487

I found the experience very educational. Hands-on learning makes it much more understandable and easier to grasp. I'm glad I was able to attend. The staff made it fun and enjoyable. Great set of instructors who are very knowledgeable and relatable. Thank you!

Jennifer Hansen, RN 369 of 487

Very informative. Worth the money. So much hands-on it's amazing. They gave us so many patients to perform hands-on. Instructors were patient and amazing.

Hannah Juma, RN 370 of 487

I underestimated the quality education they provided. The education was so valuable and impressive!

Mike Ditsworth, RN 371 of 487

NLI is a safe and informative opportunity to learn about an exciting field of practice.

Francesca Gunn, RN 372 of 487

Excellent training, terrific instructors!

Linda DeBoer, RN 373 of 487

I have learned so much, I appreciate the aesthetic line so much more. I also now understand the true benefit of prevention.

David, RN 374 of 487

Excellent class!

Leolani Espaniola, RN 375 of 487

I was a little anxious before attending but staff put me at ease. All staff are very knowledgeable, funny and kind. I received plenty of information and experience to get me started.