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National Laser Institute Testimonials

Are you interested in attending National Laser Institute for cosmetic laser training or Botox training? Each year, we teach thousands of attendees – from across the country and the world – how to become cosmetic laser techs and cosmetic nurses.

We invite you to browse thousands of raving National Laser Institute reviews and testimonials from graduated students who took our medical aesthetics courses.

From stay-at-home moms to estheticians and physicians to nurses, we have trained countless attendees with varying backgrounds and professions looking to enter the rewarding medical aesthetics field.

We hope you find our student reviews and testimonials helpful as you consider taking the next step in your medical aesthetics career with training from National Laser Institute!

Click on the tabs below to read student success stories.

Aesthetician & Career Changers

Jessica Rooks 51 of 1502

This has been the best week ever! I learned a lot from all the teachers. They gave me so much hope for my future and encouraged me that I can do this. If I could do this class over again, I would!!!


Mary Jane Stuckham 52 of 1502

All staffs and instructors are very friendly and professional. Clean facility, very nice environment. Classes were informative and curriculum was excellent.

Sally Cussel 53 of 1502

NLI is a great way to kick start your career in the beauty biz. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to get into the industry and gain knowledge, skills, and experience to further their career.

Lynn Morgan 54 of 1502

I am a recent graduate of National Laser Institute and I can say without hesitation my experience there was amazing. I have been an esthetician for 10 years and I was ready for the more medical side of things, and the instructors here were amazing in getting me prepared and confident to go out into the workplace and implementing everything I learned. Not only did I receive a superior education in all area of medical aesthetics, but I felt more confident in myself because of the positive, professional, happy atmosphere that was there. I would recommend this school to anyone!!

Rachel Callendar 55 of 1502

All the instructors were so knowledgable and skilled with many, many years of experience. They really WANT you to learn. Great energy!


Caitlin Arlicino 56 of 1502

The trainers were all amazing. They all have their own personalities and made it a great experience. I learned so much from all the lasers we were able to receive hands-on training with. Great school, great instructors, great experience!

Ali Bohanon 57 of 1502

I just got offered a laser/esthetician career at a doctor’s office. It’s my dream manifesting, and I could never have done it without National Laser Institute!


Ludovica Mayer 58 of 1502

National Laser Institute is by far the best school in the valley! I enjoyed each and every day to the max as I was taught by such sweet and well knowledged instructors. The staff and owner do everything they can to make your learning experience comfortable and fun!


Lacy Randall 59 of 1502

I received my education from National Laser Institute and I wanted to let you guys know that I now have a job at a cosmetic laser center in my home town. I started working there last year in August. It has been a wonderful experience and I LOVE my job. My boss has been impressed with my general knowledge and competency with the lasers. I owe that to National Laser Institute. When people ask me where I went to school for this, I’m always proud to say National Laser Institute. It was such a memorable experience. Now, I am making more money than I thought possible as a new aesthetician. I want to thank you and all the staff at The National Laser Institute for helping me with that.

Erin 60 of 1502

Going to National Laser Institute was the best decision I have ever made. I was beginning to feel stuck in a job that was unsatisfying. I first heard about National Laser Institute from a physician I had been in contact with. I decided that I could not put my life on hold anymore and immediately called National Laser Institute and spoke to an admissions representative. I went to a grand opening to a laser center in Chicago and told the owner I had signed up for a comprehensive course at National Laser Institute and he offered me a job then and there, before I even was certified! He hired me based on the well-known reputation of National Laser Institute and knew I would get a great education and be prepared to work as soon as the course was completed.

Upon completion of the 2 week course at National Laser Institute, a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I met a lot of incredible people who I made lifelong friendships with, and I finally found a rewarding career that I am passionate about. The instructors are extremely personable and knowledgeable. I left National Laser Institute feeling prepared to go out into the real world and work as an accomplished laser technician. Attending National Laser Institute was an unforgettable experience and I can honestly say that it changed my life. Finally, everything seems to be falling in to place.


Arielle Gilfix 61 of 1502

I really enjoyed my time here at NLI. All the staff was amazing and they were very knowledgeable. They made my learning experience very easy. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone. Such a great experience and worth every dime! I can’t wait to start working!


Jessica W. 62 of 1502
I can't say enough incredible things about National Laser Institute and everyone there!! I graduated from there recently and my short time there I learned 100 times more than I learned in 6 months of esthetics school! Everyone there made such an effort to work one on one with each student and really made it an awesome experience. We got tons of real life, hands-on experience in the spa. Never a dull moment! That being said, since I have worked in the med spa there I will say that this is THE best place in DFW to get any laser treatment because they have every possible laser you could possibly need while most offices are limited to 1 or 2 and will treat you with the limited lasers they have even if it isn't the best one for that particular treatment on your skin type. They have all the best products, knowledge, resources, they are THE BEST! 😀   Don't take my word for it, go see for yourself!!!
Kathleen Devers 63 of 1502

I am so happy I made this decision! I am so excited about adding this to my cosmetology license to give myself and my clients new opportunities. NLI is an intense program but worth every penny!


Donna Scott 64 of 1502

What made me look into laser is I had hormonal acne after having my son.  I was going to do it as an add-on to my Physical Therapy practice.  It took a different turn when I researched products and treatments and found NLI.

The NLI team was available and helpful after my certification and it helped a lot. Shortly after I started as a Certified Laser Technician, I won my first InStyle Magazine award and the life of an aesthetic expert began!  

Since then I have been invited to the MTV Movie Awards, the NFL Draft, New York Fashion Week, The Oscar’s, and The Grammy’s.  I love what I do! I am excited about the direction and the blueprint I created for anti-aging with the skills from NLI. It changed my life.  Awesome - thank you for being a part of the journey!  National Laser Institute gives you the skills to become famous! Get Ready!

Kaitlyn Snead 65 of 1502

Just wanted to give you an update. NLI forever changed my life. I'm a month into my career now at laser partners NWA and I love love love it. I couldn't be more happy with how much NLI prepared me for this. I also just bought a house, closing on it next Friday. All cause I was educated and found a career.

I loved NLI. It was so much fun. I would go back over and over again. I already miss it. NLI has gone beyond preparing me for my future. Thank you so much for everything.

Ashley Webber 66 of 1502
I had such an amazing time at  national laser institute , I networked with so many amazing professionals and met friends I will have for life! I had so much fun working on clients and learning from the most inspiring teachers ever!!  I found a job within 3 weeks of graduating and I can't wait to embark on my new career as a laser technician!
I feel so very prepared to enter the field with the training I learned at national  laser institute! Wiith having so much experience on so many different lasers and machines and  getting so much hands on training with lots of clients to really understand the different skin types, and different real world scenarios was priceless!
Ashley webber
Britney King 67 of 1502

I really enjoyed my learning experience at NLI. Everyone at the school was so incredibly sweet. The teachers were very knowledgeable.


Kayla Newland 68 of 1502

I am 100% positive that I won’t regret coming to NLI! It’s a great experience that will prepare me for the world of medical lasers.


Holly R. Justus 69 of 1502

I am a career changer and coming to NLI was the best decision to make. The knowledge of the instructors was incredible. They gave me everything I need to be successful in my new career! Thanks for being so encouraging.


Samantha Ruzol 70 of 1502

What an awesome, amazing school! Kim Phelps was my rep and she was such a wonderful person to set up everything for school! She always checked up on me and walked me through the process. Being here at NLI has let me meet some amazing and wonderful instructors! I learned so much. Everyone was behind me 100%. And their energy was great! Always doing what they had to do in order to get us the best education! I won’t ever forget NLI.


Ally McIntosh-Arias 71 of 1502

Going through this two week laser course has been the best experience I’ve had in a very long time! As challenging and scary as it was in the beginning, it all came together as the courses and clinicals progressed. I feel excited and confident that I can go for work and thrive in my exciting new career! I also love all the new friends I’ve made at NLI.

Kelly Pratt 72 of 1502

I am so happy that I chose NLI! What an amazing school! I can’t believe how much I learned in such a short time. The staff was exceptional & extremely knowledgeable. I feel like I received the best education possible! Thank y’all so much for starting me off on my path to my new career!


Josie Correia 73 of 1502

I love you guys!! I always recommend NLI to everyone. I just told someone who was looking at a laser school to go nowhere else but NLI. I am so excited for you that you are all over the place now. The class was awesome.  I just opened a small place in N Andover MA. Your instructors are always the best. It was a great experience.

Sarah J. 74 of 1502

I came from Dubai to Arizona Just to go to National Laser Institute, and although I was hesitant about the price of the school, it was the best decision I have ever made! I got a job offer two days after I left the school without an esthetician background in America. I thought I would get some experience here in America before I went back to Dubai, but I already have a job offer waiting in Dubai! It was worth every cent!! This school was so much fun. I met so many friends and ALL the teachers are amazing. The only thing I was upset about is that I had to LEAVE! I miss this school so much!! Louis knows what he is doing, and he made a great school with a fun atmosphere and hires only the best!!

Terri Erd 75 of 1502

The National Laser Institute has provided me with the proper education, knowledge, and hands-on training that I feel is essential in today’s market in aesthetics. The hands-on training and the theory have given me the confidence that will help in the job search. My teacher was an extraordinary person whom I have a lot of respect for–she is extremely intelligent, well experienced, very informative and congenial. She makes sure everybody understands the theory of the laser hair removal and treated all students equal and fair, she is absolutely congenial. I definitely recommend her as a teacher. She’s the best, which made the class all the fun especially during the hands on training when we were all so busy. I definitely would recommend this school for I feel it was well worth the price. The curriculum I feel was intense but gave me the proper knowledge and information, which I feel anybody should know who wants to do laser hair removal. Beats a five-hour seminar any day. The staff was all very pleasant and courteous which truly impressed me, whereas normally it is so uncommon in this day and age. So it was like family, a comfortable feeling.


Medical Professionals

Melissa Magyer, RN 51 of 442

I had a great experience here at NLI. The program was very thorough and staff were all very knowledgeable and friendly. All the technology was very current and fun to work with.

Marcella G., DDS. 52 of 442

Excellent class! I am a general dentist and I feel everything I learned here will help me expand what I do in my practice. I was able to receive a lot of hands-on experience, too. I can’t wait to start injecting!

Jennifer Bishard 53 of 442

Great hands-on experience! I appreciated the apple hands-on time with clients. It was great to work on real clients instead of just students. The instructors were all so wonderful and knowledgeable. They are very helpful and willing to take their time and answer all our questions. 

Stephanie Lilly 54 of 442

Great hands-on experience! It really makes you feel comfortable with these treatments.

Deanna Turner-Grace 55 of 442

This is my injectable/filler course and I was so pleased with the instruction! I plan to attend more training classes at National Laser Institute.

Wendy Hall 56 of 442

I thought the instruction and training was excellent. I’m looking forward to changing my career!

Timothy Young, RN, BSN, OCN 57 of 442

I want to personally thank you for a great learning experience. The instructors you have teaching, demonstrating, and overseeing the students are of the highest caliber. I will recommend your school and to everyone I know.

James Yoon, RN 58 of 442

National Laser Institute’s course was everything I expected and more. The staff was very helpful. To work and learn the most current laser technology and to lean the most current techniques gave me all the confidence I need to get out there and start applying in the ‘real world.’ Once again, great school. I would not choose another school if I had a chance to do it again!

Rachael Jerald 59 of 442

The instructors made me feel so comfortable. I was a nervous wreck when I started, but definitely more confident once we started. They were great!

Melessa Watford, RN 60 of 442

Wow! The energy and expertise of the staff was outstanding. Professionalism is one of National Laser Institute’s strong points! I’ve learned so much, and would suggest this school to anyone. Thank you, National Laser Institute, for all you have done to help me with my medical career.

Lisa Amaya 61 of 442

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with NLI. The instructors were experienced, thoughtful, respectable, and knowledgeable.

John C. Friel, MD 62 of 442

Excellent hands-on learning experience and excellent exposure to these new skill sets.

Rose Berkic, RN 63 of 442

First of all the school is great. School is in Scottsdale–a most affluent area–so a lot of medical esthetic procedures are done here (the NLI Med Spa is attached to the school). The class is taught by top notch staff, physician and nurse. And there’s lots of hands on time–which is most important. I highly recommend the class. I feel attending the class was a very worthwhile investment, and I plan to attend other classes there in the future. Originally, I was looking at a different school, but I’m very glad I went to National Laser Institute.

Jennifer Allen 64 of 442

I learned so much and had so much fun at National Laser Institute! I feel like I have gained the confidence to go out and inject!

Oleulea Sukarj 65 of 442

Instruction with hands-on experience is VERY helpful. The teachers were so excellent!

Diane Chuprun 66 of 442

The instructors are educated and top-notch in the business. They really have a lot of patience with us and do whatever they can do help us succeed and achieve our goals.

Jessica Blackwell 67 of 442

The clinical curriculum was great. All the instructors were knowledgeable. I loved all the clinical experience!

Krista Sinclair 68 of 442

Always a great experience! All the instructors are such a great resource and truly want students to succeed.

Ann Kileen 69 of 442

I feel very confident in my skills to perform Botox and dermal fillers to my future clients!

Paula Williams 70 of 442

The training was great! The instructors really knew the products and injection techniques. The entire staff at National Laser Institute are super friendly and helpful.

Michelle Shaughnessy 71 of 442

This Botox and fillers class was extremely informative with hands-on application on real clients. The instructors were knowledge, experienced, and overall excellent teachers!

Dixie T. 72 of 442

Amazing! Extremely educational, and I left feeling confident in adding injectables to my practice.

Zorina Karia 73 of 442

I really felt like I learned a lot and now have a great foundation for doing injectables.

Linda Oliver 74 of 442

This school provided a great "refresher" and advanced injectables course for the more experienced injector.

Natalia Fink 75 of 442

Coming from a different culture (Russia) where I was a dentist, I found the staff here very warm, professional, and knowledgeable. The course taught me the latest techniques along with great opportunities for hands-on practice.