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National Laser Institute Testimonials

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

Jackie Petritz 1126 of 1303

I never thought I would learn as much as I did at NLI! I learned about so many different laser treatments that I never thought were possible, because of NLI my eyes have opened to the world of lasers. I am ready to start my career, as a laser technician, and to help clients reach their skin goals!

Haleema Khan 1127 of 1303

I feel blessed that I became a part of National Laser Institute. I learned so many things, techniques, how to analyze clients etc. The teachers and the staff are so kind and gentle. They helped me out in each and every step in my training. It was the best decision for me to become a student at NLI. Thank you to all of my teachers, staff and friends. I'm going to miss them!

Mikayla Reyes 1128 of 1303

Great teachers and great people who work here. I loved my experience. Definitely would recommend people to come and learn from NLI. I will be returning for more education.

Cierra Wagner 1129 of 1303

National Laser Institute is amazing! The instructors were all very knowledgeable and fun. 🙂 The guest speakers were great as well. Everything was wonderful.

Julie Mangiaracinia 1130 of 1303

One of the best decisions I have ever made. NLI staff and instructors were so knowledgeable and made learning fun and exciting. I can't wait to start my new career as a certified laser technician.

Mackenzie Adams 1131 of 1303

I loved all of my instructors, I feel like they were so knowledgeable and were feeding us as much information as possible. The atmosphere is NLI is incredible.

Bianca Torres 1132 of 1303

Had such an amazing time. Really enjoyed all of the instructors. They were very knowledgeable. Great staff, super friendly.

Stacie Ziegenbein 1133 of 1303

Great experience!

Ashley Bidinger 1134 of 1303

Better education, newer lasers, different instructors.

Cathy Caver 1135 of 1303

I learned so much in 2 weeks! I feel so confident in bringing this knowledge back to my spa and working on my clients. I love this ever changing industry and feel that National Laser Institute is totally "up" on the latest stuff!

Laura Pendleton 1136 of 1303

NLI was very informative, the teachers/instructors are all easy to learn from. It was a pleasurable experience and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a career change!

Savanna Bailey 1137 of 1303

My two weeks at National Laser Institute was an amazing experience and I'm going out to the field with so much confidence.

Chanelle Sisia 1138 of 1303

I had the most amazing experience during this program. I learned so much and feel so confident going into my new career.

Cassidy Kinna 1139 of 1303

NLI was a great experience, great learning and so wonderful!

Falon L. 1140 of 1303

I loved the teaching techniques and how there was a different teacher every day to give different ways and tips for learning.

Michele Ayula 1141 of 1303

I enjoyed the tattoo removal and hair reduction classes.

Courtney Asproditas 1142 of 1303

Amazing! Life changing!

Athena Cantu 1143 of 1303

If anyone thought about laser, I would tell them think no longer! This will be the best decision of your life, a very fun career!

KayLynne Lesueur-Bennett 1144 of 1303

NLI was such a great experience! I really enjoyed all of the instructors and their teaching approach on each segment. Overall it was an amazing experience and I will have nothing but great memories.

Isis Whelah 1145 of 1303

National Laser Institute has been so much more than I expected. I've met lifelong friends with the other students and the instructors.

Albajris Vanderhorst 1146 of 1303

NLI is a great school, you learn a lot. Teachers are so helpful and they are beautiful people.

Naomi Roopchand 1147 of 1303

Taking a course at National Laser Institute was better than I expected. The instructors were informative and felt like family and they really made sure we grasped the knowledge before going onto the next topic. I would highly recommend this course to someone thinking of doing this as a career.

Heidi Giunta 1148 of 1303

Very impressed from start to finish. Also, impressed the owner/founder took the time to meet us.

Alexandra Critton 1149 of 1303

Great experience. Learned a lot of information that you must know to work in this field. Really glad I took this course. Instructors were great.

Yasmin Areida 1150 of 1303

The instructors were great. I have gained so much information that I never knew and I definitely will come back for more courses.

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