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National Laser Institute Testimonials

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

Domenica Calamia 1201 of 1303

My experience was amazing! Starting from my wonderful advisor to each and every person I have had the privilege to learn from. They have made it so exciting and I am super excited to keep learning more and more. I already have but I will definitely continue to spread the word of how amazing you all are and the institute itself. Thank You!

Angelez Neri 1202 of 1303

It was amazing knowing another window to learn and look for consideration. It was wonderful and I feel really good!

Jori Beronja 1203 of 1303

A life changing experience! Can't wait to take my new skills and knowledge and utilize them. Everyone at NLI is a rockstar!

Fida Abuhattab 1204 of 1303

The National Laser Institute is the best, the experience and the instructors are the best in the market, my experience was more than expected.

Ingrid Sommers 1205 of 1303

Each day I spent at NLI the more excited I became about my future. Though the days are long, I always left full of positive energy.

Priti Patel 1206 of 1303

I had an experience that I will remember forever. All instructors were passionate, helpful, and kind which made the 9 days go by as quickly as they did. I left feeling confident in my knowledge of lasers and more importantly my knowledge of this industry.

Julia Fiore 1207 of 1303

Was a long, exhausting 9 days, but it wouldn't have been worth it without all the wonderful people on staff.

Ashley Corso 1208 of 1303

My experience at NLI was phenomenal. Every teacher I had had their own individual way of explaining all the different machines to make sure I left each day knowing everything 100%. Erin, Sam, Shelly and Kellie had fabulous personalities and made learning fun. Sandra and Crystal were super sweet and all were a pleasure to have as teachers.

Caitlyn Monsees 1209 of 1303

This week flew by! I loved my time here and he hands on experience is worth way more than any dollar amount.

Anais Mata 1210 of 1303

Love it!

Angie Madrid 1211 of 1303

Well educated instructors, fun and positive attitude. Definitely ready to start a new career in cosmetic laser. I feel confident and satisfied with everything I learned.

Amal Atiq 1212 of 1303

The instructors are amazing a special thanks to Sam, Erin and Kellie. They really want to see you succeed and they are so patient and teach in such a fun way. It made it very easy for me to understand laser.

Julia Rhodes 1213 of 1303

I went into this course not knowing what I wanted to do in my future. Coming to National Laser Institute has made me feel confident in my future decisions! I am so grateful and blessed to have met these amazing instructors I could literally call them my best friends because that is how they make you feel! This experience was worth every penny and more! Thank you so much!

Brittney Maracigan 1214 of 1303

I wanted to reach out and thank you for this opportunity. This past week at NLI has been such a wonderful experience. The education and hands on learning experience surpassed my expectations. The positive energy from the staff is really comforting and inspirational. The instructors are fabulous and made me feel right at home. I would recommend this program and the services to any of my friends and family. I am confident that the knowledge I have gained during my experience will be valuable as I enter the field of aesthetic nursing. I can't thank you and the staff enough. You all have gone above and beyond my expectations.

Kayla Manan 1215 of 1303

I absolutely loved this school, it was a dream come true for me. I had the best time attending this school while learning all the modalities and even more in depth of aesthetic skin care. I would even refer CEO's or instructors in training to come here just to learn how a school should be ran.

Chloe Stillwell 1216 of 1303

NLI was an amazing experience. I learned so much and had a blast with the hilarious instructors. I would recommend to anyone and I would do it again!

Anonymous 1217 of 1303

Aside from being an amazing program, everyone's energy was so positive!

Miranda Henry 1218 of 1303

NLI was an amazing experience and it really made me feel like I am ready for the laser world!

Linda Ogle 1219 of 1303

Thank you all for inspiring me to do everything I can in this industry, I have learned so much over the last two weeks and I am so excited to see where my NLI training takes me.

Ashley Blessing 1220 of 1303

The best experience of my life. You can see that everyone here truly loves their job and each other. I couldn't have asked for a better experience, I really feel I received the best of the best education out there.

Bethany Smith 1221 of 1303

Staff is incredibly friendly and professional. They provided so much knowledge and encouragement. I feel prepared to start my new career.

Martel Scott 1222 of 1303

I have enjoyed everyday of my 15 day experience here at National Laser Institute. This experience was one of a kind. Everyone here truly has and shows a passion for what they do, and in turn, enhances my passion. Attending NLI, has made me feel I have finally chosen the right career field. Thanks to all of you guys!

Jonathan Watkins 1223 of 1303

From the first day to the last... Awesome!! Thank you Louis for your vision in creating an outstanding setting to learn from.

Stephanie Kyles 1224 of 1303

From the start there was always a great energy, everyone was so helpful and I was able to learn more by having multiple instructors.

Ashley Beeler 1225 of 1303

Oh gosh where do I start?! From the instructors to the staff to Louis, amazing, friendly, and great instructors! I enjoyed all 15 days. I've learned so much. I made a great decision to come here! Thank you so much! In one word AMAZING!!

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