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National Laser Institute Reviews


National Laser Institute Reviews

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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I had a very good experience. I enjoyed working with all of the laser machines and my teachers were awesome.

Tanya Reed 1301 of 1516
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Awesome training. The teachers at NLI are excellent.

Shellie Soria 1302 of 1516
1303 of 1516

Best experience ever, the staff is so knowledgeable and professional and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to go into this profession.

Kathy Baldwin 1303 of 1516
1304 of 1516

NLI was such a great experience, motivating staff and knowledgeable. Feels like I can contact them at any moment.

Selene Brito 1304 of 1516
1305 of 1516

My experience at NLI has been the best in my life. I feel motivated, educated and in love with the industry. Amazing staff.

Bapsy Acosta 1305 of 1516
1306 of 1516

The instructors were amazing! They're experienced and knowledgeable about the industry. It really made me feel like I made the best choice.

Nathalie Alfaro 1306 of 1516
1307 of 1516

I came in here knowing absolutely nothing. I had never even had laser hair reduction done to me before. Now I feel like I am leaving here like a champ and an A+ student! 🙂 Memories of a life time!

Sarah Smith 1307 of 1516
1308 of 1516

I have loved it here, I think all the instructors are wonderful and very informative. I am going to take everything I learned and have a great career. Thanks! P.s. Monica is the best I just loved her. So very wise and sweet!

Alysia Rhodes 1308 of 1516
1309 of 1516

I have been so amazed by all the information and impressed by all the knowledgeable and information that our instructors have taught us. I am thrilled to have learned so much so quickly from everyone at NLI and can't wait to get this new career started for my life.

Nicole Patten 1309 of 1516
1310 of 1516

Wow! NLI truly has amazing instructors! The real-world experience and knowledge each instructor openly and honestly shared has absolutely prepared me to be successful and confident in the laser and medical aesthetic industry. I feel honored to have attended NLI for training!

Danielle Wyatt 1310 of 1516
1311 of 1516

I absolutely loved my experience at NLI. The instructors are AMAZING & have a wealth of knowledge and experience. I would recommend NLI to anyone thinking of entering this industry.

Elizabeth Pilling 1311 of 1516
1312 of 1516

I am so glad that I came here, I have learned so much. I love all the teachers and staff. I am ready for my new career!

Harpreet Kahlon 1312 of 1516
1313 of 1516

I liked my experience at National Laser Institute. Great teachers and material.

Jenna Davis 1313 of 1516
1314 of 1516

I had the best experience here. I loved everyone. They really helped me and became family to me.

Brianna Pearson 1314 of 1516
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It has been a really great experience for me. I have learned so much and can't wait to start working in the laser industry. My dream job!

Allyssa Ervin 1315 of 1516
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Really good school, a lot of information and hands on. I had the best experience with really good instructors. Definitely looking forward for Senior certification now.

Rashni Bhakta 1316 of 1516
1317 of 1516

It was an awesome experience, to not only learn about the different types of lasers & techniques but also meet different kinds of people from all over! I would 100% recommend anyone looking for a career change or even further their education.

Paulina Prado 1317 of 1516
1318 of 1516

I have absolutely loved coming to NLI. I have learned so much from the most amazing, caring, and knowledgeable instructors that are so passionate and love this field.

Nicole Wyatt 1318 of 1516
1319 of 1516

I had electric current machine on spider veins on my face! Fabulous immediate results!

Terri Cloud 1319 of 1516
1320 of 1516

Great school. Teachers make you feel comfortable. Organized scheduling. Overall good experience! Learned a lot!

Melissa B. 1320 of 1516
1321 of 1516

I loved NLI, came in not knowing a single thing. The teachers are so helpful, they make sure you understand everything. The day goes by so fast because you enjoy what you do through out the day.

Vianney Galindo 1321 of 1516
1322 of 1516

I absolutely loved NLI. I made a lot of friends and the instructors were AMAZING! I cannot wait to go back home and practice what I've learned here. I am so glad I chose to come to NLI and I would recommend this school to anyone.

Paulette Barron 1322 of 1516
1323 of 1516

Great experience! I learned so much, great teachers!

Kathleen Cortelyou 1323 of 1516
1324 of 1516

I have experienced the best time here at NLI. The staff and directors are very kind and helpful.

Faith Kilheffer 1324 of 1516
1325 of 1516

Great school! Teachers make you feel comfortable. They have organized scheduling, overall good experience. Learned a lot!

Melissa B. 1325 of 1516

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