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National Laser Institute Reviews


National Laser Institute Reviews

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

826 of 1516

I would highly recommend NLI to anyone who's interested in adding to their career. It was a great experience.

Ashleigh Carr 826 of 1516
827 of 1516

Can't wait to take more classes. Great hands on experience provided.

Leanna Kasten 827 of 1516
828 of 1516

It's what I expected. I am a hands on person so the opportunity to learn the different machines was very fun for me. I will utilize everything that I have learned from the school to help people with various conditions.

Ajelica Haynes 828 of 1516
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I received not only great knowledge but also an amazing psychological support. Thank you so much.

Olivia Tyra 829 of 1516
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I was nervous about the program, but so happy I found your institute. I believe this will finally land me the dream job I've been chasing after. I love all the instructors and the program layout. Thank you guys!!!

Lindsey Statzer 830 of 1516
831 of 1516

I learned so much. All of the teachers were kind and patient and fun to work with.

Mikenzy Stowers 831 of 1516
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I was eager to attend this school because I heard great things about it. Usually you hear negativity, but not at this school. I learned a large amount of knowledge with using lasers. My next step is to perform my skills in a med spa or physicians office with great confidence. Thank you NLI!

Monique Adams 832 of 1516
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It was the Best class I've ever took. Wonderful instructors. They make sure you understand everything throughout the course.

Brittany Golden 833 of 1516
834 of 1516

They made this entire experience a blast for me!

Leidiane Araife 834 of 1516
835 of 1516

I feel so happy that I chose National Laser Institute to jump my future in the world of skin treatment and hair removal. I feel like I can go out and safely treat any patient that comes to me for treatment.

Louis Hernandez 835 of 1516
836 of 1516

I feel so privileged to have been a part of this AMAZING group. Instructors are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. I love the energy of these teachers. Thank you so much ladies. You have all brought something very positive to my life. I will forever be thankful. I will miss you all. I hope to see you all in the future and possibly find a career with NLI!

Jacklyn Person 836 of 1516
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I had a great experience. I learned so much. And would definitely recommend it.

Andrea Fox 837 of 1516
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It was such an awesome and amazing experience! I loved the instructors and staff. All great people! I learned such great information and I'm excited to put all of my knowledge from NLI to use! I loved my experience!

Kelly Warren 838 of 1516
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It was a great team. Very welcoming and educational.

Anna Babayah 839 of 1516
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I just want to thank everyone for amazing experience. I'm walking away feeling confident and eager to work in this industry. I am also walking away with great memories and friends. My only regret is I waited so long. Thank you everyone.

Angela Carrabbia 840 of 1516

Medical Professionals