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National Laser Institute Testimonials

Are you interested in attending National Laser Institute for cosmetic laser training or Botox training? Each year, we teach thousands of attendees – from across the country and the world – how to become cosmetic laser techs and cosmetic nurses.

We invite you to browse thousands of raving National Laser Institute reviews and testimonials from graduated students who took our medical aesthetics courses.

From stay-at-home moms to estheticians and physicians to nurses, we have trained countless attendees with varying backgrounds and professions looking to enter the rewarding medical aesthetics field.

We hope you find our student reviews and testimonials helpful as you consider taking the next step in your medical aesthetics career with training from National Laser Institute!

Click on the tabs below to read student success stories.

Aesthetician & Career Changers

April Pattison 126 of 1502

This has been the best investment I’ve ever made! The instructors are all amazing. It was so worth the drive down from Oregon!


Bojana A 127 of 1502

I am from Croatia and moved to NY 6 years ago to study English. I attended National Laser Institute April 2015 and it was the best investment I ever made! I truly had the time of my life and best experience ever! Everyone so nice with me and I felt like I was at home surrounded by true friends. Perfect for everyone, fun and extremely informative, NLI gives you all the tools you need in your professional improvement. I would highly recommend it to everyone! I loved the entire process from the beginning to an end. The state of the art facility, the super energetic and knowledgeable staff, and friendly colleagues made this experience super fun! Your future is in your hands, do not miss this one!

Heather Miedet 128 of 1502

This has been the greatest experience of my life. Skin care has always been my passion, and I’m finally following my dreams and making it a reality! It has been such a humbling and exciting time.


Ashley McLaughlin 129 of 1502

Such a wonderful experience and friendly, knowledgeable staff. So happy that I took the leap of faith in this school to advance my career!

Lisa Treubert 130 of 1502

The most fun I’ve ever had learning! Very positive, upbeat atmosphere and great energy!


Patty Williams 131 of 1502

Everyone was so great, and the school was so informative!


Alexandra Leithmann 132 of 1502

I enjoyed being able to use laser on actual clients. It was very hands-on which made it easier to learn new techniques. All the instructors were so knowledgeable, energetic, and fun! Loved them all! I was never bored. I loved my time here! I learned so much in a short amount of time it was almost shocking! I am so happy I came to National Laser Institute and was able to learn from these awesome instructors. I am so excited to now have laser under my belt from such a great school.

Michelle Julliff 133 of 1502

The knowledge and professionalism I received here is unforgettable. The instructors are incredible from their knowledge to awesome energy to the positive environment they create. I will always recommend National Laser Institute!


Lisa Treuber 134 of 1502

I cannot express enough the amazing experience I had at NLI. The instructors are incredible in every way. What smart, beautiful, encouraging, and fun women they are! I love them all and can never thank them enough. They changed my life in more ways than one. I looked forward to coming there everyday! You are all wonderful.


Stephanie Hernandez 135 of 1502

My experience at NLI was absolutely amazing. The instructors were very knowledgeable and fun. The course is pretty intense but definitely worth every second. It was a life changing experience. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is even curious about the industry. Thank you so much for the opportunity.


Maria Conkin 136 of 1502

The vast array of instructors provide an individual learning experience each day and make each modality fun to learn!


LaNeisha Peterkin 137 of 1502

WOW!!!! My experience at NLI was one of the greatest in my life. I learned so much and even after going through esthetics school I got a better understanding of the Fitz Patrick's. I can now Fitz comfortably and with confidence. The staff and instructors were so nice and willing to help us understand. I'm appreciative to all for the help. I met some wonderful people who I have kept in touch with. I lost my grandfather during my time at NLI and his funeral was the last Saturday I was in school so I missed it. But I know my grandpa would have wanted me to stay and finish. I know he's proud of me. So graduation day I cried my eyes out. It was a bitter sweet moment for me, and I did make it to California to my grandpas gravesite. Thanks for and awesome experience. Meeting Louis was GREAT. 

Cheryl Chotai 138 of 1502

I feel so grateful that I was able to get my laser training at National Laser Institute. Best instructors and hands-on training!


Monique Lorimer 139 of 1502

Louis Silberman said that National Laser Institute was the Harvard of laser schools, and he was SO right! All the instructors were phenomenal, extremely knowledgeable, personal, and friendly. I truly feel that I obtained the best possible education. Thank you!


Ariana Baker 140 of 1502

My time at National Laser Institute was the most fun-filled, hands-on educational training I've ever received. If you want the best of the best who share their amazing knowledge about this industry, you have to go to this school! 

Jeanine Sackett 141 of 1502

My experience with all of the National Laser Institute instructors was just fabulous! Each one was fun, helpful and most importantly knowledgeable. The answered every question I had with ease. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun while learning so much. Thank you for the wonderful experience!


Bariaa Chaar 142 of 1502

I was fortunate to attend this course at your honored institute for multiple reasons. What I would really like to highlight on is that the teachers at your esteemed institute are not humans—they are ANGELS! This course has been inked into me on both personal and professional levels. You are ALL awesome and great!


Sophia Rusig 143 of 1502

The best experience of my life! It was so much fun. I enjoyed every bit. All the instructors are very informative. My favorite treatment was the oxygen facial. This experience was definitely enlightening. I feel confident and ready to make a positive move in my life.

Marisa Burkett 144 of 1502

National Laser Institute was the best educational experience I have ever had! All of the girls were so helpful and so smart! I can’t stop talking about the class. I would love to come out there and take the two week course. And I was already enrolled before the skin scene, but I still attended and loved it!


Christine Snyder 145 of 1502

I’ve wanted to come to National Laser Institute for the last four years, and I finally had the chance to come! I learned so much, and everyone here made it such an amazing learning experience. They really took the time to explain everything clearly. I would definitely come back here for more training in the future! Exceeded my expectations!


Rosaula D. LaPine 146 of 1502

The classes were divided into two (practice and lecture) which made for a great education.

Victoriana Martel 147 of 1502

All the instructors at National Laser Institute provided me with an exceptional learning experience in both the classroom and clinical portions of our curriculum. As an entrepreneur, I have learned so much from each of the instructors. National Laser Institute will always be the best laser school on this planet.

I emailed a few of my friends and told them about my wonderful experience using different laser systems to work on clients with different skin types. Thank you to all NLI staff for fulfilling my dreams! I really enjoyed working on client’s skin tightening, body contouring, hair reduction, wrinkle removal, stretch marks removal, cellulite and etc. I love NATIONAL LASER INSTITUTE FOREVER! I cannot help it—I love my school!


Tammy Pham 148 of 1502

The best of the best! I'm so glad I chose this school for laser training. This school gave me a lot of experience with techniques and had the best equipment. I'm very pleased! I'm so glad this school and these people were part of my life. Thank you very much!

Derotha Rutland 149 of 1502

My experience at National Laser Institute was amazing. Not only was the course amazing, but the entire staff was as well! Everyone was positive and really seemed to enjoy their job. The instructors were very knowledgeable in every aspect of the industry and very willing to share their experiences.


Genafer Leorade 150 of 1502

Great hands-on experience! I love participating in the hands-on and learning new techniques and tips. All the instructors are very thorough, very informative, and provide great analogies. Really fantastic experience!

Medical Professionals

Amy McGrath 126 of 442

I am so excited about my career change. National Laser Institute has been nothing but an exciting, uplifting, and positive experience. It has given me the confidence and encouragement I needed. The staff is highly skilled and the instruction is excellent. I can’t wait to begin working with everything I’ve learned!

Diane Hattel 127 of 442

I feel like the training I received from National Laser Institute will increase my services to my family practice clinic. Thanks, NLI!

Elizabeth Bevan 128 of 442

The Botox and fillers course was very educational, hands-on, and full of great information!

Sandy L. Stetl 129 of 442

I found this course to be very educational from a medical and esthetic standpoint. The instructors were professional and up-to-date on the latest products and techniques in the field. The staff and educators were friendly, educational, and motivating!

Tracy McCreachy 130 of 442

I love my new friends that I’ve made here. The instructors are brilliant!

Crystal Hamblin 131 of 442

I loved everything about this course! It was fast but VERY informative.

Tonya Froehlich 132 of 442

This was a worthwhile education! I would strongly recommend that all people who want to perform laser treatments take this course.

Tara Aycock 133 of 442

Fun, rewarding, and well-worth the time and money spent. Great hands-on experience!

Lauren King 134 of 442

The instructors are awesome! Each of them are extremely knowledgeable about Botox and fillers and have great techniques along with clinical expertise!

Tatiana Cronen 135 of 442

Great experience, knowledgable staff, and great management!

Mary Ann Shada 136 of 442

National Laser Institute left nothing unaddressed during my time here! As a RN, I was treated with such respect and kindness from everyone. I loved receiving state-of-the-art training and I’m all about hitting the ground running with this great information! I no of no better method to learn cosmetic laser and medical aesthetics than the NLI method. NLI is truly the best in its class. I will leave here feeling confident in serving any medical aesthetic client!

Katherine Johnse 137 of 442

This is the #1 course for you to learn fillers and Botox. NLI has a lot of experienced instructors and tons of hands-on training. You will definitely get your money’s worth from this amazing experience!

Monica Llamas 138 of 442

Not knowing what to expect of NLI, I was pleasantly surprised with all your friendly staff and instructors! I really enjoyed my experience at your school, even though my stay was only a week long I found the material very helpful to me!

Carrie Gorham 139 of 442

When I first heard about NLI, I was excited to come and change my future. I’m so excited to get started! I want to have my own medical spa one day and I know this training will help me get there. Thank you, National Laser Institute!

Stephanie Krath 140 of 442

This was a really great class. The instructors were outstanding!

Todd Eric Nelson 141 of 442

Excellent course! The wonderful instructors here helped me learn so much about Botox and fillers.

Dr. Julia Nasser 142 of 442

This was a great class! The instructors were knowledgeable and provided lots of hands-on instruction.

Lori Weech 143 of 442

I loved being a student at National Laser Institute! The instructors were kind, patient, and overall awesome. The information that was presented to us took me from having zero knowledge about lasers to speaking the laser lingo in just ONE day!

Amanda Martinez 144 of 442

After attending the medical professional course at National Laser Institute, I feel that I have a great foundation and knowledge base with the use of esthetic lasers.

Dr. Richard H. Nussey, Jr. 145 of 442

My experience at the NLI Botox and Fillers course was outstanding. The instructors especially, Jan and Ann, were great.They were highly informative and very patient. They both had great skill sets. Megan and Traci took care of any concerns and were able to answer any questions and went above and beyond their scope of duties in assuring a very comfortable and educational experience. The entire staff was top notch.

Martha Barmeto 146 of 442

I am currently treating clients for LHR, but I was not fully educated on the scientific aspects. All the instructors were knowledgable and enjoy what they do. I learned so much here!

Nicole Fallacaro 147 of 442

National Laser Institute was an excellence experience. Very comfortable environment with very approachable instructors! I felt like I learned a wealth of knowledge in such a limited about of time.

Cherilyn Kimball 148 of 442

My experience was great, the staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and it's work I will look forward to coming to!

Michael C. Brown 149 of 442

This course was highly processional, ethical, and truly valuable. I received the knowledge, education, and skill sets to enhance my abilitiy to help people in this industry and profit from the effort.

Mina Haidarian, MD 150 of 442

This has been a great experience. I have attended other advanced courses, but here students get hands-on experience which is SO important. Also, models are provided—which is great!