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National Laser Institute Testimonials

Are you interested in attending National Laser Institute for cosmetic laser training or Botox training? Each year, we teach thousands of attendees – from across the country and the world – how to become cosmetic laser techs and cosmetic nurses.

We invite you to browse thousands of raving National Laser Institute reviews and testimonials from graduated students who took our medical aesthetics courses.

From stay-at-home moms to estheticians and physicians to nurses, we have trained countless attendees with varying backgrounds and professions looking to enter the rewarding medical aesthetics field.

We hope you find our student reviews and testimonials helpful as you consider taking the next step in your medical aesthetics career with training from National Laser Institute!

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

Brenda Galye 1476 of 1490

NLI has given me a solid platform to start my new career. I feel confident pursuing a career in something I feel passionate about. Thank you NLI instructors!

Stacy Gonzales 1477 of 1490

This course is not only filled with valuable information, but a plethora of contacts and access to new tools, techniques, and people in the business. The instructors have a wealth of experience and a passion for what they do. The people here are positive, kind, and very patient.

Alison Myers 1478 of 1490

My experience at NLI was life changing. I now can finally succeed and be happy with what I do! So grateful for this school. Everyone was super nice and I felt at home.

Anonymous 1479 of 1490

One wouldn't think 2 weeks is enough to learn so many machines, however the way the school is set up through classroom didactic to clinical is amazing. The instructors are so knowledgeable and they are able to make learning fun so it makes sense, therefore it sticks. NLI is such a positive place, zero negativity, which is what makes the school above all others. Very friendly and caring staff makes it hard to leave at graduation. Louis is very caring and truly believes in the students at NLI. Thank you for making my vision a reality.

Rachel Zasimovich 1480 of 1490

Had an amazing experience! All of the instructors were very helpful and patient and nice. I 100% am so happy I decided to come here vs. going to any other school.

Hayden Maxon 1481 of 1490

Coming to NLI was the best decision that I have ever made. My experience was so amazing and I had such a fun time here. I'm sad to leave but I'm excited to take all that I've learned to my new job and I'll always remember how amazing my time was here. Thank you all for making me have an amazing time. Thank you Louis for starting this school!

Gina Ritchie 1482 of 1490

Thank you to experiences like this at NLI. My life is forever changed. When everyone on the same team is equally invested in your overall goal and purpose, we go so very far. Alone, we can do so little, together, we can do so much!

Olivia Robb 1483 of 1490

Through this experience, I have not only learned so much on lasers but I have learned a lot about myself. This has made me more excited for my future. I cannot wait to go out and use everything I have learned. I hope I stay connected to all the teachers and students I have met here.

Nia Dennis 1484 of 1490

The experience was great. Not so much what I learned, because I could learn lasers anywhere, but the instructors were great! Very helpful, never made anyone feel left out. The groups were small which made the clinical portion better!

Paige Bayrd 1485 of 1490

I don't want to leave! This has been an amazing experience. The teachers are so knowledgeable and fun. So glad I chose NLI!

Charlene Paiz 1486 of 1490

I had such a wonderful experience here at NLI. I have learned so much about the laser industry.

Nathalie M Harris 1487 of 1490

Great learning, great environment! Teaching style suited a technical academic like me as I gained immediate learning benefits. I would recommend the comprehensive course for thoroughness. Great overall value for money!

Jessica Ronga 1488 of 1490

NLI has been a great experience for me. So happy I choose to attend this school. All of the instructors have been awesome. The environment this place gives is very comfortable. Whoever is interested in laser or a career change, I'd totally recommend.

Cortney Greene 1489 of 1490

Amazing! Will recommend!

Cheryl Hunt 1490 of 1490

From the point of contact, helping me through unexpected challenges along the way, to the whole experience in classes everyday. Thank you!

Medical Professionals