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National Laser Institute Reviews


National Laser Institute Reviews

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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NLI was an unforgettable experience! I was a career changer coming into this class and I had no background knowledge. I was so nervous and had my doubts but NLI was amazing at breaking all the criteria down and making sure we all understood. No one was left behind. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to receive this great education. I am super excited to start my new career! Thank you!

Chloe Domyan 1501 of 1516
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Coming to NLI has been such a fun environment to learn in, teachers are very knowledgeable and have such passion in which they are teaching us, that it made me excited to learn.

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I chose National Laser Institute because ever since I heard about this school, I knew that I could better myself and further my education. Doing medical aesthetics has always been a dream of mine and I moved all the way to Scottsdale, AZ to fulfill it and I'm super happy with my choice thus far. Leaving here is slightly intimidating for me because I do not know what the future holds, but I am confident I will succeed in where ever my journey takes me next.

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Out of this world!

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I came to National Laser Institute because I wanted to add a specific skill-set to my repertoire, and become a more versatile entrepreneur. I had no idea I would take such a liking to all of the modalities I never even thought about learning! I was set on specializing in soley tattoo removal, however now I also feel comfortable offering a much wider range of services to my future clientele, and I can't wait to immerse myself in this fascinating industry! The instructors each come with a unique perspective on each treatment, and have gone above and beyond to make us feel comfortable, making sure we are more than prepared to step into the workforce of the medical aesthetics industry. With the amazing clients and friends we surrounded ourselves with here, I would do it all again tenfold.

Kiriakos Manoleas 1505 of 1516
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Out of this world!

Ashley Paez 1506 of 1516
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This was such an awesome experience, thank you for everything. Teachers were so kind and patient. Helpful. Seriously life changing experience all the way through!

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All the staff here has participated in my future career. Thank you all for a memorable time/experience that will contribute to my life. The time here has been very enjoyable and fun. Thank you NLI! I will be taking your words of wisdom with me.

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Loved that there was unlimited coffee and tea. Stacy introduced me to NLI. Samantha was detail oriented. Erin is awesome. Shelley, Crystal, and Laurie were easy going and sweet. Kellie related to me so well. I have a lot of learning and great connections with Kellie when it came to lasers. Debbie was great, she pushed me to learn how to do radio-frequency including ematrix and 1540. I liked that Kristin showed me about the settings of the Fitz scale and encouraged me to use the laser and light techniques. Everyone was awesome, caring, loving, and had strong teaching skills. Love it! No regrets! Love Elly and Laurie. Jamie really showed me and gave me the resources to keep my career, as I am at my job as an esthetician for Haircutters In The Park! Lasers seems to be the best fit for me, so more than likely I want to become a laser technician.

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I am so happy I chose to come here and do this program. I am so thankful for all the knowledge and experience I had. The instructors went above and beyond for everyone and prepared us for the real world after we graduate.

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I had the most exciting experience here. All of the instructors were great and very inspiring. The motivation and encouragement has pushed me past my heights thanks to everyone.

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I recommend this to all people interested in the aesthetic world. If it wasn't so expensive, I would've brought my best friend! My daughter is completely interested and is planning on coming for the entire course. After paying off my loan to take this course, I will work towards paying for my daughter, so we can go into business together!

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Everything at NLI has been extremely organized and informative. The didactic portion was so thorough and it was great how everyone stressed the important things to carry with us in our future careers! I think it was important that the instructors made everything so fun! I'm very excited for my future!

Macaila Fonseca 1513 of 1516
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NLI has been one of the best decisions I have made. I had the best hands-on training, the greatest instructors, I left here feeling bittersweet. Very thankful for this experience.

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National Laser Institute has changed my life. The knowledge I have gained will be used for years. NLI created a solid foundation of understanding the laser field. I will use all the skills gained to put smiles on men and women face's across Arizona. For that, thank you!

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I toured NLI with my school for aesthetics and I felt so welcomed. It was awesome seeing people so passionate about things I am passionate about as well. I signed up as soon as I could and was not disappointed in the slightest degree. The educators made this so fun while we were learning all new information. We got to work with the best equipment and the hands-on made everything from didactic click! I would definitely recommend people to attend NLI. It's very bittersweet to leave. I'm so thankful for this experience. Thank you Louis, educators and staff.

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