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Laser Hair Removal Career

laser trainingA laser hair removal career is a smart move in today’s youth and beauty obsessed culture. People spend billions of dollars every year on hair removal products, such as razors, shaving cream, waxes, and dissolving agents, in order to achieve that coveted hairless look. Legs, under arms, bikini areas, upper lips, and backs are all common targets for hair removal procedures.The frustration that many people feel with the need for frequent shaving treatments or trips to the salon is leading increasing numbers to look for more permanent alternatives. Laser hair removal is the most permanent solution available, and technicians who are skilled in this field have strong prospects for lucrative careers.

In permanent hair removal, laser beams are used to target hair follicles under the skin in the area to be treated. These beams do not mark the surface of the skin, and most people feel nothing as the laser is applied. If anything is felt at all, it’s usually only a minor tingling sensation. The laser destroys the follicles, rendering them unable to produce new hair. Sometimes, permanent results are achieved in one session while more stubborn hair growth may take two or more to stop new hair from coming.

Laser Hair Removal Career

laser treatment schoolsFor a career in laser hair removal, the aspiring technician needs thorough training. There are many schools around the country that provide this training. However, very few offer experienced professionals to teach the courses and financial aid opportunities for students who need assistance.

National Laser Institute provides these things to students from across the country. We are the leading laser school in the nation and were the first to pioneer the cosmetic laser curriculum. Our courses include laser safety training as well as hands-on training opportunities with advanced cosmetic laser technologies. We also offer night classes!

For those thinking of taking a step in the direction of a laser hair removal career, you can learn more by viewing our free, live webinars that take place each month! To learn more about us, simply call 800.982.6817 or fill out the form on your right.

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