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Tattoo Removal Industry

The tattoo removal industry is successfully thriving. Cosmetic laser technology has advanced, and newer, safer processes have been revealed. Over the last decade, the tattoo removal industry has brought in $75.5 MILLION with a 440% growth. IBISWorld reported that they expect the tattoo removal industry to reach $83.2 million within the next four years.

There are dozens of reasons why people get tattoos removed. New jobs, old lovers, or social acceptability all play factors. Laser tattoo removal has changed the game of tattoo removal significantly. The laser technology emitted into the tattoo causes the ink to break up into microscopic, fractionalized pieces. These pieces are carried off by your white blood cells and flushed out through your body’s lymphatic system. In a series of sessions, tattoos fade and are removed safely and effectively.

In most states, estheticians, cosmetologists, tattoo specialists, and those seeking a career change can become certified in laser tattoo removal. There are a few states that only allow medical professionals to perform with cosmetic lasers, so be sure to check your state’s regulations.

Laser Tattoo Removal Training

Earning your laser tattoo removal certification may be faster than you think. Unlike months that are spent at esthetician school, laser training school typically takes two weeks or less to complete. This includes thorough instruction on ink and tattoo types, skin and tissue interaction, cosmetic laser safety training, laser equipment protocols, client selection, and much more.

National Laser Institute offers our laser tattoo removal training course that gives you hands-on clinical training with scheduled clients in a medical spa environment. Under instructor supervision, you will be able to treat multiple different clients and work on removing various tattoos of all shapes, colors, and sizes.

National Laser Institute is the leading laser school in the nation. We’ve trained thousands of thousands of estheticians, cosmetologists, medical professionals, those seeking new careers, and many more over the years. To see what our students are saying about us, you can watch our short video below.