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Tattoo Removal Technician

A tattoo removal technician is someone trained and certified in the processes and protocols of removing unwanted tattoos by cosmetic lasers. When a cosmetic laser is used to remove tattoos, the light and energy fired at the ink is broken down into microscopic, fractionalized pieces. The lymphatic system of the body then safely flushes it out, fading tattoos until they disappear.

It depends on the size and color of the tattoo, but laser tattoo removal can take anywhere from 8-12 sessions to fully fade tattoos. These tattoo removal sessions can run anywhere from $50 – $100+ (again, this depends on the tattoo’s size). As a tattoo removal technician, you have the potential to bring in hundreds or thousands off each client you treat over a period of sessions.

It typically takes a tattoo removal technician anywhere between 5-10 minutes to treat a client. These are very fast treatments that can be done in a short amount of time. However, it is important that tattoo removal technicians complete a thorough consultation with each client to ensure a safe treatment.

It takes anywhere from 1-2 weeks to receive laser tattoo removal certification. Once completed, you will be able to safely treat your own clientele and be knowledgeable in performing on laser equipment.

Laser Tattoo Removal Training

National Laser Institute is the leading laser school in the nation and offers hands-on laser tattoo removal training. In this tattoo removal course, you will learn the following:

• Tissue interaction
• Wavelengths and laser selection
• Laser safety and equipment
• Pre and post procedural care
• Treatment contraindications
• Treatment plans and tattoo types
• Hands-on training with clients

At the end of this course, you will earn your laser tattoo removal certification. National Laser Institute also offers ongoing support to students. Our Graduate Services department provides between 200-500 job leads each month and can answer any questions you have post-graduation. We also give you access to our online medical aesthetics library, which holds thousands of pages of resources that include clinical students, marketing materials, and much more.

Watch our short video below to see why students are choosing National Laser Institute!

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Learn more about National Laser Institute, laser tattoo removal training, and course dates by simply filling out our form on the right or calling us at 800.982.6817.

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