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Administrative Policies

Refund PolicyGoverning RegulationsGrievance Procedures

Institutional Refund Policy

Rejection: An applicant rejected by the school is entitled to a refund of all monies paid.

Three-Day Cancellation: An applicant who provides written notice of cancellation to the National Laser Institute Administration within three days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and federal or state holidays) of signing an enrollment agreement is entitled to a refund of all monies paid.

Other Cancellations: An applicant requesting cancellation more than three days after signing an enrollment agreement and making an initial payment, but prior to entering the school is entitled to a refund of all monies paid minus a registration fee of $100.

Refund After the Commencement of Classes

Procedure for withdrawal/withdrawal date: A student choosing to withdraw from school after the commencement of classes is to provide written notice to the National Laser Institute administration. The written notice is to indicate the expected last date of attendance and be signed and dated by the student. For a student who is on authorized leave of absence, the withdraw date is the date the student was scheduled to return from the Leave and failed to do so.

Cancellations should be sent to: National Laser Institute Attn: Louis Silberman 16601 N. 90th Street Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Tuition Charges: Tuition charges for the enrollment period will be determined based upon the student’s last day of attendance and the resulting percentage of the enrollment period completed. The percentage of the enrollment period completed is determined by dividing the total number of days elapsed from the student’s start date to their last date of attendance by the total number of days in the enrollment period. Tuition charges and refund amounts are determined as follows:

% of instruction% of tuition assessed


10% of tuition


20% of tuition


30% of tuition


40% of tuition


50% of tuition


100% of tuition

  • Any monies due to the student will be sent to the student within 30 days from receipt of written cancellation or the date the Institute terminates the student.
  • This refund policy applies only to tuition and does not apply to purchases of books, supplies, equipment or insurance.

Policies and Governing Regulations

Training Registration Requirements (Admission Requirements): Complete enrollment agreement, sign and complete contract, and pay deposit. Admissions procedures are designed to assist the applicant in selecting the most appropriate program.

Admission Requirements: National Laser Institute shall only admit students who satisfactorily demonstrate they are able to complete the National Laser Institute training. Applicant Must be 18 years of age. In order to be admitted each applicant must:

  1. Pass an initial interview
  2. Submit a letter of recommendation
  3. Submit proof of graduation from High School (Diploma) or proof of having passed the General Education Test (GED)
  4. Submit official educational transcripts

Program or Course Cancellation Policy: In the unlikely event that a course is canceled it will be rescheduled for a later date. If the student is not able to attend, their tuition for that course will be refunded.

Grading procedures and satisfactory progress tracking: Students are assigned theory study and a minimum number of practical experiences. Theory is evaluated by written exams. Practical assignments are evaluated as completed and counted toward course completion ONLY when rated as passing or better. Practical skills are evaluated according to text procedures and performance standards established by the ARRA. Students must maintain a theory grade average of 80% and pass a FINAL written and practical exam with 80% or higher scores prior to graduation. Numerical grades are considered according to the following grading scale:

Practical and Theory:

    • 90 – 100  A = Excellent
      80 – 89    B = Good
      75 – 79    C = Average
      74 or less F = Failure
      P = Pass (80% or above)
      F = Fail (below 80% for Pass/Fail exams)
      I = Incomplete
      W = Withdrawal

Change in Student Status: A leave of absence is strongly discouraged. A written request stating the reason for the leave of absence must be submitted to the admissions office. The request must be approved by the school president.

Student Re-enrollment: A student wishing to withdraw is requested to have an exit interview with a school director, where they will file a withdrawal form that will be put in his/her student file. After 180 days, re-enrollment will be based on the current fee schedule and a re-entry fee of $50.

Student Probation, Suspension, or Expulsion


Attendance: When a student has exceeded his/her allowance for absences for a course that is still in session they will be sent an attendance warning. The warning will remind the student that s/he has until the end of the course to make up work or they will fail.

Academic: A student who fails an exam will be sent an academic warning stating that s/he must retake the exam in order to pass the course.

Probation: A student will be put on academic probation if they fail a course. A student will be put on general probation for misconduct or failure to pay tuition. Once a student has fulfilled the general probation requirements s/he will be fully reinstated.

Dismissal Policy (Expulsion): If, after the probation period, a student has not fulfilled the requirements of his/her probation s/he will be dismissed.

Students can be automatically dismissed for the following reasons:

  1. Coming to class under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  2. Misconduct: obscene, violent or sexually inappropriate behavior, cheating, plagiarism, knowingly furnishing false information.

If a student wishes to appeal s/he can file a complaint with the grievance committee. To be re-enrolled a student must show evidence to the School President’s satisfaction that the condition that caused the dismissal has been rectified. Re-admission is at the discretion of the Board of Directors or School President.

Grade Reporting and Transcripts

Students are notified immediately upon completing the course if they pass or fail. Training diplomas are provided to each student within one month of completing the course.

Student transcripts are available to all students that request them. To request transcripts the student must provide a written request along with a $15 administrative fee and the transcripts will be mailed to them.

Student records will be kept permanently in a locked file cabinet in the National Laser Institute admissions office. Students may make arrangements to review their records by submitting a written request with a $5 fee attached to the school Admissions Director.

Step 1: Instructor/Staff Member: The student is recommended to directly communicate with the instructor/staff member involved in the grievance within 14 days. The student must articulate the grievance in writing, including a specific description of the problem, the reasons the student believes his/her rights have been violated, and a proposed remedy. The person alleged to have caused the grievance must respond to the student promptly, in writing, within 7 days.

Step 2: School Administrator In cases where the problem is not resolved through direct communication with the instructor/staff member involved, the student will submit a Grievance Form with supporting evidence, to the office of the school administrator within 14 calendar days of the communication with the faculty/staff member. The school administrator or designee will review the grievance. Within 14 calendar days, the school administrator or designee will objectively investigate the grievance, consult and share appropriate information with all involved parties, consider relevant evidence, and render a decision in writing to the student and the administrative office.

Step 3: Appeal to President’s Office The student may appeal the decision in Step 2 if proper procedures were not followed or there is relevant evidence that was not available during Step 2. An appeal must be made within 14 calendar days of the decision from the administrator and made to the office of the President. The student must submit written justification for further review and provide evidence that there are grounds for the appeal. The President or a designated Member of National Laser Institute will objectively investigate how the grievance process was conducted in Step 2, consult with all involved parties, consider relevant evidence that was not available or not considered during Step 2, and render a decision in writing. The decision will be final and any further appeals shall be made to the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education as described in “b.” below, within a 3 year period.

Reporting, Recording, and Maintaining Records: When the grievance is concluded, all documentation shall be forwarded to the school administrator, who will maintain them in accordance with the state archival policies.

Student Records

Student Grievance Procedures

Written Student Grievance Procedure

Students Right to Appeal to Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education

If the student complaint can not be resolved after exhausting the institution’s grievance procedure, the student may file a complaint with the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education. The student must contact the State Board for further details. The State Board address is 1400 W. Washington Street, Room 260, Phoenix, AZ 85007, phone # 602-542-5709, website address: