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Aesthetic Nurse Jobs DFW

Dallas Forth Worth aesthetic nurse jobsThey say everything is bigger in Texas and that may actually be true when it comes to job opportunities for aesthetic nurses -especially when it comes to aesthetic nurse jobs DFW.

Are you currently a certified aesthetic nurse or an RN looking into the field of medical aesthetics? If so, both the field and the job market in Dallas/Fort Worth welcome you with open arms. 

There is no better time than now to make a change that will help your career blossom tremendously. National Laser Institute would be proud to provide you with the training and certification that will lead you to the top of the field of medical aesthetics. 

DFW needs aesthetic nurses: 

There is currently a great need for nurses certified in medical aesthetics across the nation. The medical aesthetics marketplace is booming (patients in the United States spent more than $16.5 billion on cosmetic treatments in 2018) with no slowdown in sight. Subsequently, employers within the industry are on the search for highly skilled, specialized professionals certified to provide the services that clients demand.

The opportunities are limitless for nurses nationwide and especially when it comes to aesthetic nurse jobs DFW.

The Dallas/Fort Worth region is one of the country’s top markets for Botox and other fillers. In fact, aesthetic nurse jobs DFW is one of the hottest searches in the area. With the demand for injectables high, so is the need for certified professionals that can administer them.

That’s where you come in. With the right training and certification you can be amongst the medical professionals capitalizing on the onslaught of business and tidal wave of money into the medical aesthetics industry.

Dallas/Fort Worth certainly has the money to spend. Why not take a piece of the big ‘ol Southern pie being plated with the potential to earn a healthy salary to boot? As an aesthetic nurse in Texas you can have your helping of cash cow cake and eat it too. 

Located in Northern Texas, the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington is the seventh largest metro area in the United States. Recent population statistics boasts that the expanding area is home to 6.8 million.

The aesthetic nurse jobs DFW market is bright:

The general job market in the area is outstanding, as is the market for nursing positions. Currently, there are countless openings listed for aesthetic nurses, cosmetic nurses, Botox nurses, lip fillers and nurse injectors in the Texan megalopolis.

Online recruiting sites draw web searchers in with promises of lists such as “20 best medical spa jobs for aesthetic nurses in Dallas.” Employers are seemingly chomping at the bit to find the right nurses to fill the vacancies in their offices.

Many of the available positions offer flexible hours, full or part-time positions, and negotiable pay. 

The DFW job market for aesthetic nurses is ripe for the picking. A nurse with the right skills and certification can find the right job that fits their individual needs. 

Aesthetic nurse jobs DFW job requirements:

The available aesthetic jobs in the DFW metropolis all require one matched prerequisite: that nurses be licensed and in good standing by the Texas State Board of Nursing, up to date on continuing education, and trained in the treatments required of the posted positions. Many of the positions also ask that applicants have relevant industry experience, computer software proficiency, and a professional appearance and demeanor.

Most positions, even those with the shortest blurbs, ask that applicants have a “friendly bedside manner” and that they be able to develop a comfortable rapport with clientele. According to a job search on SimplyHired, excellent interpersonal skills are considered a must for most of the jobs advertised in Texas.

It would seem that employers in Texas want their aesthetic nurses to be able to develop a professional, but friendly relationship with the clients that they serve. In fact, several of the job postings explain that fitting into the easy culture of the business is essential. Nearly all of the employers highlight the importance of the aesthetic nurse’s ability to be able to easily interact with patients and clients.

Experienced aesthetic nurses, often called nurse injectors and Botox nurses online, are coveted by employers. Though some positions offer a bit of grace and allow for in-house training, most facilities prefer at least some experience in the field. A certificate of completion from NLI assures potential employers that you’ve trained with the very best. Our national reputation speaks volumes to employers looking to hire the cream of the crop.

Types of jobs available for aesthetic nurses:

Within the DFW area, there are several positions with different titles and duties listed for cosmetic RNs. There are many, many aesthetic nurse injector positions as well as general aesthetic nurses. The locations of the positions are widely varied. Several dermatology, plastic surgery, and physician’s offices have job postings online as do medical spas, laser clinics, fitness facilities and specialty beauty boutiques. Several ENT offices that specialize in facial plastic surgeries have current openings for aesthetic nurses as well. 

Duties of an aesthetic nurse in DFW:

The job duties of a DFW aesthetic nurse are mostly the same as required anywhere else. Under the supervision (either remote or on site) of a physician, aesthetic nurses administer injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers. Additionally, they provide skin care consultations, perform laser treatment, chart, maintain confidentiality of clients, and much, much more.

Job Benefits:

There are sign on and longevity bonuses available in DFW. Aesthetic nurse positions, in DFW and elsewhere, offer the basic package of benefits to employees. Employees may have access to medical, vision and dental insurances as well as life insurance options. Though the perks and details vary from position to position and are uniquely designed by each employer, general nursing jobs generally feature similar packages. 

Aesthetic nurses, however, often receive an even sweeter pot of benefits than their professional counterparts. Most positions posted online for aesthetic nurses looking for jobs in DFW highlight additional benefits. The bonus benefits can include things like discounts on cosmetic products and discounted cosmetic services for the employee. Often, the employee’s family and friends are also welcome to the discounted services.

Other benefits may include paid leave (both maternity and paternity) for the birth or adoption of a child. Company paid holidays and vacation are also among the more popular offerings. 

Aesthetic Nurse Pay in DFW:

The pay for aesthetic nurses in Dallas/Fort Worth is competitive. With so many available positions listed online, employers entice prospective employers with promises of more money and heftier benefits packages. As mentioned before, some positions even offer sign on bonuses for new employees. New recruitment referral bonuses for employees are often available. 

According to the annual pay for a full-time aesthetic nurse averages $88,948 in Dallas/Fort Worth. The lower 10 percent of aesthetic nurses working in the same area make $76,697. The data similarly explains that the top paid aesthetic nurses in DFW make as much as $103,616 per year. 

Sign me up, Texas!


National Laser Institute is happy to help you achieve greatness as an aesthetic nurse. If you are ready to dive into the flourishing medical aesthetics market, in DFW or elsewhere, it’s time to contact us!

We even have National Laser Institute’s School of Medical Aesthetics located right in the heart of Dallas, making your training that much more convenient. 

Nurses and other medical professionals are invited to take our comprehensive medical aesthetics training that can be completed in less than two weeks!

Just think, your ticket to DFW and a new career awaits! The market for aesthetic nurse jobs DFW is prime and the future is now!

For more information on aesthetic nurse jobs DFW or NLI’s courses and training please complete the attached form. You may also call us at 800-982-6817.

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