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Nurses are Quitting the ER to Pursue Botox Injector Training

Are you interested in learning more about why nurses are quitting their ER positions to pursue Botox injector training? Nurses are quitting the ER for a variety of reasons such as burnout due to long hours, high stress levels, and lack of support. As well as that, there could be inadequate staffing, low wages, and no real advancement opportunities for their career. Not to forget, ER nursing has changed since the pandemic, with many still suffering long-term side effects.

Botox Injector Training

Botox Injector Training

More specifically, nurses are quitting the ER to pursue Botox injector training due to many factors. One such factor is the desire for higher pay. As well as that, some ER nurses want to become a cosmetic injector so they can hold a more flexible schedule based on their personal needs. Lastly, some cosmetic nurses find the workplace and clients they encounter on a daily basis to be more rewarding than the work of an ER nurse.

Why are Nurses Quitting the ER?

Burnout: a syndrome defined by a type of stress reaction within the body that is a result of chronic work environment stress. To the person experiencing this, it makes life unmanageable.

It is also important to note that burnout can lead to compassion fatigue. Compassion fatigue is developed when you are working long-term in highly stressful work environments. This can include working with patients with some form of trauma or tragedy. A few symptoms of compassion fatigue include feeling overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and irritable.

Compassion Fatigue: a state of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion due to long-term exposure to a stressful work environment. 

Why Are ER Nurses Choosing Botox Injector Training?

High Earning Potential

ER nurses are choosing Botox injector training because of the high earning potential. Moreover, Botox injectors generally earn a high income. This is dependent on how many clients the Botox injector sees and the amount of Botox they inject. Another perk is that the average salary for a Botox injector is around $100,000 per year. The amount of money a Botox injector makes is also dependent on the area they practice in.

Flexible Schedule

Another reason ER nurses are choosing Botox injector training is because of the ability to have a flexible schedule. Moreover, a Botox injector is typically seen working in medical office settings. These places include a dermatologist’s office, a plastic surgeon’s office, or a medical spa. With this in mind, depending on the hours of operation at each location, most are open during regular business hours. This is typically a Monday through Friday work schedule. This is an attractive perk to ER nurses because a normal schedule that lies unchanged for long periods of time is healthier than the alternative.

National Laser Institute

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