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25% of Acne Patients Don’t Stick to Prescribed Treatment

laser acne reduction

Acne is the leading skin problem in the United States with approximately 40 million sufferers. But according to a new study, 25% of acne clients don’t stick to their prescribed acne treatment. Out of 143 acne patients, 27% didn’t even pick up their medication. If two prescriptions of acne treatments were provided, 40% weren’t likely to stick to the prescribed regimen.

If acne is such a huge problem, then why aren’t these clients willing to gain prescriptions that will help? When surveyed, clients said it was usually because of cost, could use a similar medication, they didn’t agree with the prescription given, or they just forgot.

Pills, topical creams, and other daily acne treatments are a huge commitment–especially remembering to stay on top of your regimen. If you don’t commit, you won’t see the very best results. However, thanks to cosmetic laser technology, there’s no need for strict skincare regimens. Cosmetic laser acne removal offers a new, advanced kind of treatment using BBL technology to eliminate pesky bumps, redness, and scarring. Used once or twice a week for 6 weeks, this laser acne treatment can help eliminate acne and provide flawless results.

BBL acne reduction uses dual-lamp technology that administers laser energy beneath the dermal layers of skin, targeting acne-causing bacteria. Unlike harsh topical creams and drying oral pills, this laser acne treatment does not harm healthy skin or produce excessive dryness.

Because more clients are seeking out newer, more advanced skincare technologies, cosmetic laser technicians are able to deliver. Typically, it takes a laser technician approximately 15 minutes to perform this laser acne treatment while earning anywhere from $100 – $400 per treatment (depending on the size of the area). Many clients who dislike the medicated rituals of pills or creams tend to prefer this laser acne treatment. In fact, results tend to show much faster than prescribed pills or creams.

More dermatologists have begun adding laser technology into their practice, but in most states you do not need to be a dermatologist or medical professional to perform cosmetic laser services. Those who qualify can enroll in a cosmetic laser training course in order to learn everything they need to know about these in-demand services. One laser school in particular, National Laser Institute, has been training attendees across the globe for the last decade.

At National Laser Institute, we provide hands-on comprehensive laser training for aspiring laser technicians. Attendees will learn treatments such as laser hair removal, laser acne reduction, radiofrequency skin tightening, IPL photofacials, and much more. Taught by leading laser experts, attendees will also experience hands-on training in our retail medical spa.

To learn more about becoming a cosmetic laser technician or National Laser Institute’s laser training courses, simply call 1-800-982-6817 or fill out our form on the right.