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Got Cosmetic Laser Training? 3 Tips to Protect Your Investment!

You did it! You got cosmetic laser training and now, you’re a cosmetic laser technician—doing what you love and loving what you do because you’re building relationships with clients and helping them feel good about themselves. As soon as you made the decision to attend cosmetic laser training school, you realized this industry is dynamic, fun and yes, challenging. But just like with any other type of career, your education shouldn’t stop in the classroom. In fact, once you’ve graduated, you’re just getting started! So, how do you protect your educational investment? Here are 3 Tips you’ll want to remember:

#1 Consider your short and long-term goals. Since no two cosmetic laser technician careers are exactly alike, your goals should also be customized to your needs and preferences. Some cosmetic laser technicians are full-time, while others are part-time; some include facials in their service menus while others focus fully on the latest aesthetic technology. And some technicians offer many different treatments while others offer only niche treatments such as tattoo removal. Think about where you want your career to be today, and where you’d like it to be in five and even ten years. Then set short- and long-term goals to help you get there.

#2 Never stop learning. It’s easy to rest on your educational laurels once you’ve graduated but resist that temptation. Especially in the cosmetic laser world, technology constantly changes. New machines, techniques and treatments are introduced into the marketplace all the time, and staying on the cutting edge of technology will help you (and your bottom line) remain competitive. Hopefully, you went to National Laser Institute where you have an online medical aesthetics library at your fingertips, giving you instant access to all important industry news including thousands of pages of information in the medical aesthetics field, field statistics, articles and books, clinical studies, equipment information, marketing resources, sample forms and much more

#3 Stay connected. Your graduate services department should be an excellent resource to help you stay on top of important industry news, job leads, interviewing tips and more. For example, National Laser Institute’s graduate services department provides 200-500 job leads each month along with resume assistance and resume clean-up and interview preparation, so that graduates can take advantage of their expertise.

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