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Laser Tattoo Removal Training Cost

If you have clients looking to remove what was once considered permanent body art, you already know the value laser tattoo removal training will bring over and above your laser tattoo removal training cost. For some of your clients, the novelty of their tattoo has worn off and it has become more of a hindrance than an accessory.  Buyer’s remorse associated with tattoos has resulted in the birth of an entirely new industry as people look to have them removed.

Business is booming for laser tattoo removal: by 2018, the market is expected to grow to $83 million.  For certain black inks that are very dense, 8 to 10 sessions may be required to fade or completely remove the tattoo.  For gray or lighter colored tattoos it can take fewer sessions to see results.  The average cost is $200 and $500 per treatment, and if your clients have a larger tattoo, it can add up quickly.  

Laser Tattoo Removal Training Cost

Laser Tattoo Removal Training Cost

Laser Tattoo Removal Training Cost

“Our laser tattoo removal technicians and instructors have heard so many great stories from our clients about how they got their tattoos in the first place.  And usually by the time they’re here, they’re ready to get them removed and joke about it. It makes doing this so much fun.” says Shelley Cook, Laser Tattoo Specialist, Certified Laser Technician, and Clinical Laser Instructor.

The National Laser Institute’s medical aesthetics school offers laser tattoo removal training. Courses include a heavy focus on safety. Laser training courses include didactic, hands-on clinical, and laser safety officer training on the protocols and processes required for expert cosmetic laser equipment use.

Get your laser tattoo removal training at the leading medical esthetics school in the nation, the National Laser Institute! We offer a variety of one- and two-week cosmetic laser technician training courses to suit your schedules and interests.  The laser tattoo removal training cost at the National Laser Institute makes your investment worthwhile. Get trained in tattoo removal in only 2 weeks!

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