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Laser Technician, Texas Entrepreneur

In one of Louis the Laser Guy’s podcasts in the series, “Pursue Your Passion,” Louis joins Kelli to discuss her time spent learning how to become a cosmetic laser technician.

“Hey, I’m Louis the Laser Guy, and welcome to my podcast, ‘Pursue Your Passion.’ Join me in my journey as we discover how estheticians, nurses, physicians, and complete career changers are living their passion in this booming billion-dollar medical aesthetics industry.”- Louis Silberman, CEO, and Founder of National Laser Institute

Skin Scene

Louis begins by discussing the first time he met Kelli at a meet-and-greet event called, “The Skin Scene,” hosted by National Laser Institute. To clarify, this occurred right before COVID-19 began. Kelli explains that she, “was doing the online during COVID, and then I came back for the clinicals in July of 2020.”

To continue, Louis explained how when COVID hit, “there was like a couple of months break between online and clinicals…I remember the very beginning of it…typically our class is a two-week bootcamp. We do five days online and ten days in person, but because COVID hit, we gave you guys a whole bunch of extra online training.”

Laser Technician Training

To turn the discussion back towards Kelli, Louis asks if Kelli remembers anything stand-out about her experience training at National Laser Institute. Louis inquires, “What memory kind of resonates in your mind?” In response, Kelli states that there was a lot of information offered. As well as that, “the instructors were very willing to answer…or give you resources to get the answers right.”

National Laser Institute’s Esteemed Staff

National Laser Institute’s team of instructors includes successful top-of-their-field board-certified dermatologists, Registered Nurses (RNs), aesthetic injectors, and cosmetic laser technicians. Get to know some of the National Laser Institute’s elite instructors here.

National Laser Institute’s CEO and founder, Louis Silberman, himself is a pioneer of the medical aesthetics training industry. The medspa and training institution, National Laser Institute, is also one of the busiest medical spas in the country. In fact, the National Laser Institute sees up to 3,000 clients per month. During the educational hands-on portion of the cosmetic laser technician course, you can practice your skills on real, medspa clients.

With this in mind, next, Louis asks Kelli if she enjoyed the clinical aspect of treating real clients. Kelli responds that she, “loved it…that was fun…I was ready to do some hands-on training.

Career Changers Welcome

“Finding your purpose isn’t only about making great money, it’s about so much more. It’s about tapping into your passions and chasing your dreams.” – Louis Silberman CEO and Founder of the National Laser Institute

In continuation, Louis wonders, “I know you mentioned you come from a totally different background…you’re not a doctor, you’re not a nurse, you’re not an aesthetician. What was your prior life as far as work goes?” In response, Kelli says that she worked in oil and gas for 16 years. To further explain, Kelli states that she, “wanted a career change. So I left oil and gas and started doing permanent cosmetics. Did that for six years and then that is when I decided I wanted to expand my practice and come to NLI.”

To clarify, Louis ask, “Were you doing administrative work, were you drilling oil wells?” Kelli responds by saying, “I did a little bit of everything…started as an administrator, worked my way up to sales, and was in management and partnership with a company for the last five years of my career.” Later on, Kelli left the oil and gas industry to completely change careers to pursue new opportunities.

Permanent Cosmetics to Laser Technician

To gain further insight into Kelli’s work with permanent cosmetics, Louis asks Kelli, “So when you say permanent cosmetics, that means like lips and eyebrows and things like that?” To clarify, Kelli says that she is doing permanent makeup, such as eyebrows and lips.

Pursuing New Opportunities

laser technician prepares laser device for her clientAs stated previously, when Kelli left National Laser Institute, the world was in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. With this in mind, Louis asks, “How long did it take you before you said, ‘Okay, I’m going to go out there and start looking for a job now? Things have settled down, COVID has gone down a bit, let me start the job.'”

Kelli responds by saying, “I had my own studio doing the permanent cosmetics…I had worked at a medspa previously and I kind of considered going to work at another medspa, but really was more considering going the dermatology route. Then, after my clinicals and talking to some of the reps that I was connected with at NLI…I got in with a medical director and just went all out and got my own equipment and opened my own medspa.” In response, Louis jokes, “Look at you…Texas entrepreneur. I love it, I love it!”

To continue, Louis asks what types of equipment Kelli bought. Kelli responds, “I bought three devices…I bought the laser that does the laser and the IPL, laser hair removal…and then I got the Skinwave for hydrating facials…and then I got the Virtue RF Microneedling.” Louis responds by saying that he likes the Virtue RF Microneedling device.

Differences Between Careers

To gain further insight, Louis asks in what ways Kelli sees the medical aesthetics industry as a different industry than oil and gas. Kelli clarifies by saying,

“I mean, I could make my own schedule in oil and gas, but it’s a whole different…I can come and go. I make my own schedule. I get to be with…a whole lot more women than men…so that is a different thing. I just really enjoy…in both of them, I got to meet people and talk to people and get to know people, but…I like helping people and making them feel better about themselves and helping people and making them feel better about themselves and helping them with problems they have…I just really enjoy helping people with any issues or problems.”

Next, Louis asks what Kelli’s most popular service is, moreover, which service is requested the most? In response, Kelli says that “usually the skin wave is the most requested…right now, I’ve been having a lot of people come to me for the Virtue RF microneedling. That’s probably the most popular right now. Everybody is concerned about their aging issues and the wrinkles and the skin tightening.”

Louis continues by joking, “I’m looking in the Zoom camera thinking, ‘Gosh, I’m due for my Botox. It’s been a while.” Next, Louis asks what Kelli’s favorite service that she personally provides is. Moreover, Louis says, “If you had to do only one service, you could do anything else, what would you be doing?” Kelli responds by saying that she would provide the Virtue RF Microneedling service. For further information, Louis says to Kelli, “explain to the world who may not understand what radiofrequency Microneedling is.” Kelli describes RF Microneedling by saying,

“The radiofrequency heats your skin. It lifts and tightens. Microneedling is for tone and texture, so it’s great for acne scars or any kind of scarring. It reduces your pore size…It’s great for skin tightening, lifting, fine lines, wrinkles…It’s almost like a mini facelift.”

Next, Louis asks how much Kelli charges for an RF Microneedling treatment. Kelli says, “around here, I’m in East Texas, so it is a little different than the bigger cities….we charge just between, you know, five to seven hundred dollars, just depending on the area and what is added on.”

A Bright Future

To continue, Louis wonders what is next for Kelli and asks, “Are you planning on adding more services, expanding, hiring people? Like as you grow and get busier and busier…what do you think you want to do?”

In response, Kelli states that she has, “a nurse injector coming on this week. So we will be doing injections and fillers. We will be adding IV therapy onto the practice and aesthetician services and possibly a massage therapist soon.” Louis excitedly says, “Wow. So I can come to you, I can get a laser treatment, I can get Botox, I can get vitamin C IV, I can get fancy facials, I get the whole nine yards…love it.”

To finish up, Louis asks what Kelli’s Instagram is for anyone who wants to check it. Kelli responds that her Instagram is @KDaesthetics in Longview, Texas. 

National Laser Institute

Are you interested in becoming a laser technician? At National Laser Institute, you are trained in the top techniques and technologies in the medical aesthetics industry. As well as that, the National Laser Institute’s team of leading medical aestheticians and cosmetic laser technicians in the field will give you the confidence and knowledge to be successful in the business. 

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