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Laser Experience a Plus: Expanding on Your Aesthetic School Skills

laserunderarmWe’re willing to bet that you’ve heard of mainstream treatments like laser hair reduction and laser tattoo removal. They’re everywhere–from billboards to radio ads to commercials. Estheticians who fell in love with the skin care industry are aware that these are the types of treatments that are reeling in clients, but unfortunately estheticians do not possess the license to perform laser even though they attended esthetic school.

“Laser experience a plus!” and “Must have laser certification” are two phrases estheticians are likely to see if they’re seeking out new job opportunities in the skin care field. National Laser Institute is a medical esthetic school proposing a solution for estheticians who want to further their education with cosmetic lasers in a short amount of time. But first, let’s take a look at what actual employers are looking for.

What are employers looking for?

Based on job ads, we’ve gathered the three most important things that medical esthetic job positions are looking for.

Customer service skills

This one is easy-peasy. If you’re already in the skin care industry, you most likely possess friendly customer service skills. You want your clients to return for more of your services, don’t you? Most employers are looking for an above and beyond personality and someone who excels in customer service.

Esthetician background

Many job positions want someone who’s also been to esthetician school and holds a license in performing treatments like peels, facials, waxing and more. Chemical peels and dermabrasion experience seemed to be the most popularly requested.

Laser certification

“Laser experience a plus!” Most places will want you to be trained with different types of lasers, IPL (intense pulsed light), skin tightening, and/or radiofrequency. Other employers will want you to list what types of lasers and devices you’ve had experience with.


As with any job in any industry, there are some employers who want 1+, 2+, or even 3+ years of experience as an esthetician or as a laser technician.

Where can I find training that’s right for me?

laser clientIf you’re an esthetician seeking laser training, or even if you’re not an esthetician and want to earn laser certification, National Laser Institute is the medical esthetic school for you. We offer estheticians, medical professionals, and career changers training with our multiple hands-on laser courses.

Our most popular laser course is our comprehensive laser training course. This particular laser certification class covers laser, IPL, radiofrequency, skin tightening, and more with hands-on training with treatments like laser hair reduction, wrinkle reduction, laser stretch mark removal, cellulite reduction, and more. Students learn in the classroom from industry experts as well as in our luxury medical spa with hands-on training with scheduled clients in order to gain practice and experience.

National Laser Institute is the leading medical esthetic school in the nation that offers laser training certification courses. To learn more, simply fill out our form on the right or call us at 800.982.6817.

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