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Don’t Make Your Laser Training Facility a Liability: Take the Precautions

We live in a demanding world. This day and age, people want answers and material products now without having to wait.

In fact, people tend to wait an average of 10-20 seconds for a web page to load before closing it, either trying again or giving up altogether.

With that said, it can be challenging to accommodate to these impatient and demanding clients.

Don’t Make Your Laser Training Facility a Liability

The same thing is happening within the cosmetic laser industry. Because laser hair removal typically takes between 5-10 treatments to be 100% effective, many clients aren’t enjoying the waiting period. They want results, and they want them now. That’s why so many companies are getting in trouble.

Laser technicians are intentionally choosing to treat clients with dangerously high settings, risking burning their skin and leaving them with unflattering scars from the cosmetic laser treatment.

Not only does this bring in client complaints, but it also has brought in some lawsuits to many cosmetic laser companies. If a laser technician harms a client, they put both themselves and the company at risk of being sued. This isn’t like the pharmaceutical industry, where if a client is experiencing awful pain you can just up the dosage. You can’t up the power settings when performing laser hair removal, even if the client says they want to see results faster.

This is why all laser businesses should be insured. On top of that, they should insure all laser technicians or require they have insurance themselves. Because risks are high, this is the only effective way to run a successful company. If one little thing goes wrong, you could permanently damage a client’s skin, which could result in a pool of legal fees.

Cosmetic lasers today are more advanced than, say, four, even five years ago. With the rapid technology growth and expansion, more state-of-the-art machinery is coming out practically every year. They even have machinery that can treat different skin types. With this, though, should come proper safety training before use. The cosmetic laser technician should never, ever mess with settings that are higher than what they were trained on or higher than what is recommended.

Cosmetic Laser Training at National Laser Institute

We take pride in training cosmetic laser technicians with the top-of-the-line laser machines, but we also make sure and teach them all about our Laser Safety Officer Training.

In this section of the course, the student will learn how to use the machinery, the settings, how to hold and fire the cosmetic laser, pre and post-treatment care, and more. Basically, they learn what to do and what not to do when it comes to working with this powerful machinery.

This is one reason why National Laser Institute is the leader in the medical aesthetics industry. We take the time to train students on every little detail, as well as offering them hands-on training with scheduled clients, to give them the best opportunities for success. The more confident students feel, the more successful they tend to be in the real world.

Don’t risk collecting liability claims because of improper practices. To learn more about our laser training or National Laser Institute, please call 800-982-6817.