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How to Become a Cosmetic Nurse Injector

Are you a hospital nurse who is feeling burnt out from bedside nursing? You are not alone. It is a tough pill to swallow. For instance, just thinking about the years of experience and education disappoints. This is because you find that you are no longer feeling fulfilled at work. Important to note, despite good pay, the pandemic also took its toll on nurses. This is due to the long hours and high-risk case management patients.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep the income without sacrificing your experience, as well as make a move to practicing happy medicine? National Laser Institute has good news! You can pivot to cosmetic nursing in as little as a two day weekend!

If you have ever wondered how to become a cosmetic nurse injector, National Laser Institute has you covered. With this in mind, in just two days you can take a Botox and Fillers CE course at National Laser Institute! Moreover, National Laser Institute holds classes every month, with online and in-person options available, which makes it easy for you to get trained.

Important to note, National Laser Institute is world-renowned for its didactic and clinical training program. As well as that, National Laser Institute has small student-to-teacher ratios so you will gain the best hands-on training experience as you become a cosmetic nurse injector. With this in mind, National Laser Institute has over 20,000 graduates and has been teaching nurses how to inject Botox and fillers for over 20 years.

Do You Want to Become a Cosmetic Nurse Injector?

to become a cosmetic nurse injector, you must undergo training prior to performing botox injectionsWhat are you waiting for? You can get trained as a cosmetic injector and practice part-time while still working your bedside nursing hours. As well as that, you can slowly build happy medicine into your practice by simply starting today. In addition, National Laser Institute offers many more modalities that you can add to your practice.

These modalities include cosmetic lasers, such as laser hair reduction, Photofacial, skin rejuvenation, laser tattoo removal, skin tightening, and radio frequency skin tightening. As well as that, you can also study PDO thread lifts, Platlelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF), sclerotherapy, and more.

Your future is in good hands at National Laser Institute, so become a cosmetic nurse injector today! Call us today to speak with an admissions advisor. With this in mind, National Laser Institute is here to help you on your journey to practice happy medicine.