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3 Reasons Why Medical Professionals Are Receiving Medical Esthetics Training

medical aesthetics trainingMedical esthetics is defined as nonsurgical cosmetic treatments, such as laser and injectables, performed by medical professionals or trained laser technicians. Over the last decade, a niche market has erupted in the mainstream beauty world for medical estheticians and laser technicians. Those who receive medical esthetics training are able to work in medical spas, dermatology clinics, medical practices, and more.

Because the medical esthetics world has continued to increase over the years, many medical professionals are adding medical esthetics training to their skill sets.

But the question remains–WHY?

Expanding Industry
Believe it or not, the medical esthetics world is an expanding industry. In fact, according the ASAPS statistics, there were over 13 million nonsurgical cosmetic treatments performed last year. Of those 13 million included Botox (#1 with 6 million treatments), dermal fillers (#2 with 2 million treatments) and laser hair removal (1 million treatments). Each of these treatments increased a significant percent from the year before, further proving that the demand is high among nonsurgical treatments.

Additional Business
I recently went to my OBGYN for my annual women’s exam and while there, the practice informed me that they’d just added a new medical spa and gave me a free facial coupon. My point? Medical professionals have seen this increased demand for medical esthetic treatments and are acting on it, sometimes adding an entire medical spa or hiring 1-2 medical estheticians to perform treatments. But if you, the medical professional, receive medical esthetics training, you would be able to perform your own medical esthetic treatments on your own clients, thereby increasing your business and revenue.

Technology Crave
As materialistic humans, we’re attracted to the latest and greatest things. Technology within the medical esthetics world has improved so vastly that treatments are faster, safer, and more effective than ever–and THAT’S what clients are attracted to. In this day and age, nobody has time to wait for months and months of results. Treatments like Botox and fillers show a more youthful appearance within the first 24 hours, and cosmetic laser treatments are able to rejuvenate skin faster and more effectively than before.

medical aesthetics training for doctors and nursesIf you’re a medical professional interested in medical esthetics training, consider National Laser Institute. They are the leader in the medical esthetics industry and have received many outstanding reviews. Their medical esthetic courses for medical professionals include hands-on training with scheduled clients as well as lectures taught by industry experts.

To learn more about medical esthetics training or National Laser Institute, please call 800.982.6817.