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Laser Acne Treatments Can Be Life-Changing

No matter how thoroughly you cleanse your skin, acne is one of the frustrating things that makes you want to stay at home and under the covers. And who wouldn’t be insecure with acne? Whether you’re in middle school, middle-aged or in the middle of a stressful time in your life, acne is both physically and emotionally devastating.

We’re lucky we live in a time when laser acne treatments are readily available and they work. In fact, laser acne treatments can not only get rid of acne, they can also improve the tone and texture of  skin. Not so very long ago, however, clearing up acne required cleansers and creams that were harsh on skin, drying it out to the point that oil production went into overdrive, creating more—acne. Topical and oral antibiotics and other drugs with scary side effects like Accutane were really the only other options, especially for difficult-to-treat cystic acne (which can also leave scars).

Today’s laser acne treatments work by using heat, light and energy directed at treatment areas to stimulate collagen and help turn over dead skin cells. Some laser acne treatments also apply bacteria-killing technology that reduces bacteria, redness and inflammation. Acne scars can also be reduced with acne laser treatments.

When it comes to the very latest in laser acne treatments and all cosmetic laser treatments, National Laser Institute offers the most comprehensive training available. You, too, can learn how to become a cosmetic laser technician and help people feel their most beautiful and confident with laser acne treatments.

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