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The Latest in Cosmetic Laser Jobs

cosmetic laser jobs the latestAre you looking for the latest in cosmetic laser jobs? Wonder how this industry is expanding and how you can be a part of this sixteen billion dollar industry? Here at the National Laser Institute, we offer a cosmetic laser course that can get you started in a new career in no time! Keep reading to learn more about this exciting program!

So what is the latest in cosmetic laser jobs?

The industry continues to grow as more and more people are becoming aware of the amazing benefits of cosmetic laser treatments. Cosmetic laser treatments can treat the deep-rooted causes of acne, dark spots, and wrinkles. The treatments go deep within the skin and solve the issue at the root of the problem. This is a lot more effective than traditional surface-level skin treatments. As more and more medical spas open up around the country there is a growing demand for laser technicians who are skilled and work well with clients.

At National Laser Institute you can guarantee that you will get the best training possible and learn about the latest in cosmetic laser jobs. You’ll feel confident in your ability to get a job after graduation. We’ll teach you the latest in cosmetic laser jobs when it comes to the most in-demand treatments in the industry. You’ll learn how to perform the following treatments:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photofacial
  • Laser spider vein reduction
  • Laser acne treatments
  • CoolSculpting body contouring
  • Laser wrinkle reduction
  • Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening
  • Laser skin tightening
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Laser tattoo removal

Where can you work?

You can expect to be able to start your career in a variety of different settings that you can choose from. This can range from medical spas to tattoo shops. It all depends on what treatments you love doing and if you prefer to specialize in one thing or do a variety of treatments. No matter where you work in this industry the most important thing is that you are able to connect with your clients and build long-term relationships with them so they will continue to go to you for all their treatments. You must be a people person to truly thrive in the medical aesthetics field! If you love working with people one on one and waking up every day to work in a beauty-focused industry, then you will love being a laser technician!

Our Program

Here at the National Laser Institute, we get you prepared for the latest in cosmetic laser jobs in the industry so that upon graduation you are able to easily find a job. You may be thinking that a career transition into a whole new industry is going to take months, maybe even years, but the truth is our programs are quick and comprehensive and definitely do not require a year, let alone a month of your time!

We get you into the program, give you everything you need to succeed in this industry, and then get you on your way to actually getting a job. We’re here to support you every step of the process and we can’t wait for you to succeed. You may also be thinking who is this program for? This program is for anyone! If you’re eighteen and older and you’ve graduated from high school or have your GED you can take our course. Whether you are a stay at home mom, a banker, or an esthetician this program is for you! All you need is the desire to learn and the courage to jump into a new challenge. 

Our program gives you the education you need in order to become a laser technician. You’ll learn how to perform the latest cosmetic laser treatments and you’ll be able to practice these treatments in-person in our Online and in-person course. Otherwise, you can also do the entire program online from the comfort of your home! Our expert instructors will guide you as you learn everything you need to get started in this booming industry!

What do you learn?

At the end of the program you’ll be able to:

  • Recognize the unique characteristics of a cosmetic client
  • Understand the fundamentals of how a laser interacts with skin tissue
  • Explain how different types of light-based devices interact with the skin in nonsurgical procedures
  • Identify safety issues and complications as well as recognize contraindications for various cosmetic laser treatments
  • Determine which types of laser treatments will create the desired results for your clients
  • Understand the hazards associated with cosmetic lasers and how to avoid them
  • Demonstrate proper technique and safe operation of laser and pulsed light devices
  • Explain the benefits, expectations, and results associated with several laser devices

Why our program?

What makes us stand out?

  • Classes lead by dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and leading industry physicians and medical aesthetics experts
  • Train on multiple, industry-leading technologies
  • Luxury, retail medical spa training center
  • Staffed with a specific team of 20 customer service/marketing agents
  • Medical advisory board with over 100 years of combined experience
  • Business development/marketing seminar
  • Featured in the top national health and beauty publications
  • Industry pioneer for education in Laser, Botox, and Filler training for medical professionals

Here are some testimonials from our students:

“I did not expect what I got. It was so much more than a laser school. I did not expect what I got. It was so much more than a laser school. They help you learn all you can. You get back what you give though. I had a job interview with 2 more lined up while in school. It happened because I was persistent and asked for guidance. Thank you everyone at NLI.”

Kellie Summers

“Having so much experience on so many different lasers and machines and  getting so many hands-on training with lots of clients to really understand the different skin types, and different real-world scenarios was priceless!”

Ashley Webber

Ready to take the leap?

If you’re ready to take the leap into this industry and learn the latest in cosmetic laser jobs then don’t hesitate to reach out and get started in this industry!

During our Online Comprehensive Laser Course you will receive online classroom laser training with a variety of instructors and live demonstrations with several hours on each modality. Then choose one of our nationwide locations to attend your clinicals for hands-on learning!

Modalities include Laser Hair Removal, Photofacial, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Radiofrequency Skin Rejuvenation, Coolsculpting, Cellulite Reduction, Tattoo Removal, Radiofrequency Skin Tightening, and Microneedling.

If you’re ready to get started in the medical aesthetic industry then give us a call at 855-637-4530 to talk with one of our admission representatives. They’ll answer all your questions and guide you through the whole process.