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Dermal Filler Injection Training

Dermal filler injection training can provide you with limitless opportunities for a lucrative career in medical aesthetics.  In today’s vlog, we invite you to watch Dr. Treen give Barbara a dermal filler treatment.

Dermal Filler Injection Training

Dr. Treen specializes in medical aesthetics and is a dermal filler and Botox injection instructor here at the National Laser Institute.  Dr. Treen is a highly skilled dermal filler expert who teaches doctors and nurses who fly in from all over the world including places like Canada, Dubai, Mexico, Chicago, and Boston, how to safely and effectively administer dermal fillers.

“Physicians, nurses, and nurse practitioners are the people that I teach. So I see all kinds of physicians all the way from surgeons to internal medicine to naturopathic physicians,” says Dr. Treen.

The doctors, nurses and surgeons who are coming in for dermal filler injection training are adding this high margin service to their practice for many reasons. “They get to work with well patients. Everyone wants this. And it helps them to enhance their own practice,” explains Dr. Treen.

Are you a medical professional looking for ways to add value to your practice? Or maybe you would like to take your career into a new direction away from the hospital floor? Our advanced dermal filler injection training will give you the versatility to enhance the appearance and confidence of your patients with complete facial rejuvenation.

You can advance your career in as little as a 5-day Ultimate Injectable Course for even more extensive hands-on clinical training!  

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