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Botox Cosmetic Career

Are you a physician or nurse considering your Botox cosmetic career choices? Have you ever heard someone say, “do something today that your future self will thank you for”? This anecdote may be inspirational for you as you consider if a Botox cosmetic career is for you.  And it may also be what will motivate your patients when they lose their jobs, get divorced, or just need a catalyst to help them to lose that last 10 pounds.  

Most people do not need to be sold on doing something today that will help them gain confidence to conquer life’s future challenges. Many of your patients are looking for a confidence booster to give them a fresh start with a new job, a new partner, or a new body, so they can succeed in life. Botox is a great solution. It’s the ultimate confidence booster.

“I’ve seen a lot of people lose weight, reverse disease, stop smoking, get divorces, get married, all because of something that started on the face,” says Dr. Treen, National Laser Institute

If you are deciding on whether or not to pursue your Botox cosmetic career, consider this: Botox changes lives.  By giving your patients a new look, they will have the confidence to start their dream job, find their dream partner, and get that dream body. What they will love most about their new look is that it’s beautifully natural and they will want to maintain it.

Indeed, Botox changes lives by instilling confidence. Looking better on the outside can give your patients the confidence they’ve been missing. With the right Botox training, your prospective and current patients will trust you for advice and treatment for a subtle, youthful, and fresher face.

We invite you to pursue your Botox cosmetic career and become a Botox injection expert at the National Laser Institute. We will show you how to take the time and care to provide beautiful, natural Botox injections for your patients.

“The key is to inject the right amount in the right place, there should still be movement and freedom of expression. Training is paramount to becoming a successful Botox injector because your patients do not want to look too frozen or unnatural,” says Louis Silberman, CEO, National Laser Institute.

It doesn’t take much persuasion: your patients already know they only have one face, and it’s worth the investment. When they get your monthly newsletter and you invite them to “do something today that your future self will thank you for”, they will pick up the phone and call you, because you are now an expert Botox injector.  


The fast treatment time and incremental revenue potential will make your Botox training investment worthwhile.  As you can see from our training video above, the average amount of Botox injected per patient in one visit is 45 units.

“If 45 units is the average and people are charging $15 bucks a unit across the country, a customer could spend $400-$600 based on the state or county you are practicing in,” says Louis Silberman.

Moreover, you will typically want to schedule your patients for 20-30 minutes for Botox treatment. However, the actual time for the procedure itself is only 2 minutes. Adding Botox injection training to your treatment wheelhouse will be an excellent, value-added addition to your anti-aging services.

The National Laser Institute is committed to helping you start your Botox cosmetic career to become an expert in Botox injections. Every year we have thousands of physicians and nurses from around the world train with us, so they can help their patients gain the confidence they need to succeed in life.

The National Laser Institute offers the highest quality and most comprehensive hands-on medical esthetic training programs in the country. Whether you are an MD, DO, PA, APRN, or RN, you will benefit from the technical training and practical knowledge for business development delivered by our knowledgeable and experienced dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, nurses and laser experts.

If you want to add Botox injection training to your CE/CME schedule, or if you are looking to start your Botox cosmetic career, consider the National Laser Institute.  We will teach you state-of-the-art techniques that will keep your patients coming back and telling all of their friends about your brand new Botox service offering. We invite you to get your Botox injection training at the National Laser Institute.

Take your medical aesthetics services to the next level and start your Botox cosmetic career. Consider our 2 day Botox and Dermal Filler training course. We have locations in Scottsdale and Dallas and also offer destination training courses in Nashville, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Beverly Hills.

To learn more about our courses at the National Laser Institute, please call 800-982-6817 or fill out the form on the right.