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Botox Course Programs at National Laser Institute

botox course for medical professionalsMany medical professionals across the nation are integrating facial esthetic services into their practice, and it’s easy to see why. Botox currently ranks as the #1 most received nonsurgical cosmetic treatment in the nation with over 6 million treatments performed just last year. Cosmetic dermal fillers comes in second with close to 2 million treatments.

National Laser Institute recognizes that medical professionals need the most recent training techniques when it comes to practicing cosmetic injectables, which is why we only provide training with the most advance and current methods.

In the U.S., Botox and dermal fillers are recognized as a medical treatment and must be provided to clients by a medical professional in order to sustain a safe and effective practice. National Laser Institute offers Botox injection training and dermal filler training courses that include hands-on training with clients and classes taught by expert medical professionals in order to provide you with quality training courses.

2-Day Botox Training Course + Dermal Filler Training Course

In this Botox course and dermal filler training program, medical professionals will earn dermal filler and Botox certification by participating in this two day course. Some of the topics covered in this course include safety, aesthetic overview, tissue interactions, client selection, and hands-on training with Botox and dermal fillers on scheduled clients within a luxury medical spa.

This course is ideal for medical professionals who want to learn the basics of Botox and dermal filler treatment areas in a short amount of time.

3-Day Botox Training, Dermal Filler Training, and Advanced Botox/Filler Training

Like the 2-day course, this 3-day course also includes Botox and filler training but adds in advanced Botox and filler treatment areas. Advanced training areas include upper, mid, and lower face contouring as well as mid level face lifting. Medical professionals will also learn safety techniques and receive hands-on training with scheduled Botox and filler clients.

This 3-day course is ideal for those who want to include more advanced areas within their Botox and dermal filler practice.

4-Day Botox Training, Dermal Filler Training, Advanced Botox/Filler, and Sclerotherapy Training

This 4-day course includes everything discussed above as well as sclerotherapy training. In the dermal filler and Botox injection training portion, medical professionals will learn both the basics and advanced top injection techniques from expert professionals. In the sclerotherapy training portion, you’ll learn the best practices and techniques in order to deliver safe and effective results for sclerotherapy patients.

This 4-day course is ideal for medical professionals who want to include sclerotherapy on top of more advanced dermal filler and Botox injection training.

Earn CE/CME Credits from Your Botox Course with NLI

botox courseNational Laser Institute offers medical professionals CE/CME credits when attending a Botox certification and dermal filler training course, upon completion. We are recognized as gold standard education and are the leading medical esthetic school in the nation.

Our dermal filler and Botox courses are ideal for medical professionals, including physicians (MD/DO), registered nurses (RN), nurse practitioners (NP), physician assistants (PA), and dentists (DDS and DMD). Throughout this training you will use quality Botox and dermal filler products as recognized by Allergan and Medicis.

If you’re a medical professional wanting to learn more about Botox courses or dermal filler training, please call 800.982.6817.