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Botox Injection Technique

Are you a medical professional working in the healthcare field? As well as that, has your work in the healthcare field started to feel less gratifying and more like a chore? Do you want to exit the workforce quickly? You may be experiencing, “burnout.” Burnout is a type of exhaustion, characterized by intense periods of prolonged physical, emotional, and mental stress. Overall, burnout keeps you from being productive in your work. Do you still want to stay in the medical field? Medical aesthetics training might just be what you need. Learn how to perfect your Botox injection technique at National Laser Institute.

Aesthetic Injector

Take the leap into the field of medical aesthetics and learn to love work again. A change into the medical aesthetics field will help improve your unmanageable workloads, the pressure of deadlines, and work responsibilities.

What is an Aesthetic Injector?

An aesthetic injector is a medical professional that has taken the necessary steps in order to perform medical aesthetic procedures. These procedures include Botox injections, dermal filler injections, spider vein treatment, and advanced laser technologies.

Who can Become an Aesthetic Injector

You can become an aesthetic injector if you are a nurse, Registered Nurse, Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Physicians Assistant, or Dentist.

National Laser Institute’s Advanced Injectable Course

You will learn a variety of important skills and techniques in the National Laser Institute’s CE/CME courses. Firstly, you will be trained on safety protocols for different types of cosmetic injections. As well as that, you will learn in-depth about what causes wrinkles to form and how to treat them. In addition, you will learn proper injection sites and Botox injection techniques. Furthermore, you will learn how to conduct a consultation and the benefits and risks of different cosmetic injections.

National Laser Institute not only provides you with a didactic portion of their CE/CME courses, it also prepares you for real consultations with hands-on training.

Botox Injection Technique

Botox is a cosmetic injectable that temporarily paralyzes the muscles of the sites injected.

Forehead Lines

Botox is injected into forehead lines to treat wrinkles by smoothening both horizontal and vertical lines. As well as that, Botox injections work with the muscles that create forehead lines to smooth out the appearance of the forehead.

Crows Feet

The term “crow’s feet” or lateral canthal lines, refers to the lines that form around the corners of the eyes. Another injection site is the “crow’s feet”  and it is reduced with Botox injections. Perfecting your Botox injection technique to inject at the lateral canthal lines will make your clients look younger.

Dimpled Chin

A dimpled chin refers to the “pits” that form due to the mentalis muscle contracting too much. Oftentimes, the contractions in the mentalis muscle are involuntary. Botox injections onto either side of the chin will help reduce the “dimpled” appearance of the chin.

Marionette Lines

Another injection site is the “marionette lines” which refer to the long vertical lines that lay laterally on either side of the mouth. In addition, “marionette lines,” are also known as melomental folds. Melomental folds are the creases that extend from the corners of the mouth to the chin. Using your Botox injection technique will help smooth out the appearance of, “marionette lines.”


“Elevens” is an injection site that smooths out the appearance of the two lines made between the eyebrows when frowning.

National Laser Institute

National Laser Institute’s courses are held by the leading dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and industry physicians. As well as that, National Laser Institute’s students train on multiple, industry-leading technologies and train in a real, luxury medspa environment. In addition, National Laser Institute’s courses are approved for CE/CME credits for physicians and CE credits for nurses. Click here to contact us today!


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