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FDA Approves Botox Injections to Improve Bladder Control

The FDA recently approved Botox injections as a way to help adults control overactive bladders. According to the report, Botox was injected into bladder muscles of patients. This allows the bladder muscles to relax, which then helps to boost its storage capacity. According to Dr. Hylton V. Joffe, roughly 33 million men and women are affected by overactive bladder conditions. Although Botox is primarily used for cosmetic purposes, this serves as a small breakthrough as Botox as a temporary medical treatment since it has “significantly reduced the frequency of urinary incontinence.”

Botox injections have been used for the past two decades and is approved in roughly 80 countries. Botox was approved by the FDA in 1989 in the United States with over 2,100 separate Botox and Botox cosmetic publications in scientific and medical journals, making it one of the most widely researched medicines in the world.*

Botox injections were recognized as the #1 nonsurgical cosmetic treatment performed last year with over 2 million procedures performed in the United States. As a cosmetic treatment, Botox is able to help improve:

• Laugh lines
• Nasolabial folds
• Frown line
• Crow’s feet
• Improve drooping eyebrows
• Deep forehead creases

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*Information retrieved from Allergan.