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Botox Injections for Your Lady Bits? Doctors Say It’s Possible

Each year, many doctors and nurses receive Botox injection training in order to provide these in-demand services for their patients. Although Botox injections are usually used to smooth over fine lines and wrinkles, creating a more youthful appearance, NBC news reported that Botox injections can be treated for your lady bits in order to help improve intercourse.

For some women, sex can be difficult. There are some women who’s muscles spasm, causing a constricting reflex when intercourse is trying to be achieved. For these women, sex can be painful and not an enjoyable experience.

However, Dr. Peter Pacik, a plastic surgeon in New Hampshire, has treated women’s vaginal muscles on the outside with Botox injections. Because Botox injection treatments work to temporarily relax the muscles within the skin, this treatment is able to relax these targeted muscles. By allowing this forced relaxation, intercourse can be easily achieved since the muscles are not tightening up on their own.

Patti Dyer, a 59 year old women, has suffered with Vaginismus and told NBC that it was very hard for both her and her husband to become intimate. When she sought out Dr. Pacik, she said that she wished she’d have knew what it was 30 years ago. It’s really changed lives.

Doctors and nurses can get started with Botox injection training in order to help people like Patti and even those suffering from poor self confidence due to the amount of fine lines and wrinkles that have appeared on their face. National Laser Institute, the leader in the medical aesthetics industry, is recognized as gold standard education in terms of cosmetic laser and injectable education. They train doctors and nurses across the country in both their Scottsdale, AZ and Dallas, TX campuses. Medical professionals receive both hands-on training with scheduled clients as well as didactic classroom lectures from experts in the medical esthetic field.

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