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Botox Predictions Say 50% Increase In The Next 10 Years


(Photo credit: Injector 5280)

Medical professionals, you might want to listen up. Injector 5280 unleashed its predictions that Botox could experience a 50% increase over the next decade, coming to a market total of nearly 10 million treatments. Botox has had a long withstanding ranking as the #1 most receive nonsurgical cosmetic treatment in the United states. Our western culture has accepted Botox treatments as a remarkable anti aging treatment and, for some, the true fountain of youth.

But why should this matter to medical professionals? Because medical professionals are the ones qualified to administer Botox treatments. So if you’re a medical professional without a Botox certification, you may want to reconsider. Here’s why.

Botox doesn’t take long to perform on a client. The average treatment can be administered in under an hour. Also, a typical treatment of Botox averages around $500. Because it is a cosmetic service, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of insurance. What you charge per treatment is your financial gain.

It can take as little as a weekend to receive Botox training. National Laser Institute’s Botox course allows medical professionals to learn Botox and dermal fillers over the weekend, complete with hands-on training. Led by industry experts, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons, medical professionals gain a wide expanse of knowledge in order to go out and treat their own clientele in a safe and effective manner. Doctors, physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals may also earn CME and CE credit upon course completion.

Why should medical professionals receive Botox training? Aside from capitalizing on the growing Botox market and increasing trends, it’s given many medical professionals a change of pace. Many find themselves wanting to enter this medical aesthetics market because they enjoy making people feel more confident about their appearance. Others take it on part time in order to try branching out to new services.

2015 could be your year to learn something new. National Laser Institute offers Botox training courses throughout the year, but spots fill up quickly. As the leading cosmetic injectable school in the nation, National Laser Institute has been successfully training medical professionals for over a decade. To find out why medical professionals love National Laser Institute or to learn more about Botox training, simply call 800-982-6817.