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Cameo’s Medical Aesthetics Training

Louis meets with Cameo for one of his weekly podcasts, “Pursue Your Passion,” to delve into what made Cameo choose to take medical aesthetic training courses at National Laser Institute. Cameo is a bubbly former ER nurse turned nurse injector living out her dreams in the world of medical aesthetics.

“Hey, I’m Louis the laser guy and welcome to my podcast, ‘Pursue Your Passion.’ Join me in my journey as we discover how estheticians, nurses, physicians, and complete career changers are living their passion in this booming billion dollar medical aesthetics industry.”- Louis Silberman, CEO

To begin, Cameo is from South Carolina and attended the Dallas campus of National Laser Institute. At this location, she took it’s beginner’s advanced injectable course. In this course topics covered are, Botox, neurotoxins, and dermal fillers. Following this medical aesthetics training course, Cameo advanced her training with National Laser Institute’s advanced neurotoxin and dermal fillers course.

Prior to Medical Aesthetics Training and Aesthetic Nursing

What is an Aesthetic Nurse?

An aesthetic nurse is a registered nurse (RN), nurse practitioner (NP), or physician’s assistant (PA) that is trained in medical aesthetic services. An aesthetic nurse can provide services such as dermal fillers, Botox, and neurotoxins. As well as that, they can perform Halo Hybrid Fractionals and Photofacials. In addition, aesthetic nurses do laser tattoo removal, body contouring, and vitamin injectables.

Cameo’s Journey

Moreover, Louis asks Cameo to elaborate on the beginning of her career journey, starting with where she worked previously. Cameo began her journey as an Emergency Room Nurse. Interestingly enough, Cameo says that she “actually wanted to be a nurse injector before I became a nurse.” This in turn takes Louis take a step back and say,

“Hold on…how did that thought come into your mind, because most nurses get into the hospital world…then they evolve one day to taking cosmetic medicine…maybe they are burnt out…maybe it is the long hours or maybe they just had a treatment…Now I’m hearing more people say, ‘Gosh before I even went to nursing school, it was a thought of mine.'”

cosmetic injectors take medical aesthetics training to perform medical aesthetic treatmentsTo gather more information, Louis asks, “Before you had your hand on that needle doing your very first cosmetic injection…were you a little nervous or was it kind of like more excited…where was the mind? In response, Cameo expresses that she “was overwhelmed with excitement…I mean, there is a smidge of nerves. I think that it is definitely necessary when you have any sort of needle in your hand doing any sort of procedure…But I was overwhelmed with happiness and excitement and I just could not wait!”

In the following, Louis asks if Cameo felt ready and prepared for a bright future ahead. This is after taking National Laser Institute’s medical aesthetic training courses. Cameo excitedly says, “Absolutely. When I left that fourth day, I felt like I was ready to begin my career.” Next, Louis wonders aloud, “You know, sometimes in life people have hesitation and think, maybe this is the wrong move for. But, I mean, I rarely hear that, but it’s nice to have the affirmation that people say, ‘I think this is a good journey for me, but you gotta confirm it by getting your hands on and doing it.'”

After Medical Aesthetics Training Courses at National Laser Institute

Furthermore, Louis asks, ‘So now, what’s the journey? What’s the vision look like?” In response, Cameo says that she is going to be working at a local medspa with a great Nurse Practitioner. As well as that, Cameo replies that the medspa she will be working at has been open for three years and it is, “busy, busy, busy.”

In the following, Louis asks, “So what is your gut feeling on the experience of working with patients at an ICU…It’s a different scenario versus the types of patients you are starting to see now…how is that different in your mind?”

In response, Cameo stated that “It’s different because I’m seeing patients in the emergency room on the worst day of their life…to help people when they are basically at their lowest…but it’s also wearing, it’s wearing on my heart. I have a pretty soft heart when it comes to people in general…I was taking that home with me and I have four children…I have quite a big family and it was just a heavy weight to wear on my shoulders.” In contrast, Cameo describes, “now I’ve seen these amazing patients that are coming and they are excited to be there with me. They are happy and they can’t wait to see their results.”

How to Spot Burnout

What is Burnout in ER Nurses?

ER nurses are heroes who take on a burden that not many can carry. Moreover, Emergency Room nurses tackle issues such as extreme illness, bone breaks, and death. It is certainly not taken lightly the issues that these nurses are exposed to every day. The fact of the matter is Emergency Room nurses are extremely susceptible to burnout or “compassion fatigue.”

To continue, compassion fatigue is a serious problem in today’s world. Some symptoms include feeling helpless, irritable, or detached from activities that used to be stimulating. According to the American Institute of Stress, some stages of compassion fatigue are as follows:

  • Emotional exhaustion can be a symptom of increased stress. When people do not get enough time between stressful situations, they can become emotionally exhausted. As well as that, they can become worn out from feeling too many things at once.
  • A reduced sense of personal accomplishments appears in people experiencing compassion fatigue. Oftentimes, people will feel that they are not moving forward in their career. Sometimes small accomplishments pass by and they are not perceived to be great.
  • Another symptom of burnout is decreased interactions in your relationships with others. Burnout can accompany the desire to isolate, as a way to recharge the brain and senses.
  • To elaborate, burnout can also cause physical exhaustion. Important to note, the body and emotional self are interconnected. So it stands to say, if you are emotionally exhausted, you are physically exhausted as well.

What are the Causes of Job Burnout?

  • One cause of job burnout is feeling as if you lack control in your job life. For example, if you are unable to influence decisions that affect you, like your schedule or your tasks for the day, it leads to a feeling of a serious lack of control in your life.
  • In addition, extreme activities such as high-energy and fast-paced nursing positions that experience death or severe illness can cause burnout. The body needs time to re-center after a stressful experience. This is true of such as the many situations that ER nurses are faced with. When the body does not have time to “calm down,” after a task, it creates overall stress. Due to this, the body shuts down to take care of itself.

Cameo’s Life Now

In the following, Louis compliments Cameo on her marketing over social media, claiming that it will get her to her, “end goals, way, way, faster.” Next, Louis begins by asking a question that he, “knows the answer to, but…for the people you’ve injected so far with Botox or fillers, whether it’s National Laser since you have left…are you friends with any of these people on Instagram or Facebook?” To answer this question, Cameo says, “Absolutely…the connection I think you have with your patients, I’m learning, is so strong and it’s so neat.”

To clarify, Louis questions, “So, in your opinion, as you move forward, do you think for every ten clients you have for Botox or fillers…maybe eight of them will be your friends on social media? Simply put, Cameo responds, “A hundred percent.” To put it in perspective, Louis asks, “How about in the ICU, out of every ten patients you saw in the ICU, how many are your friends on social media?” Simply put, Cameo responds, “None.”

Next Louis paints a situation of an ER nurse by describing that, “sometimes it gets tough with the hours, they are working weekends, they are on call…it’s wearing and stressful. A lot of them hesitate towards going into the beauty business, cosmetic medicine at first, because they think it is a beauty business…then they start realizing, wait a minute…maybe there is more to it. Maybe this is about building confidence and self-esteem.” To elaborate, Louis says, “all of a sudden, they are interviewing with a smile on their face and they are dating and socializing…So that alone, what people don’t realize is that you are helping people, you are building their confidence. Cameo happily responds,

That is what drives me every day. When I see them sit up and just see the improved self-image and the happiness and the confidence. That is not for anyone else, that is just for them…It really makes you think and can’t wait to get to the next patient.”

Making Dreams a Reality

To finish, Louis says, “Well I wish you happiness and success in your journey. For other nurses out there, thousands and thousands of nurses that may be seeing this one day that are kind of contemplating cosmetic medicine, injections, and lasers…they got a stable job in the hospital…but this seems kind of fun and exciting to them, they are torn…what honest advice would you give to people that are exploring this?”

In response, Cameo says that “you go for what makes you happy. This world is such a crazy place, you need to do what really lights your heart on fire. Follow your passions.” Furthermore, Cameo finishes by speaking about her experience at National Laser Institute. Cameo says of her training, “It was wonderful. What you’ve built at National Laser is incredible. I tell everyone if you are looking for training in this field, seriously there is no better place than National Laser Institute.”

National Laser Institute’s Medical Aesthetics Training

During National Laser Institute’s CME Hybrid Online Cosmetic Injections Course, you will be educated on Botox and PDO threads. As well as that, you will learn off-label Botox, PRP, Kybella, and sclerotherapy.

Important to note, why should you choose National Laser Institute? National Laser Institute sets the “Gold Standard” for medical aesthetics training. As well as that, National Laser Institute is approved by the Post-Secondary Educational Board. In addition, National Laser Institute provides accredited courses that can be used for continuing education credits for physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, and other health professionals.

National Laser Institute will give you the proper medical aesthetics training. As well as that, they will provide the confidence that you need to succeed in the world of medical aesthetics.

“Finding your purpose isn’t only about making great money, it’s about so much more. It’s about tapping into your passions and chasing your dreams.” – Louis Silberman CEO