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Botox Training

Botox Training Courses for Doctors, Nurses, and other Medical Professionals

botox trainingNational Laser Institute’s Botox training courses are designed for doctors, nurses, physicians, and other medical professionals interested in adding cosmetic injectable skill sets to their area of expertise. We don’t just offer Botox workshops where you’ll listen to an expert the entire time, but a comprehensive, hands-on training experience taught by multiple medical professionals who are experts in the field of medical aesthetics.

On top of Botox courses, we also offer other aesthetic training courses. Dermal fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, and more), sclerotherapy, cosmetic laser treatments (laser hair removal, radiofrequency skin rejuvenation, IPL photofacials, and more) as well as other skin rejuvenation training.

Many of our courses can be completed in a weekend, but our comprehensive courses can run longer. We teach advanced techniques and methods and enforce the importance of safety when providing these treatments. Our all inclusive Botox training courses are thorough and hands-on so that you can go on to perform safe treatments on your own.

Classroom Training

Our Botox training can be combined with dermal filler training for our weekend course. Doctors, nurses, physicians, and other medical professionals will learn safe protocols and techniques associated with these cosmetic injectables. We want medical professionals to feel comfortable and confident when transitioning these products into their practice, so we thoroughly cover the following:

• Patient selection and analysis
• The aging process (lines and folds and how to safely treat wrinkles)
• Types of fillers and Botulinum Toxin Type A products
• Understanding the science and history of these treatments
• Indications and contraindications
• Safety and advanced techniques
• Risks and benefits
• Demonstration and hands-on training for the cosmetic use of Botox and dermal fillers
• Training of the upper and lower face
• Marketing and adding medical aesthetics into your practice

We provide nurses, physicians, doctors, and other medical professionals who attend our courses everything they need. This includes a course manual, marketing tools, necessary supporting forms (such as history, consent, and policy/procedure), and Botox certification upon course completion. Medical professionals do have the opportunity to earn CME/CE credit with fulfillment of our courses.

We have successfully graduated thousands of medical professionals over the last decade and have seen them go on to do well in their own practices as well as take these cosmetic services elsewhere, whether it’s full time or part time. Because we want to see our medical professional attendees succeed, we keep class sizes small.

In our Botox training course, we also inform you on where you can buy your product, treatment pricing, and unique strategies on how to build successful client interaction to keep your clientele committed to your services. The information we teach you is continuously updated with the latest technology, protocols, and techniques available for safe, effective, and efficient practices. Our expert medical aesthetic instructors are always updated on the latest information in order to give you the best materials and education possible.

We also pride ourselves with not only having extremely knowledgeable instructors, but also extremely approachable ones. Not only will these instructors give you the best information, but they will 100% answer any and all questions you have during your classroom or hands-on training. In fact, many medical professionals still keep in contact with our instructors and have given them rave reviews for their excellence.

Hands-on Botox Training

botox trainingNot only will medical professionals learn in the classroom and through demonstration, but they will gain multiple opportunities to work with clients within our own medical spa environment. Here is where the information you learned is put to the test. Nurses, doctors, physicians, and other medical professionals will administer Botox and dermal filler treatments to clients so they can complete their certification. Through our intensive hands-on Botox training, you will learn how to perfect your technique and improve your cosmetic injection skills with the oversight of our instructors.

Our hands-on training efforts are set up as a real, working medical spa environment. You will greet your patient, review important health and treatment history, discuss what the clients would like to achieve, and use the best, safest techniques to provide them with their overall result.

Medical Aesthetics Resources

National Laser Institute provides continual resources for medical professionals before, during, and after their education with us. We offer free, online webinars geared toward medical professionals so you can learn more about this billion dollar marketplace. We also provide access to our online medical aesthetics library for graduates. This contains thousands of pages of educational resources right at your fingertips, including instructional videos, clinical studies, marketing materials, and much more.

For those considering attending Botox training with us, we offer Skin Scene events each month. These are great opportunities for medical professionals to learn more about the medical aesthetics industry by viewing live demonstrations and presentations given by experts in the industry as well as National Laser Institute’s President, Louis Silberman. There are free food, drinks, and chances to win free training scholarships.

We provide ongoing support to graduates through out Graduate Services department, which also sends hundreds of job leads to graduates each month.

Who Can Earn Botox Certification?

Botox certification: Accredited, intensive training for physicians, doctors, nurses, physician assistants, dentists, and other qualified health professionals may earn certification for the delivery of Botulinum toxin type A, known as BOTOX®.

Dermal fillers certification: Accredited, intensive training for physicians, doctors, nurses, physician assistants, dentists, and other qualified health professionals may earn certification for the delivery of dermal fillers including: Restylane®, Perlane®, and Juvederm®.

Why is National Laser Institute the Leading Medical Aesthetics School?

Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon Led Classes

Most Comprehensive: Up to 12 Days of Training

5 Expert Instructors in Each Course

Luxury Retail Medical Spa Setting

Business Development/ Marketing Seminars



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What are Medical Professionals Saying About NLI?

Many medical professionals have been interested in adding Botox to their area of expertise. As the leading medical aesthetics school, we’re able to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to safely provide these in-demand services.

To learn more about our medical aesthetics school or our courses, you can simply fill out the form on your right or call 800-982-6817 to speak to our friendly admission’s advisors.