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10 Ways To Add WOW! To Your Resume

Med Spa Resume

Whether you’re creating your resume for the first time or updating an old one, it can be tough to make it stand out. Although there isn’t any specific formula for resumes, there are general rules and guidelines you should follow. However, there are certain ways to ‘WOW!’ your audience in order to help you land that job–especially in the medical aesthetics industry. No matter if you’ve just graduated from cosmetic laser school or have been a cosmetic laser technician for years and are searching for new employment, we have tips that will help you master the perfect resume.

1. Make Your Template Easy On The Eyes

Many people think they can make resumes stand out by adding bright colors or flashy images. But in actuality, that could be overkill. You don’t want a potential employer to struggle when reading your resume. Your template should be clean, organized, and sectioned in a way that is natural to read. Some color can make it stand out, but we recommend sticking to black body text. Here’s a great resume example that uses a fresh pop of attention-grabbing color!

2. Comic Sans Is Not Your Friend

Save Comic Sans for elementary school. The font you use on your resume should be modern, basic, or traditional. Business News Daily recommends sticking to 7 of the best resume fonts: Arial, Calibri, Century Old Style, Garamond, Georgia, Times New Roman, or Trebuchet MS. These fonts are very clear to read. Also, make sure you stick with an 11 pt or 12 pt font. Anything smaller could be a headache to read, and anything bigger can make the format look awkward or sloppy.

3. Showcase Your Highest Accomplishments First

In the first third of your resume, you want to showcase your best achievements that are related to the job you want. If you’ve worked as a cosmetic laser technician and increased revenue 150% in one month, make sure to show that off! If your marketing plan brought in hundreds of laser clients, be sure and mention it!

On the flip side, you may not know what to include you’re going after a brand new career path. If you’re wanting to become a cosmetic laser technician, you can include that you went to the leading cosmetic laser school in the nation. If you performed at the top of your class, mention that! Have hands-on knowledge and training on dozens of different brands of lasers? Showcase it!

4. You Don’t Have To Stick To Paid Experience

Paid work can be impressive on your resume. But if you have experience in unpaid work that’s related to the field you’re applying for then go ahead and put it on your resume! For example, if you interned for a medical spa or if you managed a laser clinic’s social media accounts and helped them gain more of a following. Both of these things show your audience that you’ve had experience in a spa even if you haven’t worked as a cosmetic laser technician.

5. Spice Up Your Adjectives and Verbs

Nobody likes a broken record. So don’t be repetitive with your words! Repeating things like “I’m good at” can get boring, which is why it helps to use an online thesaurus if you’re stuck. Stating bullet points like “Excels at” or “Promoted for” or “Expert in” add variety and flare to your sentences.

6. Mirror The Job Description’s Keywords

Your resume should reflect the job you’re applying for. In the job description, company’s tend to list what type of responsibilities and personality types they’re looking for. Use those descriptions as a “mirror” for your resume. Don’t copy and paste word for word! For instance, cosmetic laser technician positions usually include something like, “Must love interacting with clients.” So include something along those lines on your resume: “Enjoys working with clients.”

7. Keep Bullet Points Short And Sweet

You don’t want super long sentences that drag on and on. There is usually always a way to make your descriptions short and sweet! This ensures that your audience doesn’t zone out or stray away from your list of responsibilities and accomplishments.

For example: “As a cosmetic laser technician I’m familiar with cutting-edge laser technology and can demonstrate safety techniques.”

This is too long! Instead try:

• Familiar with cutting edge laser technology
• Successfully demonstrates laser safety techniques

8. Flaunt Your Skills

You should use your resume to your advantage in order to land your dream job, so don’t worry about being modest! Even if you don’t think certain skills will tie into your new career, you could be wrong. If you’re fluent in one or more languages, this shows your employer that you can successfully communicate with clients who may be better at speaking French or Spanish than English. If you’ve been trained on a brand new laser that’s designed to better eliminate acne, mention it!

9. Use Sentences That Solve Problems

A good way to impress your potential employer is to show that you’ve overcome challenges in your previous experiences. You can easily do this on your resume by using sentences that state and then solve a problem. For example, “Used combination of chemical peels and MicroLaserPeel technology to successfully rid my clients acne scars.”

10. Nix The Cliches–Be Creative!

“I think outside the box” and “I’m a true team player” may be true about you, but they are resume cliches. There are always more creative ways to phrase things!

Last but not least, make sure you have family or friends look over your resume before sending it off. It helps to have a fresh pair of eyes looking over it for you. You don’t want to be caught with grammatically or spelling errors!

National Laser Institute is the leading cosmetic laser school in the nation. We offer our Graduate Services Department as a resource for our graduates. This department provides between 200-500 job opportunities across the U.S. each month. They also are able to answer any questions or concerns you may have about going out to apply in the cosmetic laser field. To learn more, call 800.982.6817.