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Ardis S. Found A Career Change In Medical Aesthetics – Student Spotlight

Ardis S. Found A New Career in Medical Aesthetics

Ardis S.

Deciding to open your own business is empowering, especially when you’re working in an industry you are passionate about. And that’s what Ardis S. chose to do when she made a career change into the medical aesthetics field!

Ardis has her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Detroit Mercy. She spent the past 20 years in the corporate finance technology field.

One day while getting a Botox treatment, Ardis struck up a conversation with the nurse injector. They began to discuss injector’s training. “She highly recommended National Laser Institute and said there is no better place in the country,” Ardis said.

With the recommendation in mind, Ardis did her research and chose to attend the 14-Day Cosmetic Lasers & Injectables course.

After each day of training, Ardis took to Instagram to document her experience, enthusiastic about the treatments she learned.

She captioned one of her photos: “Let me say I am in love with how I can change the way people look and feel about themselves. When they are looking in the mirror with a sad face and after the procedures how big their smile is and how their eyes light up when they say, ‘Wow,’ what a great gift to give!”

After two weeks of didactic and hands-on training, Ardis felt confident in her skills she learned and ready to take on her new career in medical aesthetics. She enjoyed not only the opportunity to learn from multiple instructors but also the marketing seminar included in her training.

“From a marketing and business perspective, the pearls that Louis gave to me are simply invaluable to the success of my new business, and I am very grateful for his willingness to share,” she said.

For those who may not know, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from 13 different instructors during your medical aesthetics training. Each course includes a marketing seminar so that graduates have all of the information they need to succeed after graduation in the medical aesthetics field — whether they choose to go to work for someone else or themselves.

Now that Ardis has graduated from National Laser Institute, she plans to open Revive Medical Aesthetics Spa in Farmington Hills, Michigan!

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