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Enter the Anti-Aging Field by Becoming a Laser Technician in Two Weeks

If you could enter an entirely new career in just two weeks, would you do it? Those who have found themselves in unsatisfying work environments or those just looking to make a change have entered the medical aesthetics field by receiving cosmetic laser training from National Laser Institute, the leading laser school in the nation.

“People sometimes think you have to be an esthetician or nurse to become a laser technician,” Louis Silberman, CEO and founder of National Laser Institute states. But that’s not that case. People from all walks of life, whether they are stay-at-home moms, hair stylists, real estate agents, are capable of attending NLI’s two week laser training course.

Not only can laser technicians find work at the 2,500+ medical spas across the country, but they are also capable of finding job opportunities at doctor’s offices, dermatology clinics, family practices, OB GYN clinics, and more. Because medical professionals are tired of not getting properly reimbursed by insurance, they are looking to add a cash-only business.

“Cosmetic medicine and medical aesthetics is the answer,” Silberman says.

Once attendees complete the two week laser training course, National Laser Institute offers aid to these new career changers in the form of job assistance. The Graduate Services Department sends out 200-500 job inquiries from across the nation each month, providing opportunities for their graduates.

So what exactly can you learn by attending laser school at National Laser Institute? While medical professionals like doctors and nurses can learn Botox and dermal fillers, laser technicians will learn how to perform laser hair removal, photofacial skin rejuvenation–which is capable of ridding age spots, sun damage, rosacea and more–fat reduction, laser tattoo removal, body contouring, cellulite reduction, vein reduction, and so much more.

Interested? National Laser Institute offers Skin Scene events hosted by Louis Silberman. Enjoy free food and drinks while learning more about the medical aesthetics and cosmetic laser industry. You’ll also watch live demonstrations be performed, listen to a variety of industry professionals speak, and much more. It’s a great way to get a good feel for this booming field as well as meet other professionals who are already in the industry. Plus you’ll have chances to win training scholarships!

National Laser Institute has been in this industry for over a decade and trains over 200 attendees a month who fly in from across the world including Dubai, Canada, Mexico, etc. to learn how to safely and effectively perform laser procedures.

It’s perfectly normal to feel hesitant, worried, or nervous about making a change into a new trade like medical aesthetics–especially for those who don’t come from the health and beauty industry. Most attendees ask, “how can I possibly learn a new trade in just two weeks?”

“After they finish our course, they feel comfortable and confident,” Silberman says. “They can get out into the working world and safely and effectively fire a laser regardless of their background.”

Are you ready to make a change? You can learn more about National Laser Institute by attending one of their Skin Scene events, free online webinars, or by simply calling 800-982-6817.