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Combating Your Career Rut With Cosmetic Lasers

Combat Your Career Rut With Cosmetic Lasers

According to Forbes, these are a few signs that you’re more than a little burnt out with your current career:

1. Lack of motivation
2. Negativity
3. Slipping performance
4. Decreased satisfaction
5. Exhaustion

Sound familiar? You may be suffering from career burn out. Especially if you waking up dreading going to work in the mornings. But you don’t have to feel stuck in a career you dislike forever. In fact, it’s possible to transition into a brand new career in as little as two weeks. How? By becoming a cosmetic laser technician.

Cosmetic laser technicians have one of the most rewarding careers. They are capable of using cosmetic laser technology to improve embarrassing or unwanted skin care concerns. Acne, age spots, sun damage, wrinkles–these are all things laser technicians are capable of eliminating, and clients love them for it.

Laser technology has an advantage over traditional spa treatments. Unlike waxing, laser hair removal permanently eliminates unwanted hair. Instead of facials, radio frequency skin tightening is capable of tightening skin and removing wrinkles with dramatically youthful results. More than that, cosmetic laser technology come at high price points. Whereas a facial could cost anywhere from $40 – $60, IPL photofacial skin rejuvenation or MicroLaserPeels fall in the $150 – $450 price range.

You’re already dreading your current career and you may even be dreading going back to school. But don’t worry. Becoming a cosmetic laser technician only takes two weeks of comprehensive laser training with National Laser Institute. And it’s fun! Don’t believe us? Hear it from the mouths of our graduates through our video below!

National Laser Institute is the leading cosmetic laser school in the nation and was the first to establish the cosmetic laser training curriculum. In two weeks, you will experience both classroom and hands-on clinical training. Our instructors are leading experts in this field consisting of expert laser techs, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons. On top of learning important information such as the Fitzpatrick scale, skin and tissue interaction, and laser safety, you will also experience hands-on training with dozens of different clients. This is where you’ll perform services like laser hair removal, IPL photofacial skin rejuvenation, radio frequency skin tightening, laser tattoo removal, and so much more.

After graduation, National Laser Institute helps graduates seek out job opportunities. Our Graduate Services department sends out 200-500 job opportunities each week. We also give you access to our online medical aesthetic library, which is filled with thousands of pages of resources at your fingertips–from clinical studies to laser equipment to marketing materials. We want to give you all the tools you need to be successful within this industry!

“I was at a med spa as they were discussing hiring a cosmetic laser technician, and the school that they mentioned who trained the best laser techs was National Laser Institute,” Tammy Nunnally, graduate of National Laser Institute states. “So I looked it up. I have been interested in lasers for years and this school had programs that finally made it possible for me. love helping others and I’m big on self improvement! National Laser Institute was an experience I will never forget. I loved the entire staff and instructors. Everyone was super helpful. I met students from all over the world. I actually got a job two days after graduation by just putting myself out there and marketing myself. I contacted my own doctors and dentist. One didn’t have room but told another doctor in the building about it, which led to me gaining a job in 2 days!”

Say goodbye to your unsatisfying job and jump into a rewarding career as a cosmetic laser technician with National Laser Institute. To learn more about our courses, simply call 800-982-6817.