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How to Create a WOW! Worthy Cover Letter for the Beauty Business

Cover Letter for the Beauty Business

Now that you’ve successfully completed your laser training course, you might be ready to being the application process. You may have cleaned up your resume and may be ready to begin on your cover letter. A WOW! worthy cover letter should be tailored for each individual company you’re applying to. Sure it may seems like a lot of work, but it shows you’re serious about the organization in question. Here are 4 simple tips to help you create the ultimate WOW-worthy cover letter for any beauty business.

1. State why you’re best fit for this position

Your opening can be simple: “I’m extremely enthusiastic about your laser technician position at XYC Company.” But now you should give a few sentences explaining why you’re the best fit. Are you a people person? Do you have a well-rounded knowledge of lasers? Do you enjoy building client relationships? Share it!

2. Touch on your education

I know you’ve listed your education in your resume, but your cover letter gives you an opportunity to shed a little more light on it. For instance, you can state that you attended National Laser Institute’s comprehensive laser training program where you learned from dozens of the market’s leading experts and also participated in laser safety training. You may also want to list the types of services you know how to successfully perform, too!

3. Be personal, passionate, and relatable

You want your friendly voice to shine through this cover letter. Feel free to share a little about yourself, but don’t overshare. You should also project passion, maybe even briefly (1-2 sentences) describing why you’ve decided to dive into the world of cosmetic lasers.

3. Wrap it up nicely

Loop your ending back to why you’d make a great fit for this specific company. Adding a polite sign off such as “thank you for your consideration” shows your professional and polite.

Keep your resume at least one page, otherwise you may risk losing a hiring manager’s attention. Also, be sure and use a professional font (Times or Arial) when typing out your cover letter. And don’t forget to include your contact information!

National Laser Institute is a cosmetic laser school that pioneered the cosmetic laser training curriculum. They offer a Graduate Services department to help graduates succeed in finding a career, even sending between 200-500 job leads out each month. To learn more about our laser courses, simply call 800-982-6817.